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From 2NL Zoom to 25NL

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  • From 2NL Zoom to 25NL

    Hello Pokerschoolonline Community! I decited to make a Zoom challenge and I try to move up in the stakes as quickly as possible. My goal is to reach the 25NL limits. I will not set a Date, because I dont want to put myself under pressure. I usually play 4 Tables of Zoom. Currently I play 5NL zoom, because I already beat the 2NL tables. There a some reaons why I decited to make a thread about this: 1: It keeps myself motivated. 2: I am a guy who is really disposed to tilt after a loosing session, so I think this thread maybe bewares me of tilting. umbup: I will post some hands in this thread and a graph for every 10K hands Here are the graphs for the 2NL limit and the graph for the first 10K hands on 5NL.
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    Just played a session and was quickly down 3 Buy ins. Maybe I made some mistakes in these hands: I thougt, that he maybe wouldnt push a flush, because he has to be affraid that I am folding. With the AJ I had two many outs to fold, I thougt, after after watching this hand, I think folding would be the better option, because he will show a set quite often and I only have 33% equity against this hand.
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      Well, you might be right that such a bet on the river with a flush doesn't make a lot of sense. Yet,i suppose there is absolutely no hand which can justify this overbet. Therefore, next time remember this: If you think a made hand doesn't make sense, also consider whether a weak hand fits to the action by your opponent. It's not about how often he does this with a flush, but about the ratio how often he has you beat given this action. (an obvious fact, yet easily forgetten in the heat of the action)
      In this case, I think the flush is way more likely than a bluff.


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        Hi Corram106, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with all the features and services available at PSO. Feel free to look around the forum and post any further questions or comments you may have. You are invited to join the PokerSchoolOnline Community Home Games Club, and information on how to join the club may be found HERE. The PSO Series of Poker is running through July 7th, 2013. Cash tournaments are found in the main lobby under "tourney" > "private." Play money tournaments (US friendly) are found in the PSO Home Games Club. Hope to see you there! umbup: Joss
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          youre right Corram106! umbup: I think my call was just to hopeful


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            With the AJ suited it was very understandable to gamble there since you knew u were beat to either a set or a high pocket pair like AA KK or so. I'd probably go allin with that flush and gutshot draw too and pray to the poker cards the card comes

            Edit: Looking over at it again, on the flop he did bet just over the pot size there so calling maybe would have been a safer option then to just go allin incase we don't hit our card.
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              Just got called 3 streets from a calling station I think it was a good board run out for a river bluff. But against calling stations of course not


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                I am not an expert but I think trying to catch flush is not profitable in long run in CG. It is perfeclty fine to me in MTT since double up will help you to go deep or finish the tourney earlier and not wasting time with small stack

                But in CG: The chance you win against anyone is something like 60:40. The chance you will complete the flush is about 33%. When he called the turn to me it seems he had something. The bluff on the river does not make sence to me. You so overbet the river that you gave him a very simple decision - fit or fold. he readed you did not have aces so fit...

                AJ hand. Very hard but I would fold his almost pot size bet. It is 2:1 and you have something like 30% (15outs) to improve (considering he hit set or something very strong). the chance for you to win is speculativ and it is very easy to lost $5, very diffuclt to earn it. But I am not an expert, I would like to know Arty's opinion.


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                  I had two difficult hands in this session. In the JJ hand I decited to stack off, because only a 4 beats me and the opponent could raise 55-10s. In the j6 hand, I couldn't imagine any hand that I am beating. Maybe a busted flush draw. So I think calling wouldn't be that terrible but however I decited to fold. Don't know if that was right. Maybe he had a hand like 98 of diamonds or pocket 10s.
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                    The last 10K hands were a little bit depressing. I have to admit, that I was on Tilt in the last session I played.
                    When you have a look at the graph, you may think, that the course is normal and this has nothing to do with a downswing. I disagree. In the last 10K hands that I played, really everything was against me and I really ask myself if I am doing something wrong.
                    The peculiarity about this 10K hands was, that I really not got unlucky or something. I just lost/ loose every pot that I played / play. I am much more happy when I got sucked out from people, instead of loosing every pot that I play and ask myself, if I am a loosing player on this limit.
                    I hope the next 10K hands will be better.
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                      I didn't think the opponent would bluff often on the river. Also I only can beat 55 and maybe QJ. But I think he would be much more inclined to call with two pair. what do you guys think about this?


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                        i think your getting into some tricky spots with bad holdings. but then your letting go of good hands on rivers slightly too easily.

                        This hand, he has to have T8 or KT to win which i feel is very small part of his range. more likely he has something like J9 QJ.. or some other weird two pair. the straight is there but the flush bricked out. I put this guy on QJ.

                        Also in the previous hand w J6o. You have a set also. ok he may have a better set or a full house. but i dont think its likely as he did not raise pf with any of his pairs.
                        the river fold is bad as your getting almost 5-1 on your call...even if you dont want to call that. its 0.35c to find out what the guy has and put a note down. tbh his play doesnt make sense. more importantly i feel if you find yourself in this situation, just break the hand down from flop to river and see if the guys play makes sense. you could be good here alot of the time, and the guy simply is min raising with a QT+.


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                          Yeah that hand where you folded your set of 7s i might of made the call unless he was a calling station, only a station shows up with a straight there he might of made a 2 pair or something and your j6o hand you should definitely be calling.

                          Its alright to bet fold but when he only raised that much into that pot you can call. Pretty good hands just make sure you make those all in jams against players that don't call with any pair.

                          Ive found im playing hands much better now im playing the player aswell as the cards.


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                            That are some interesting things that you both mentioned. I totally agree with the j6o hand. I am getting to good odds to fold. But I am still unsure about the 77 hand. Maybe it really might be better to call there .
                            In the future I try to get more focused to the action, even when I am playing 4 tables. I am often in situations where I don't know what actions the villains took in the hand and this entice me to make bad discissions.

                            In the last few days I played 6max and full ring. At the 6max tables I do not had much succes and had a winrate about 2.3/BB per 100 on a sample of 27K hands.
                            I had much more succes at the Full Ring tables. I played 10K hands and have a winrate about 10BB/100. But I think I need a much bigger sample to have a accurate winrate.


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                              In the last few days, I didn't play much poker altough I had the time and I am really happy about it. I decited to play some Full Ring Zoom and Ive been a little bit more succesfull in Full Ring. In this Hand I thougt about what you guys said like that I am letting go of hands to easily and so I decited to call this time. One graph shows Full Ring AND 6Max 5NL and the other shows all the zoom Hands I played yet (5NL and 2NL)
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