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$7 Fifty50s - Are low stakes different to $1.50 games?

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  • $7 Fifty50s - Are low stakes different to $1.50 games?


    Playing these at $7 low stakes will take some time. Previously I tried 100 Fifty50s at $1.50 micros and the results were marginal to say the least.

    My game style appears the same but it's early stages, playing 100 games is very unlikely in the near future.

    Anyway, dropping 3 stacks / 10 games is $21 and chipping back up the loss is tough and then frustration may create, for me, loose play or bad decisions.

    So just picking up on my $7 Fifty50 games and playing a few more over the past couple of days.

    #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
    10, 70, 3, 70.00, 72.24 / 0, 0 ,3

    Wooo 2 bucks. So at the moment high itm low roi is with me.

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    Obviously the low stakes are harder to beat than the 1.5$ ones.
    But I think you should distance yourself from the money and treat 7$ as just a buy-in, that way you won't feel bad losing it.
    Good luck!


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      Hi GamblingProp, Not convinced $7 it's harder to beat, just wish no fish have lasted when it's 6 or 7 handed when some strategy needs to be applied. I agree it's just a buy-in but playing 2 tables hurts twice as much in 45 minutes if you bust both. Anyway not much that can be said so far in 20 games: #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd 20, 60, 4, 140.00, 145.75 / 2, 0 ,6 So onwards and upwards? Well at least stay confident. umbup:


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        Over half way though 100 games and hit a bit of a down swing.

        #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
        56, 55.36, -3, 392.00, 379.64 / 4, 4 ,9


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          So far I think $7 games are exactly like the $1.50 micros. There must be some reason in the loose madness when marginal hands stack off against each other and then some random card hits and the chips fly from one side of the table to the other.

          Very slim margins for a nit like me. Maybe quit 51c up, after an investment of $420? No, stick at it?

          That's what I thought so maybe it turns around and dink a few more 1st place spots.

          #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
          60, 58.33, ~0, 420.00, 420.51 / 4, 4, 10


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            A bit on tilt at the moment losing a stack in the 5NL Zoom pool.

            The update on this $7 Fifty50 challenge is marginal:

            #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
            70, 61.43, 4, 490.00, 508.85 / 4, 5, 12

            As an aside. Just completed 100x $7 standard STT turbos (3 pay spots):

            #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
            100, 37, -5, 700.00, 661.79 / 11, 7, 19

            Quite interesting comparison with game type investment vs margins. I'm going with: "My early reads aren't confirmed to make good decisions at the middle / bubble stage and probably leaked too many chips when I should be more aggressive."


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              Should have given up on this at my earlier post.

              Thought it was possible to make a small profit but now down about 40 bucks. As this game plays vs my style I don't think I can recover.

              #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
              85, 55.29, -6, 595.00, 557.57 / 5, 5, 14

              So 15 games to complete the challenge or give up? That is another 15 x $7, so just possible to break even and that proves I'm a losing poker player with too many fish in the sea.


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                hey forrest
                50/50 at this level are tough and you rarely double the buy in. i think the regular tables are a better investment of time and challenge to your skills. my self i love the 45 s

                keep grinding
                6 Time Bracelet Winner


                • #9
                  I would take a break, rail some other regs and then complete the challenge.
                  And now at least you can reevaluate your play, review HHs, fix leaks on your game.
                  Losing a few buy ins doesn't mean that you can't improve as a player and beat those games.
                  Last edited by GamblingProp; Sat Oct 19, 2013, 12:32 AM.


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                    Thanks guys,

                    Though I'm quite realistic,

                    I could re-evaluate, then like a USA bumper sticker sent to me by a friend many years ago, "Same Sh*t Different Day".

                    Good news on one of my turbo $7 STTs. Wow I hit a Golden SNG.

                    But the villain on my right 28bb all-in pre ATo made a low straight 5-A river 2 helped, and I came 9th. Would prefer they hit an Ace or TTx flop, rather than a low board and then a miracle "runner, runner"! Hey there's a title for a block buster film.

                    But the odds of hitting a Golden one? Can't complain too much with a $14 refund.
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                    Last edited by ForrestFive; Sun Oct 20, 2013, 06:32 AM.


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                      Hello ForrestFive,

                      First off i'd like to refocus the attention on advice of taking a break, yes indeed i love the "Same Sh*t Different Day" sticker and its a good attitude in poker (well in positive thinking process that is :p)
                      But being away from poker for a little while could help you fresh your mind and fancy spots might become clear again while you didnt notice being on a mental tilt all the time.
                      There is so much else to do accept playing poker, i'm sure you got other hobbies that can keep you busy for a couple of days!

                      About the difference between $7 and $1.5 50fifties: i know what you are talking about.
                      Over the long term it should be harder to turn a bigger rio on $7 then on $1.5 and that will be the fact, although i myself sometimes find spots where i opt $7 upon $1.5 because in the $1.5 you'll find spots with opponents spending ther last buckets on stars (with all do respect) these players are sometimes clicking buttons, and if they dont even know what they are doing then how are you supposed to put them on a range?
                      I feel much more in control overall playing low stakes then playing micro stakes because the ever lurking threat a random overshove will always be bigger on the lowest stakes at any circumstances.

                      Gradz with the golden sng! to bad you didnt cash! :p

                      Gr. Daikìe


                      • #12

                        Bust my bank roll on the cash tables but before doing so played a few more of these $7 Fifty50 games.

                        My game plan was to change to the regular speed games as I felt these would play better with the extra 3 minutes per level.

                        Turbo 3 minute levels:
                        #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                        87, 55.17, -6, 609.00, 570.24 / 5, 6, 14

                        Regular 6 minute levels:
                        #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                        5, 80.00, 55, 35.00, 54.24 / 1, 1, 0

                        Things seemed to be on the upswing but as I said went bust elsewhere. I'm not rolled to play low stakes at the moment even though there are only 8 more games to go to complete the challenge.

                        But I have played another set of 100 micro stakes $1.50 Fifty50 games and came out with a $5 profit.
                        #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                        100, 62.00, 3, 150.00, 155.23 / 7, 15, 11

                        Some times you just don't get a good run.

                        Anyway will be back to complete the $7 challenge at some point.


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                          gl gl man nice results
                          Triple Bracelet Winner


                          • #14

                            Challenge complete and a bit disappointed not to be in profit.

                            Turbo 3 minute levels:
                            #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                            87, 55.17, -6, 609.00, 570.24 / 5, 6, 14

                            Regular 6 minute levels:
                            #, itm%, roi%, spent$, won$ / 1st, 2nd, 3rd
                            13, 53.85, -1, 91.00, 90.40 / 1, 3, 0

                            #, spent$, won$
                            100, 700, 660.64

                            So I'm down about 39 bucks. Those small runs, 3-4 games of not cashing need to be sorted out.



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