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Grinding it UP!

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  • Grinding it UP!

    Hey guys,

    I am going to start the grinding it up challenge, inspired by team Pokerstars pro xflixx and reading Arty's 6-max challenge thread inspired me to make this thread about it .

    I am going to be playing Zoom 6-max starting at 2NL and working my way up to 25NL. The final goal is $1200. No time frame is set for this challenge. I will be playing 2k-3k hands 5 days a week, so 12.5k average per week. I would like to make completely clear that I know I am using terrible bankroll management to start this challenge and thats probably a really bad idea BUT im gonna do it . My BR management will improve as my BR gets bigger as the money will mean more to me. I am going to grind till at least $200 profit before taking any 10NL shots. I will be posting updates 2 times a week(until I go busto :P).

    I have had mild success at micro SNG's on PS and FTP in the last few months, with a 7% ROI over a large sample size. I suspect that number could be near 9-10% but TILT is the bane of my existence. Im hoping that keeping this thread updated and with some support from you guys I can maybe not tilt soo much.

    Start Date: Aug. 15
    Starting BR: $27.30
    Current BR: $54.26
    Profit: $26.96


    I have put some hands in at 5NL already which is why I got some big swings, mostly up. Out of the 5k hands, 1.3k are at 5nl and the rest at 2nl. Currently running super hot at 5nl with 27.90BB/100. At the start of my daily sessions I have been grinding around 5$ profit at 2nl and then bringing it to 5nl, trying to double it and split it to 2 5nl tables and go from there, not playing more then 2 zoom tables at once.

    The reason for my super aggressive BR management(If you can even call it that) is that I have lost around $60 in the first half of this month while learning how to play cash games, transitioning from STT. So I guess I have already started this challenge being tilted in a way:P.

    This post has been very disjointed and all over the place, I probably left out a bunch of things but there will be more later anyway. Any questions or comments would be great. Thanks for reading! GL at the tables!
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    Good luck with this challenge. Reducing or eliminating tilt is probably more important than working on your game. It's pointless building up a roll if you spew it all away when tilted. Hopefully this thread will help you maintain some discipline. If you start running bad, you can let off steam here. Don't tilt off you roll, and keep grinding it up!
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      Hey guys, So its been a roller coaster since the last time I have posted. But I am on an upswing of that roller coaster so I guess this is a good time to post lol. BR last time: $54.26 Current BR: $58.54 So things are not going great but im glad i didn't tilt off my roll during that big down swing there. I would post my red and blue lines but it took me 15mins to post this image already so maybe next time ill do that, but my red line is only -$4, so that says something about my play and im thinking that MIGHT be contributing to my inconsistency. From watching flixx i know he was saying its probably not desirable to have a good red line at the micro stakes. I really have no idea though, so some feedback on that would be nice if you guys have anything to say about it. But yea just gonna try to play some solid consistent poker now that im out of that downswing, and i got a 50$ bonus from the VIP rewards which im pretty happy about but im not including that into the BR of this challenge. Anyway, thanks for any questions or comments. GL at the tables umbup:


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        Heres my blue and red lines in relation to the last post.


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          Just (got) bumped into this thread. Always great to hear my project could be of inspiration to people. GL, will be checking back here for sure!

          About the redline thing: It really depends on your playing style. I like to be supershowdownbound at micros as I feel that's where people make the biggest mistakes (paying off thin valuebets and also bluffing too much). Don't worry too much about it, I'd much rather post individual hands in the hand analysis forum to check for your lines.
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