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  • Dysiclawl's Poker Blog

    Hey guys!
    A little bit about myself : My name is Valentin and I'm from Romania. I started playing poker in late 2010 and after a full year of fishing around I finally decided to take the game seriously. In dec 2012 I deposited 20$ and after watching lots of videos on PSO and Pokerstrategy I began playing.
    Started off with 50c 45m & 90m turbos and soon moved to
    1$ & 1.50$ ones. I began adding some 1-2$ mtts to my daily grind and not far after I came out 2nd in one and took down 430$. So here I was with a BR of 600$!! and what did I do? I cashed out 400 and continued with even more mtts, higher ones too. Big mistake! in just a couple of weeks variance
    took me down.
    After a small break I deposited 100$ and started with 1.50$ ko 90m ( 15min blinds )Played these for about one month and once my BR got to around 300$ I added in 2.50$ 90m and 4.50 180m. After grinding these for about 3 months I got up to 1.2k but I had to cash all out due to personal needs.
    So here I am again with a BR of 100 bucks.
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    I'm going to play 50-50s this month and see how it goes mostly because reg 90m sngs are too exhausting
    ( 5+h sessions ). If things don't go well I'm planning to move back and play regs.

    Here are my goals for July :

    *Play only 1.50$ fifty-fifties

    *Maintain Goldstar this means I'll have to play a min of 140 games / day

    *Have a 5% roi ( 7.5c/game x 4200 = 315$ )

    *Update this blog every couple of days

    *Beg Andy and Dave for a 50-50 live training

    Hopefully by the end of the month my BR should be around $550

    100$ initial BR + 315 profit + 25$ vpp cash + ~ 125$ from fpps by playing 70fpp & 33 fpp satellites

    I will play short & sharp sessions of 40-45min and between 18-24 tables at once ( there's good trafic for 50s)

    Wish me luck in this crazy challenge of mine! Hope I stay motivated for the hole month.

    Keep you guys posted


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      good luck.
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        Things didn't rly go so well. I played about 1.5k games and it was all good until I went onto a big downswing due to 5 horrible sessions in a row ( around -10BI each). Ended up with around 25$ profit out of those 1.5k games so I decided to stop the 50-50 frenzy for now. I started playing reg sngs about 3 days ago and it all went pretty smooth.

        My new goals for July :

        *play 5-6 reg sng sessions / week

        *maintain Goldstar

        *play 2-3k 2nl/5nl 6-max zoom hands / day

        *qualify for premier skill league via 1.10$ qualifier

        *update this thread every 2 days ( for real this time ) with graphs, hands etc.
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            Makes it easy to ship an sng when ppl spew their stacks like this haha

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              I ran pretty horrible at the beginning of the session but I managed to FT 5 out of 9 remaining SNGs which brought me a nice profit of 40$. I also made a deep run in the $1.10 1k cap mtt. Ended up on 17 unfortunately and took $6.

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                I didn't do well in the 1.50 kos, lots of bubble busts and not even one top 3. Played some mtts too of 1 - 3$ and like 2 x 5$ micromillion events but it didn't rly work out.

                Here's the graph for the past 2 days :

                Uploaded with
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                  Nice graph! Looks like you're doing well to me, keep it up. umbup:

                  Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

                  Bracelet Winner


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                    Wow, 18-24 tables, 140 games a day - and yeah such nice graphs!! GL dysiclawl!! umbup:


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                      Slacked a lot these past couple of days. I only played 2 small sngs sessions and couple of mtts. I was lucky enough though to make a FT in a $1.35 ko but came out just short, busted on 6.

                      PokerStars Tournament #762693125, No Limit Hold'em
                      Buy-In: $1.00/$0.25/$0.10 USD
                      6289 players
                      Total Prize Pool: $6289.00 USD
                      Tournament started 2013/07/28 16:00:00 EET [2013/07/28 9:00:00 ET]
                      Tournament finished 2013/07/28 19:45:59 EET [2013/07/28 12:45:59 ET]
                      1: DONNA.R13 (Croatia), $987.42 (15.7%)
                      2: NailBomb1979 (Russia), $732.66 (11.649%)
                      3: Stend by (Russia), $517.89 (8.234%)
                      4: werqq1 (Finland), $355.32 (5.649%)
                      5: suited pit (Germany), $267.28 (4.249%)
                      6: dysiclawl (Romania), $204.39 (3.249%)
                      7: skomba (Ukraine), $141.50 (2.249%)
                      8: cmsm92 (Portugal), $78.61 (1.249%)
                      9: yiddolee (United Kingdom), $50.31 (0.799%)


                      Still a nice boost for my BR ^^ can't complain.


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                        Congratz for the FT but such a sick exit hand!


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                          Things went really well lately. I've managed to hit my second FT this week but again, I came out just short:

                          PokerStars Tournament #765687561, No Limit Hold'em
                          Buy-In: €2.00/€0.20 EUR
                          720 players
                          Total Prize Pool: €1440.00 EUR
                          Tournament started 2013/07/30 22:30:00 EET [2013/07/30 15:30:00 ET]
                          Tournament finished 2013/07/31 5:25:55 EET [2013/07/30 22:25:55 ET]
                          1: j1mas (Lithuania), €261.06 (18.129%)
                          2: clad7777 (Belgium), €187.20 (13%)
                          3: hanadebilam (Russia), €140.40 (9.75%)
                          4: DomiL (Germany), €105.12 (7.3%)
                          5: gyufa1980 (Germany), €74.16 (5.15%)
                          6: ElsAllinnn (Netherlands), €59.76 (4.15%)
                          7: Hangoover9 (Sweden), €45.36 (3.15%)
                          8: dysiclawl (Romania), €31.82 (2.209%)
                          9: ovoxoxxxooox (Brazil), €18.43 (1.279%)

                          I had some problems with PT4 and I had to reinstall postgreSQL. Lost the database but it doesn't really matter because I know most of the regs on 1.50 & 2.50 and have notes on them. Here is the graph for the last week. The volume sucks but I ran good ^^

                          Uploaded with

                          Thanks a lot for the kind words guys. Keep you posted.
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                            I lost a lot of time this July with 50s but it was a good month overall I made a profit of around 400 bucks.
                            My goals were pretty ambitious considering that a reg sng/mtt session takes from 4 to 6 hours so I didn't have enough time for 2k hands/day @ zoom. That's why I failed to maintain goldstar, I only made 1.6k vpps. Having 2 x fpps and an entry to the 100k gold+ freeroll is kinda nice but I don't think the bonus hours I have to put in are worth it. I also managed to qualify for the premier skill league just by playing 10x 1.10$ qualifiers and even made a nice profit out of them ^^


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                              Another deep, another bust 33/1736 in the $2.75 slow mtt. I had to flip for my life in the tourney and I lost Its a bit frustrating coz I keep making this deep runs but I always end up just short. The only thing I can do is to stay positive, play my A game and get in volume. I'm sure "the big win" will eventually come.
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