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Mike's poker blog

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  • Mike's poker blog

    I've decided to make a poker blog so i can post up some of my hands and stats instead of spamming everyone's threads lol.

    Il start of by posting my graph below and my stats for 6max zoom.

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    Here is my stats for 2nl and 2nl zoom notice my full ring stats are terrible ( blue line ) and i made a mistake Arty i posted the wrong stats in that thread earlier my bad.

    The red lines are the stats that are worth looking at as that's where the majority of sessions ive played are at.

    Here is stats on the sessions ive played at 6 max zoom ( all above the red line )

    How do i make the pictures bigger? So no one has to zoom in.
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      Graph looks good. Seems like you've reduced the variance that occurred early on, by tightening up a little.

      I really wanted to see the graph with the showdown and non-showdown lines to see if that looked fairly standard.

      Overall stats are fine. You're a little tighter than is optimal, I think, but playing ABC is the best way to stay out of trouble. (You don't want 5 buy-in downswings like I had yesterday, I assure you!)

      The overall WTSD of 29% isn't too bad, and you're winning at showdown 55% of the time, which is great. I think you can steal a little more often, but that's a minor quibble.

      Positional stats would be even more useful, in my opinion. I don't use PT4, but I presume the POSITION tab will give you stats for each seat.
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        Here you go Arty yeah i know what you mean about losing those buy ins it hurts literally lol

        I been coolered a few times toady about $5 worth but the good thing with zoom is you can get that many hands in that you can get it back super quick ive made $5 tonight its not as good as the last week or so but its good, i missed value a few times though i could of stacked a few fish earlier but didn't expect them to pay me off but they were just calling down my bets with TPWK when i had a boat.

        I might start shipping the river now because they seem to stack off light so im gonna try that method, you should get back on zoom im only losing money to coolers they cant keep happening my queens got rivered by a maniac here i had noted but your get this money back no sweat with your reads, im just playing the cards and semi bluffing as i did before the only difference is i cant adjust to the player because i don't know who im playing.
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          Here is one of the hands i reckon i could of stacked this fish, my flop and turn bets could of been bigger i spose do you think i should ship the river obviously a good player would fold his junk hand but if top pair can get to the river he might call his stack off. I need to slow down when im betting because i don't think how much can i get out of the villains hand i just have a standard bet size all hands and bet it when i know for a fact im ahead or il bet my standard as a semi bluff as well. So i need to work on slowing down ive missed a ton of value playing to fast.


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            Position stats

            My UTG was in profit until i got coolered with a big hand.


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              In the AA hand, my line is pot-pot-shove for big fat value. You're multiway on the flop, so you're often getting action, so betting bigger makes sense. If you only had $2, then your bet-sizes would make sense, but you're both deep in this spot. The whole point of playing deep is that you can bigger pots when you hit. Ask yourself why villain still has $2.64 after he's called 3 streets with the worst hand. You didn't get anywhere near the value you could have.

              Positional stats look fine. Remember that UTG in 6-max is 3 off the button. You're making money there. If you recall on my blog, I even lost money with JJ UTG on 9-handed tables. With 6-max, you're much less likely to run into bigger hands when you open first to act.
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                Yeah i spose i should be doing that line i guess with my stack being so big i was worried about that straight, i probably would of made bigger bets had i only had a $2 stack.


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                  If you're "worried" about a straight, you shouldn't be playing deep.
                  You should be happy there is a straight draw, because that's how you get value for your hand. Bet BIGGER on boards where you're likely to get action. The wetter the board, the bigger the bet, the bigger the value.
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