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$50 to $1k in 6 months - NL HE challenge

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  • $50 to $1k in 6 months - NL HE challenge

    Hi everyone

    I started with the bankroll builder promotion, after a super tilt session, I was abble to built my roll from $2 to $50 which was my first challenge.

    Now I will try to go from $50 to $1k in 6 months. I will be playing cash 2nl, and hu hyper sng's 1.5$, and will move up when my bankroll alows me to.

    I will try to post at least 1 hand every day

    I wish this post keeps me motivated

    Sorry my bad english, it's not my native lang

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    Good luck with this challenge!
    Bracelet Winner


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      Hey! That's exactly how I started 6 months ago! Gonna be interesting to follow your progress. From my experience I can tell you that this goal is more than achievable. Just focus on improving your game rather than earning more money, do not get distracted by variance and you will surely get there GL GL umbup:


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        Great first day, cg went good, and hu even better
        Lost all satalites to micromillions

        DAY 1 - 50$
        DAY 2 - 64.77$


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          I think you played the hands very well

          Just a few suggestions for the future though:

          Hand 3:
          I think a raise right OTF is better than waiting for the turn to pull the trigger.
          A) People always pay turn raises a lot more respect and they carry a lot more fold equity even at 2NL. As you can see in this hand even though the villain rivered top set coolering all your lower set and 2 pair hands he still did not put all the money in. That's how you froze him with your turn raise.
          B) Its HU so your raises should get less respect in general
          C) Its 2NL so people will call you down much lighter
          D) You build the pot early and extract more value.
          Say you raise him 3.5x OTF and follow up with a decent sized bet OTT (anything he is calling your turn raise with is calling this line as well). You now have about $1.80 in the pot and 1 street still left to extract more value. You have the effective nuts all the way through so no reason to get scared. OTR you might even get away with a shove which would earn you an additional buy in. Alternatively you could go for a regular value bet and still win a decent $4.40 pot. See how the raise OTF compounds on itself? That's why you need to start building the pot early!

          Hand 2:
          Do not be afraid to make it more preflop or cbet bigger after hitting your set with the kings. Pre both of them are still calling with a wide range and postflop he is never folding a FD or an ace so just bet big and take him to value town.

          Hope you find this helpful . GL

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            I won't be posting more hands, can't instal flash player in this computer because I'm not admin


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              try this:



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