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Back at it. 3WadeFan's 5$ br challenge.

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  • Back at it. 3WadeFan's 5$ br challenge.

    Hello guys, im back again. after completely blowing my 20$ bankroll challenge i decided go at it again. just a diffrent aproach. I took a little break after tilting off the rest of my money from 20$ challenge and when i came back i decided id go about it differently. A few friends of mine decided to stake me 5$. the rules were i can only play .50c 90 players intill my bankroll reaches a certain size. then i can move up. Once i reach 25$ i will then be able to do x1 1.50$ 45 player and x2 .50c 90 player. intill my bankroll reaches a certain amount then so on.I can ride this stake as long as i want, and can close the stake when ever. then i keep 50%. I really like how this is setup. Most of my downfall in poker is not having discipline with my bankroll and tilting it off. This way, i really cant do that as there are rules set out for me and i really think it will help me out. If i end up grinding up to 100$ i think thats when i will end it, take 50$ for myself and maybe start a new challenge for myself! I hope you guys are ready to come along for the ride, as this time I will be successful umbup: Starting bankroll- 5 $ Current bankroll - 16.19 # Goal - 100$ Wish me luck mileypoker:
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    Your bankroll management is still poor in my opinion and according to your post you have done nothing to address your tilting issue. If you are looking to build a bankroll I would suggest having a bigger starting bankroll for your stake or starting at a lower stake. I would suggest also spending time and effort into why you tilt and trying to correct it. I wish you the best of luck though, and if you do reach your goals (which is definitely possible), try and spend it on something nice to reward yourself! Personally, I like buying a nice bottle of something alcoholic as you can share that with friends, but whatever floats your boat!


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      Im this post may seem harsh BUT...
      I totally agree with RockerguyAA you BR mangement is all wrong ,with $20.00 play the very swingy 45/90 you are likely to go broke very soon if but chance/luck you get to $25 BR then to move up to $1.50 is evn more stupid as the amount of buyins you have available drops way down,most of those that know say you need 100 x BI NOT 13XBI.
      $20 BR allows you to have a run at 10cent to 25 cent BuyINs MAX.
      Think you need to re think this.
      I dont know about your tilting issues but only adds fuel to fire if you have done nothing to fix that ,or any leak since your last BR bust."Rules" set by your buddys mean nothing in the heat of the game,what tools have you added to fix this problem yourself ? I think more chance you tilt it off as its not even your deposit ?
      All this is said to help not insult you.
      Anyways Best Of Luck.

      "Keep doing the same action Get the same reaction"
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        Dear 3WadeFan,

        You finished the tournament in 1st place. A USD 11.19 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

        Current Bankroll - 22.80 $



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