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PinoyWonders $50 to ??? Zoomin

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  • PinoyWonders $50 to ??? Zoomin

    I've been running ok in STT but they are killer on my bankroll builder funds i've dropped 14 games without a cash so i'm going back to cash exclusively. Made my first deposit Now that i've got a deeper bankroll i'll be able to play my game with a little more comfort. So rules for this to keep me accountable...

    1.) Zoom Only

    2.) 30 BI minimum for new level up to NL10 then 60 BI minimum after that
    NL2 = $60
    NL5 = $150
    NL10 = $300
    NL25 = $1500
    NL50 = $3000

    3.) Dropping below 20/40 buy-in at the current level means i drop down to previous level

    NL5 <$100
    NL10 < $200
    NL25 < $1000
    NL50 < $2000

    Posting a graph every session with interesting hands

    Good Fortune, Good Cards, and if you're at my table just fold i'm playing aces thanks


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    when set mining goes bad...


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      Not very pretty but it is what it is...

      Currently playing really nitty poker running 8/5...

      overplayed AKo 2 times and ran my aces into a set once same with a pair of Queens... definitely a lot of room for improvement but i think i was able to make the right calls a majority of the time...

      Back to the grind tomorrow we'll see what comes up



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        Where can i see my own graph?


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          Good luck with this challenge, PW! If you want some tips on how to beat 2NL full ring, see my blog.

          @Arzyl, to get a graph, you need tracking software like Holdem Manager or Pokertracker.
          Bracelet Winner


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            Ok Arty, thanks.


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              Better run from the other day not as long of a session as i have class tomorrow only about 800ish hands to add on... thing just fell into place this run... was going thru my hands played for my first session found this kinda funny...

              told you guys i was tight player...


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                Got about 4 hands like that in my database when multitabling and folded AA by mistake.

                Sucks when it happens.


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                  Started Using arty's labeling system for players so i've started to mark the stations so i can either slow down or valuetown my hands when appropriate since these are the guys who will pay us the most in the long run.... here's the graph after 7.2k hands nothing amazing... got stationed by a deep stack with jj on a 10 high board... this same station paid me off when i did the same thing with QQ so i feel like in the long run i'll be able to make less mistakes then s/he does... coolers happen ran my AA into a KK preflop allin and he lands a K on the turn like really... other then that ended the day after about 1.5k hands and her'es the graph for the challenge to date... my first $10 bonus was released so i'm up to ~$64 slow and steady progress and we'll be into 5NL by next week... i may stick around in NL 2 for the Zoom and Boom since i'll probably be taking a few more risks with the BOOM hand

                  Current BR: $64.13
                  Currently running 9/5 over the 7k hands.... pretty nitty eh
                  Last edited by PinoyWonder; Sat Jun 15, 2013, 01:38 PM.


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                    How would you guys play the river card? I know i missed value here but what would you guys do...


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                      finished a pretty long session for today bringing my hand count to 12.6k hands. Nice to see my aces hold post flop against 2 players... started to mark the SS players that's to arty's color code guide which is helping avoid weird spots post flop... with about 2 weeks left i'm thinking of shooting for silver-star for the month as i'm currently halfway there already. As far as improvements I see myself making better choices then bad plays while reviewing this last session my ratio of large pots won to large pots lost was 5:3 so overall i'm making more money then i'm losing. And i'm not chasing as much and seem more willing to give up in less then ideal spots which is saving me blinds for when i do hit. BR: $74.99 Cooler of the Session: :


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                        Taking a break from zoomin for a bit to focus on SnGs for the current promotion hopefully we'll come back with a deeper bankroll and popup to the next level of zoomin


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                          was feeling adventurous and took a shot at NL5... dropped 5 BI variance is a killer when underrolled. It did hurt my roll but still left me well rolled for NL2... so i'm grinding back up ever so slowly... here's the graph... bad timing on the NL5 shot hehe... over the 24k sample i'm currently running 4BB/100 my goal is to maintain at least 5BB for me to be "crushing" a stake, if i look at just NL2 and NL2 6-max i'm currently at 5.86 BB/100 I've slowly upped the amount of tables i'm playing to 8 Zoom Tables and although I may timeout on 1 or 2 during a big hand i think overall i've got a decent uptime on most tables... 4 x 2NL FR 4 x 2NL 6-Max out of this last session i had the Zoom and Boom Hand 2 times and won 1 post flop which is all i need to win the promotion for the day 2 more days before that promo starts so looking forward to some good sessions and not much pressure with schoolwork since i've done all my presentations this week w00t! So lesson for the day... Don't play under rolled!!! Reality Check... not taking the shot at NL5 i'd be at almost $100 -_- Remember guys there is no such thing as bad luck in poker... just variance umbup: BR: $68.53
                          Last edited by PinoyWonder; Fri Jun 21, 2013, 06:52 PM. Reason: Cuz i missed something!


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                            Originally posted by PinoyWonder View Post
                            Started Using arty's labeling system for players... Currently running 9/5 over the 7k hands.... pretty nitty eh
                            I'm glad my colour-coding system is helping. 9/5 is very nitty, but it should work well for 2NL Zoom. At 5NL, you won't find so many stations that pay you off, and the regs will avoid playing weak hands against someone with stats like yours, so you'll have to mix in some "thin value" hands occasionally, as just playing big pairs and AK won't be enough to beat the rake. Your 2NL graphs are fine, so keep building your roll with that game. On the 54 hand where you make a boat, I'm always overbet jamming the river like you did. If villain has the case 5, (and often a 3 too) you're winning his stack and putting him on life-tilt. This villain probably folded an overpair, but that wouldn't call a pot-sized bet anyway, so you didn't miss value. Stick with it. I hope you make Silverstar, but don't try and force it, as you'll end up spewing multiple buy-ins on the tables while trying to rack up VPPs. Think of the status rewards as a by-product of your play, not the be all and end all. I hope variance is on your side for the rest of the month. Run good! umbup:
                            Bracelet Winner


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                              Hey Arty thanks for dropping in always glad to hear from you... at the beginning of my session today i dropped 8 BI 4 to silliness not paying attention to reads i had on some villians based on notes...*note to self read notes* back roll reach a low of $51 but bounced back a little over $60...

                              i've found a few hands i think i could have played better and some were just unavoidable suckouts... the suckouts i'm ok with it's the plays where i made some obvious overplays OOP that irk me. Another reason for the extra variance is i've started to include suited connecters and one gappers into my Button and 6-Max UTG... my reasoning for the UTG gappers/suited connectors is that barring any 3bet from the button/CO i'm playing in position vs either of the blinds, and of course i have to tread lightly when one of the late position players calls

                              Calling it a night i'll post a graph sunday after that session and see where we stand for the week

                              Good Fortune and Good Cards!

                              VPP needed for silver star : ~20
                              Current BR: $60.35
                              Last edited by PinoyWonder; Sat Jun 22, 2013, 07:36 PM. Reason: Stats



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