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My First Big Bang

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  • My First Big Bang

    The Big Bang By: DrEllenCait In essence, the most common way to play in PSO's The Big Bang on alternate Saturdays, with a prize pool of $5000, is to be in the top 400 of three consecutive Open League games which are offered regularly. Another way is that PSO will "reward a small select number of members with a ticket for outstanding contributions such as Star Blogs or if leave a Facebook comment on any of our Poker Videos." Given I had neither played even one Open League game nor left a comment on Facebook on any poker videos, I must have received this ticket for my infamous 'Star Blogs.' When I sat down, there was not a soul whom I knew but over time, our table was a safe, enjoyable cohesive group. Afterall, the Poles and Russians took me under their wing given I shared with them that my maternal grandparents were from Poland and my paternal grandparents from Russia. The Portuguese loved that I had travelled through Portugal a number of times as my best friend is from there. I was family to many and there seemed to be an unspoken rule to pass my preemptive bets See what evolves as I am torn away from my 'family' table where I am in 6th or 7th place with only around 50 players left. See: for the full blog.
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    Why would anyone play AJo in position against an late raise? What a fish you caught! umbup:


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      the replayer is not working properly for me. what happens?


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        Hand Replayer

        Hi Tweedle,

        Just move the line that determines speed of video. It keeps defaulting to slowest so move to middle.

        Hope I am making sense & hope you check out full blog



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          Ellen you were on my right early, you raised every hand $750.
          I saw your stack go to 13k then drop to like 5k, but you still played super aggressive and your stack was back in the 13k range within a few hands, and you continued playing your style.
          I had a friend visiting and was telling him how difficult it is to play a hand against you, I told him it was crazy, and the one time I had a hand and 3 bet you, you folded.
          I told him that you would make the final table, you owned my table and even though I was card dead and eventually busted with AQ suited ( I think you had AK, not sure ), but when I busted I didn't feel angry.

          I'm a TAG player (if you can remember), and this was my 3rd Big Bang, I cashed in the first two ($22 and $13), so not cashing in this one didn't hurt that much.

          But I kept wanting to know who this "maniac" was on my right. Then I saw you in the live training last night and now I know and you play one hellava poker game IMO.

          I got my style and you got yours, but I still envy your courage and am glad to be able to share my thoughts with that unknown "maniac" who I wanted to bust so bad.

          Well done, you seem like a really cool person and a tiger at the table as well.

          $750 every hand (3xBB raises) no matter what position, I said to my buddy that these are the players that go on to win tournaments, and I'm so glad that you had a nice result.

          You got my respect and I look forward to playing at a table with you in the future.

          Nice one.

          Bracelet Winner


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            I was railing a bit (I was following the tables of quite a few PSO members) and I saw some crazy hands developing on your table. I don't know what reads you had or exactly how the action developed, but I saw stuff like J2 beating KK and K6 beating JJ.

            Can you remember what kind of HUD stats you had for that tourney, Ellen? It sounds like you were playing a very high variance style, which would explain why you kept going up and down the leaderboard. I'm not saying a "high variance style" is necessarily a bad thing, btw, ("Go Big or go home" is a popular maxim among tourney players), but it's not for the faint-hearted!
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            Bracelet Winner


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              Hello SL

              Dear SL.

              You are so kind Trust me I am not an experienced poker player. Rather, I come to PSO as a bridge pro.

              Why not send me a message on PSO about yourself. It's always nice to have online poker friends!


              P.S. Click on term 'bridge pro' which will show you my bridge website!


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                You are clearly faint of heart. I have ensured you won't 'approve' anything I write (and I did get

                another Big Bang ticket for the full blog) and I will explain.

                You write great theoretical notes as evidenced by your 2NL lessons; however, I don't aspire to play poker

                as you do. This is why you are wasting your time following me at all during a tournament or reading

                my blogs as we have nothing in common.

                I have also asked that you do not try to 'correct' me during Live Trainings. You can try Skype and if I am

                not on, leave a message.

                I think it is very important we respect others without criticism (granted today you did your best to contain

                your railing) as we need not aspire to play like all other PSO members.

                Last edited by DrEllenCait; Thu Oct 17, 2013, 06:52 PM.


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                  Ooops I just came here thinking U were sharing some old High School Experiences I even brought a cigarette for afterwardsmoke: Have a Great Time here & I'll Cya L8r sleepy



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