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flhe 6 max hallange

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  • flhe 6 max hallange

    heey guys i have been playing flhe for the last few days decently profitable and i diceded to do a litle challange. i hav played mostly fr but fr tables are verry rare to se and there seem to be less donks ther at the low stakes.
    so i will try and learn myself the 6 max games. have read already a few articles and watched soem videos. the thelangolier 6max was a really helpfull one.

    her is my plan
    play 0.02/0.04 till i make a $20 profit
    play 0.05/0.10 till i make a $50 profit
    play 0.1/0.2 till i make a $100 profit
    after this i might do the same with fr not sure yet.

    hope this one goes better than me nlfr cash one.

    i also hope to inspire some other people to play flhe. i got hooked really quickly its just so much fun, mor then nl in my opinnion. played 6 hour session when i intended to play 1 hour
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    Good Luck mate.
    Crash them.




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      good luck


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        Good luck with your hallange, whatever that is.
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          There's a decent skill in the game, it's not all chasing to hit. Pot odds are a big part as is reading our opponents. A chip saved is as good as a chip won and a 1BB mistake every so often can mean the difference between being a decent winner and loser in this game.

          Good luck!
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            ty all :P
            going to put my first session in now just 4-6 tabling
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              With the amount of tables that you intend to play each session, you'll be climbing up the stakes quickly!

              Good luck and good decisions!


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                ty cannon wont be doing more than 12 tables 6 max is verry tricky for me so would be really happy to go thought the first step. might make it a 2 in one challange that i try the 6 max and fr at the same time but will start of with 6 max.

                again this game i cant just break away from it wanted to go asleep at max 2 am no its 5 am stupid me :P
                crazy up and down session with 50 big bet swings.
                ended up $1.44 in profit tomorow ill try and do better hope i can have 2c/4c done by the end of the weekend.
                Last edited by adohole; Sat May 25, 2013, 06:33 AM.
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                  btw first session was 1700 hands and 1.44 profit
                  second session 594 hand and 0.84 profit
                  total 2294 and 2.28 profit for a 4.97 bb/100
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                    Are you table selecting Adohole?

                    I pick the tables with the highest average pot but Dave gave me some food for thought as to picking tables with the most players/ flop and just value town them with your strong hands.

                    It's definitely no foldem in this game, it can be frustrating but it's not hard to make a profit.
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                      its darn swingy 6max :P but im not table selicting since im nog sure if i want to play maniacs or normal donks its an easy game to beat at 2/4 but really frustrating if the same donk hits his draw 4 times on a row on the river :P.
                      for everybody dont play this game if you cant handle regular bad beats
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                        My thinking in playing more tables is it evens out the variance. I lost on 2 tables last night and broke even on another but I more than compensated for the 3 on my 4th table. Yes you do get bad beats and you think to yourself at times WTF but solid play is winning for me - bet when you have a hand, call when you have odds and fold at all other times. My red line is nosediving but all that matters to me is my green line.
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                          im used to like 20 table games so 6 tabling is verry weird for me but i need to that to keep my focas and thats more importand in 6max than fr
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                            lol 1 funny hand
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                              another session played 814 hands for a 2.59 profit
                              3108 hand 4.87 profit 7.83/100
                              btw my stat line is
                              27.7 vpip 18.0 pfr 43.8 wtsd% 50.8 w$sd%

                              on thing im not sure about it if its standard or really extreme what i have
                              won at showdown $17.76 total won $4.87 won without showdown -$12.89 in just over 3k hands at 2c/4c
                              almost 25% of the challange done
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