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New plo challenge

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  • New plo challenge

    Hi guys/girls,

    im starting a new challenge for the rest of the year, ive kinda got bored of holdem, (wich i do alot)

    I made a change last year and learnt plo, and i had rather good success from the game at micro limits, so as something new im going to do a fifty50 plo challenge.

    going to start with 100 buy-ins at $1.50 level and see were it leads to.

    I would like to turn $150 into $1k before the end of the year.

    LETS see whats happens lol

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    gl and run good!


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      I actually did play 100 of these games for roughly break even - pokerstars gave micro stakes players at PLO some good news recently - they have reduced the rake at PLO - a friend brought this to my attention, so i will turn this challenge into a cash game PLO challenge, congrats to pokerstars on listening to players concerning PLO rake.

      I also want to point out that this is a 40bb buy-in challenge, i no that being a winning player at these levels means im missing out with not buying in for 100bb - but its the amount i,ve always bought in for in PLO. And i feel very comfortable playing with a 40bb stack.

      So the new challenge.

      100k hands of 0.01/0.02 6 max PLO
      100k hands of 0.02/0.05 6 max PLO
      100k hands of 0.05/0.10 6 max PLO.

      The playing hands should be easily attainable, i usually play from 4-8 tables at a time at 6 max PLO.

      $200 STARTING ROLL - TARGET = $1K.

      Basically i roughly need a 5bb return on all 3 levels - i have achieved that at the 1st 2 levels before, so im confident to repeat that. escpecially now the rake is reduced.

      If i reach my goal after 300k hands i will add another 3 stakes to this challenge and see were it takes me.

      I do have alot of knowledge of PLO - its my fav game - so im really looking forward to this.

      Lets put to bed the myth - that micro stakes PLO is not beatable

      I will update after every 5k hands.
      Last edited by ImpactPoint; Mon Jul 22, 2013, 11:05 PM.


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        First 5k hands complete.

        0.01/0.02 6 max PLO - 5k hands = +$19.87 20bb winrate.

        Will update at 10k hands.


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          Nice to see an Omaha challenge here in the forums! If you encounter difficult situations that you where unsure of, you are welcome to post a hand replay for evaluation in the Omaha Hand Analysis section >>click here<< and GodLikeRoy, talonchick, The Langolier and myself will be there to assist you!

          Here is a video on how to use the hand replayer.

          Good luck and good decisions,

          Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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            Lol - that was just the most brutal 5k hands in a long time lol

            $0.01/0.02 10k hands +$1.38

            Micro stakes PLO games are bizzare, when the rough times come in PLO, they certainly crush you, but not to worry, all u can do is consistantly get your money in good and wait for variance to go on holiday, 90k more hands should even anything out, will update after next 5k hands.


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              1st 15k hands played.

              0.01/0.02 6 max PLO - 15k hands = +$32.00 11bb winrate.

              Watched a few of Daleroxxu,s videos on PLO - learnt a few more tricks by watching them, he has a very good understanding of PLO - will watch a few more, because picking little things up and learning new things enhancers your game further.

              Will update at 20k hands.


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                20k hands completed.

                0.01/0.02 6 max PLO - 20k hands = +$47.18 11bb winrate.

                Just a quick note, theres a player at this level who plays vpip/6 - pfr/4 - over 1.4 k hands he,s winning, not a vast amount, but winning, kinda shocking to behonest lol - be kool to keep tabs on him, because i cant see playing that tight to be even break even over a large sample.

                Will update at 25k hands - progress is smooth at the moment.


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                  Hey Impact Point Fantastic results there with the omaha!! umbup: Cool to hear you gave it a go, and have done so well. I tried something similar a while ago, and well ... it made for a fun graph

                  Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
                  PLOmaHa haha ... the First 1,000 Hands - it's Been a Real Lollercoaster
                  [/spoiler] Seems like people who give omaha a shot, and do well, wind up sticking with it over hold'em. You liking it too?


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                    wow man gr8 results keep the money comming
                    Triple Bracelet Winner


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                      Originally posted by TrustySam View Post
                      Hey Impact Point Fantastic results there with the omaha!! umbup: Cool to hear you gave it a go, and have done so well. I tried something similar a while ago, and well ... it made for a fun graph

                      [/spoiler] Seems like people who give omaha a shot, and do well, wind up sticking with it over hold'em. You liking it too?
                      Thanks for the comments guys, i would choose PLO over NL anytime of the day, i havent played nl cash for years, i would go as far as to say nl is a very boring game to me and that PLO is alot more fun, plus i think its more profitable, i,ve played PLO for 2 years now, and its time i found how to what level i can beat it, hopefully i wanna go as high as 0.50/1.00 - we,ll see.


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                        25k hands completed.

                        0.01/0.02 6 max PLO - 25k hands = +$46.24 9bb winrate.

                        Still on target for a 5bb over-all winrate, so happy with the progress, gonna try and get these 100k hands done at this level for mid august, then can get onto the 0.02/0.05 level.


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                          wow man looking awesome best of luck in the challange man
                          Triple Bracelet Winner


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                            30k hands completed.

                            0.01/0.02 6 max PLO - 30k hands = +$56.45 9bb winrate.

                            Really would like to get to 50k hands completed before the end of this month, i think that would give a good indication of my true bb, to 1% either way, i believe i can sustain to near 10bb winrate wich i have in the past, wich would be awsome over 100k hands.

                            Will update after 35k hands.

                            Congrats to kate on her new son, the future KING of england.


                            • #15
                              Congrats on your results so far, great stuff I'm not sure how you manage to follow 4-8 tables of 6max PLO at the same time though. I need full concentration to follow 1 table of Zoom!

                              Good luck with the rest of your challenge.



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