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$5 mini challenge

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  • $5 mini challenge

    Challenge is to start with $5 playing .02/.04 flhe 6max then move to .10 sngs once I reach $10 and then move up to .25c sngs once I reach $20-25. Then once I reach $40-50 move up to .50c sngs until I reach $80-$100

    Finished first part in flhe and have started .10c sngs.

    $8-10 .10c sng/mtt
    $20-25 .25c sng/mtt
    $40-50 .50c sng/mtt
    $80-100 1.50 sng/mtt

    freerolls and fpp tournaments included at all levels of bankroll

    not sure about rules for rebuy sattys yet

    I can play fixed limit
    .02/.04 6max anytime
    .05/.10 6max $35-70
    .10/.20 6max $65-100

    Havent planned for $100 and up yet
    End Goal Is $500

    My main focus in this is sngs/mtts.

    Only switching to cash if I think I dont have enough time to play a full session of sng/mtts or if my internet is unstable.
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    Good Luck!!!



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      good luck i'll rail you from time to time PStar


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        cool ill post some updates and stuff

        thank you for supporting me in my mini challenge guys
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          Made a final table but I think I called to wide vs a tightish type player in .10c I think I could have folded here vs this opponent since the pay in the top three would have made a big difference in my bankroll.

          Just busted another FT let myself get to short

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            Current Bankroll 12.47
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              Just played a 20fpp tournament and cashed $2 played to tight when blinds were high missed some spots to shove to build stack while i still had fold equity.

              Played the weekly chromestar 5k freeroll cashed around ,55c in that.. There was a hand I posted in the analysis section that pretty much ended my tournament life! feel free to have a look at that.

              So still in the .10c part of challenge but my bankroll is growing little by little... right now its currently at $14.92..

              Once I make a few more final tables in the .10c sngs and well be moving on up

              Playing a PSO Homegame 7-2 nl single draw .11c buy in... Kind of lost in this one im just gunna try to play top starting hands, and hope for another small boost to the bankroll.
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                too lazy to write but i'm watching and reading so no worry you dont talk alone :P


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                  Thanks you sleepy
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                    Doing great, keep it up...

                    Good Luck!!!



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                      Hey umbup:Good Luck!!!


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                        Originally posted by pokerstar671 View Post
                        Made a final table but I think I called to wide vs a tightish type player in .10c I think I could have folded here vs this opponent since the pay in the top three would have made a big difference in my bankroll. Just busted another FT let myself get to short
                        I play the 0.10c tournaments too , i would fold the AJ there when some one shove with a lot chips ,bcs u had more then 10bb , the second hand i would play it the same too umbup: Good like with your challenge


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                          Going to pay close attention to this goodluck!umbup:


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                            Yesterday was pretty bad I didnt play as much as I wanted to and I didnt do good in cash or sngs.

                            I played maybe an hour before I went to bed at .02/.04 fl 6max and went down about 2.33. I think I was playing to many tables.

                            I played sngs also but not many played some freerolls also but did not cash in anything.

                            So overall a losing day.

                            Starting today with around $11 bankroll.
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                              Today was a good day

                              I played a good amount of .02/.04 flhe 6max and a small amount of sngs/mtts.

                              I finally final tabled another .10c sng got 2nd place

                              I made a huge mistake heads up at the final table because I was to busy looking at this chart for push fold.
                              Instead of paying attention to the players tendacies I was trying to follow this chart even tho it was an obviouse fold preflop.
                              So I made a stupid mistake and shoved over his huge raise where he had ak in a similar spot earlier 3 handed..
                              Also I was looking at the shove part but not calling part.
                              I was mainly using it as a guideline but for that one quick moment I had some kind of brain fart lol...
                              Who knows how it would have ended if I had didnt do that..
                              Our stacks were pretty close and both very shallow compared to blinds. When I went all in he was ahead but it was like 30/70 or something like that.

                              Cashed in a .10c mtt and 20fpp mtt also.

                              Got stake in a $1.50 90man ko which went very bad.
                              I already knew player 5 was really bad and had a good read vs him and it looked like a perfect spot to pick up easy money guess I was wrong....

                              Playing the 100k freeroll right now and this just happened lol itm tho still got a little bit of chips to work with. Just ended now cashed .44c

                              But overall I was in profit today for sngs/mtts.

                              In .02/.04 flhe 6max I played about six different sessions of games averaging about 8-12 tables in 1hour time periods.

                              Biggest losing session was the shortest one I where was down $1.36 in 18 minutes lol.

                              Biggest winning sessions was the longest one where I was up $3.60 after 87 minutes of 12tabling.

                              Others sessions were close to above and under $1

                              I wanted to go longer because I was running very good overall but I felt burned out since Ive been playing and studying/railing for over 9 hours today.

                              hehehe got a nice hand today also in the cash games

                              Another cool thing that happened today was I got to rail the best heads up turbo player I know during the end of his daily grind in $30s and $60s and the $22 heads up mtt turbo where he got 9th or something like that.

                              Hes probably one of the best $30 heads up regs right now and alot of other people think so also.

                              He shipped me like 10% of his winnings in the $22 heads up mtt just for railing even tho he barely doubled his buy in which was really nice of him. A nice little boost to the bankroll.

                              But yea that was cool and I learned some stuff from watching and listening.

                              So now at the end of today my bankroll is at $23.18 and I can play .25c sngmtts/mtts now.
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