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Intellstart's Poker Blog - First Live Game and Onward

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  • Intellstart's Poker Blog - First Live Game and Onward

    Hello, I'm fairly new to pokerstars and poker in general. Im an American so unfortunately I can't use pokerstars full services.

    I learned how to play poker 5-6 weeks ago. I didn't fully know all the suits names and didnt know how many of each suits or cards there were in a deck. I never played cards games before, but took a serious and fun loving interested in poker.

    I craved the endless possibilities and challenge of poker. I decided to seriously learn the game. I went through the poker school online courses, played free online poker games and checked out 6 poker books from the library.

    I learned the importance of positioning, odds and outs, pot odds, when to fold, and got a good understanding of what to do pre-flop, flop, turn and river. I learned the importance of patience, discipline and control.

    I am far from mastering even small parts of the game, but have learned extensive amounts in a short amount of time. Although I have learned all this I had never played live stake games. I needed to get a feel of reading people at the table when money is on the line.

    This is my poker journal starting from my very first live game.

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    Structure: $3/$6, $1 blind on the button, no big blind
    Bankroll: $100
    Buy in: $20
    Time Played: 3 hours
    lost: $20

    Lessons Learned
    I learned that my first mistake is that I was playing a structure too high for my bankroll and experience. I also bought in for way too less. The main goal from this experience was to get a feel of table etiquette and played with players in person. I did win a few good hands, but I played way too tight and too passive. This is because I was playing out of my bankroll with minimal buy in.

    Some pros of this game is that for $20 I was able to get 3 hours of experience to get a feel of what a live game is like.

    Structure: $.25 ante to play, $.25-3 pre-flop, flop,turn, river
    Bankroll: $80
    Buy In: $20
    Time Played: 3 hours 30 min
    won: $25

    Lessons Learned
    I did a tremendous amount better this game than last. I was able to find a lower structure for my experience and bankroll. I bought in for a correct amount of cash. The players at the table were regulars that have played for a long time. Even though they played for awhile they played very loose and were recreational, possible gamblers.

    I was able to get a basic read on the players on how they may react. I folded often even though 95% of the time it took just an extra quarter to see the flop. The players bet $.25 to see the flop and never folded. I knew that if my hand wasn't good enough to bet $3 I should fold. I played mostly in position.

    One of the players that I went up against was a dealer for the casino. He commented on how he "couldn't beat the kid" haha. Other players commented on how they should get me a few beers even though I obviously don't look 21. I knew that even though I was doing very well I didn't let that change what I knew I should do.

    i know $25 seems very marginal for the amount of time played. Towards the end I didnt get too many good hands and was tired. I should of stopped earlier.

    One thing I learned is that I didnt play as aggressive as I should to get the pot up and could have checked raised with good hands.

    Structure: $.25 ante to play, $.25-3 pre-flop, flop,turn, river
    Bankroll: $105
    Buy In: $20
    Time Played: 1 hour 30 mins
    won: $13

    Lessons Learned
    I did very well this game. I know the amount won is deceiving, but against 4 players I was able to cleaned most the players out. I did tip very generously, probably more than I won. This time around I paid more attention to my opponents and positioning.

    A mistake I made was towards then end I tried to bluff an opponent out of position.
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