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Gareth's Weekend 40k Hand +Fitness Challenge

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  • Gareth's Weekend 40k Hand +Fitness Challenge

    Hey all Starting tomorrow morning I am having a little mini-challenge for myself. From Thursday to Sunday (96 hours). Goals: 1) Play 40k hands of Zoom six-max. Anywhere from 25nl-100nl. 2) Run 40km total 3) 400 push-ups Alright, sounds easy eh? I think the running is going to be the hardest part. I am going to have to do this early in the morning and late at night here, since its hot and humid. Mini-goal: 5k hands of the 40k have to be 100nl. So this is obviously a volume challenge, but coming out ahead in the profit department is important too. I'll be updating this thread with hands I boom, results, and maybe even a tour of my apartment! Will post results after every 10k hands. I'm playing tournaments on Sunday and doing the Saturday Game on Saturday, so I am hoping to get out ahead of things. Hopefully will be able to hit the 22k hand mark by end of Friday. Other than that I just got to sleep well, take naps, eat well, and stay hydrated. Going to start with a midnight run tonight . Challenge starts at 0100 EST since I'm 1 hour back of EST at the moment. Wish me good luck, bad luck, whatever. This is going to be a fun thread umbup:

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    WOW!! You have a treat planned for yourself for completing the challenge?

    Think for most of us, just doing a smidge of what's on that list would have us patting ourselves on the back and cracking open the cerveza


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      Just a day off planned afterwards Sam . Getting it all done with be reward enough umbup:


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        Sick you are playing my whole month volume in 4 days. Ill be following, Good luck!


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          Actually, now that I think about it, there's probably a couple of people who would start the routine with the beer, and go from there lol. But I guess if this is supposed to be a fitness challenge, then a beer at any point would be a no-no

          Wow, you're going to be so fit!

          And having a day off in Mexico is a pretty cool reward

          GL Gareth


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            Originally posted by CaRLoS_DZ87 View Post
            Sick you are playing my whole month volume in 4 days. Ill be following, Good luck!

            Ya ... haha!! He's playing my whole month's volume in *a day*!!

            I do my best


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              wow!!! Good Luck......and I will be watching your C-Betting very closely ....umbup:
              Last edited by WeaselBasher; Thu Sep 05, 2013, 09:04 AM.


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                gl with the challenge G!

                a video blog would be nice.
                Bracelet Winner


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                  Playing 10,000 hands per day and running 10,000 metres per day? Will you be running with your mobile app playing ZOOM at the same time???? Good luck and enjoy your day off. umbup: Ed
                  4 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    GL Gareth!

                    Sounds like fun! Are you intending to run more than 4 Zoom tables?

                    Also, are you breaking the run up? For example a half an hour, 5K in the morning to wake up. Then another 5k in the evening to wind down?


                    Greg (Roland GTX)


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                      Thanks all! Video blog is definitely doable. Will not be playing on PokerStars Mobile App. That would be pretty funny. Playing on a treadmill would be pretty funny too, but I'll be running outside. Planning on typically 5 tabling Zoom. Sometimes more sometimes less. And its 4:40am here and I'm going for my first run. I will post a link afterwards on an app that has a map, its 5.7km the route, so I'll have to do that route exactly 7 times over the 4 days. Hopefully will get 2 laps in today umbup:. Hopefully this works. First run in the books: or 40 pushups down, 360 to go
                      Last edited by GarethC23; Thu Sep 05, 2013, 01:36 PM.


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                        Wow, anybody else still in their jammies half asleep? lol

                        Is it a lot tougher jogging when it's humid, or in high altitudes?


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                          Originally posted by GarethC23 View Post
                          ... Playing on a treadmill would be pretty funny too, but I'll be running outside.
                          I recommend reading Neal Stephenson's Reamde. Playing games while working out on the treadmill is pretty funny in that book! gogogoumbup: Roland GTX


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                            This challenge sounds pretty fun. I tried a bit of a fitness challenge myself a while back and still try to run about a mile or so before I get on with my poker grind most days. Unfortunately the poker side of things didn't go so great for me lol. I'm sure yours will go much better though. Good luck umbup:

                            Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

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                              Great idea for a challenge.

                              10km per day could take a while. Pro tip: Don't run it twice.

                              Good luck!
                              Bracelet Winner



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