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adohole fr chalange

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  • adohole fr chalange

    heey guys i have followed everybdy left and right in the last few days with there 6 max and fr chalanges and i decided to join them. my challenge is a bit diffretn from them because im going to ad one thing i need to at least 20 table at all times
    i will start of wit 272.50 in my bankroll
    2 nl
    5 nl will start when i have 250+(50buy ins) wil drop down if i go under 200
    10 nl will start when i have 500+(50 buy ins) wil drop down if i fall under 400 wil play deep ante tables aswell
    16 nl will start when i have 800+ wil drop down if i fall under 675 will play deep ante tables aswell
    25nl will start playin when 1250 etc you understand the story

    wil try and keep you guys updated. i might stop the challenge if i cant help myself and play some sng's or mtt's

    and yeah i use a litle stadyer bankroll management then the rest because i havent proved myself as much at the cash tables as they all did
    wil start tomorow or the day after tomorwo with 5nl
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    It's great to see someone else is setting some goals. I could never play that many tables without a having a nervous breakdown, but I know you have ninja skills! Good luck with the chalenge!
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      ty arty actually the daysbefore i played some 24 tables 2nl and got bored and loaded some sng with it :P wont do that anymore
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        Thats a big stack of tables! GLumbup: Do you have any Full Ring experience or will this be your first go at it? Good Luck, I'll be following with interest! Roland GTX


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          i hava some fr experience and last couple of days played like 7k 2nl hands. running a ton under ev stil making small profit. dont know if i can post good graphs since im hopping from 1 tracking divece to another i came to hem1 now so dont know how well it works will start my first session in about half an hour
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            after a horrible run today and a graph going everywhere. i feel almost like 5nl is easyer to beat than 2nl the amount of donks are pretty big here at 2nl and the regs are easy exploideble. i think at 5nl set mining has got the most vallue of all the games at pokerstars.
            i was up above $10 2 times but one amazingly bad play by me with 77 on a jjj board couldnt fold to a reg. and bad beats i am down $1.95 in 3.3k hands. btw do you guys want to see bad beats hand and interesting spots or both just leave a comment that you guys want to see it and ill post them. here is a intersing/bad beat hand (a 2 in one :P)

            my stat line after my first session
            cat copy it so ill just typ it session time 111.5 minuts won -1.95 vpip 10.0 pfr 8.6 3bet 3.3 agr factor 2.96 win% at showdown 56% rake 5.20

            so i was losing but if there would be no rake i would have won quite a litle wil put in another session today wil try to get 10k hands a day wich should be enough to give me goldstar this month.
            btw roland and arty would you mind taking a look at my statline is it to tight? i have been trying to loosen up a litle but its hard
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              Hi adohole!

              Running 10/8.6 is definately tight, but that doesn't mean much imo. I see plenty of winning regs on Zoom that play that tight. You aren't zooming but you are playing 20+ tables. I would assume you could open your range considerably if you were only playing two tables for example. The question becomes which method gives you the best hourly rate I guess.

              I don't know much about your playing style or goals adohole, but I will make one suggestion that might be relevant for you.

              If your goal is to improve, you may find it beneficial to break your sessions into two parts. One Grind portions where your do your normal 20+ tables. And, one learning portion where you play only a few tables (1 or 2).

              During the learning session you can work on your reading/ranging skills, as well as slowly expanding your opening range. The lessons learned from this effort can then slowly get incorporated into your grinding sessions. Improving your game in this manner will hopefully result in an improved hourly rate.

              In my case, for example, I'll play four sessions in which I 4 table 25NL Zoom and one session in which I single table 50NL bringing my absolute A-game. This helps me improve my game and prepares me for my transition from multitabling 25NL to multitabling 50NL.


              Roland GTX


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                thnx rolland, im defenitly going to do 2 tabling session but probably 16nl and up since i get crazy sometimes if i play just a few tables and thats something that will lose you money in 5nl. just played another short session and there this hand came up
                with no reads its an obvious fold i know that but i clicked my timebank and ran through the last 40 hands (yeah while 24 tabling :P) and he open shoved the river 3 times befor and not only when a draw kicked in he didnt get called in those 2 hands. his stats wher 38/36 his agression facto wis 3.8 i think not 100% sure but somewhere in the 3. is this still a fold or is calling her right

                btw second session 1.2k hands lost 2.92
                total today 4495 hands lost 4.87
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                  wel my last 2 session pokerstars decided to say wel he isnt making any profit today lets just give him a cooler a bad beat another coller etc.

                  finished the day down 33.60 in 8.6k hands but i feel like i played really wel except on bluff that costed me a buy in. i feel verry confident that i can beat these stakes but will need a ltile run better then today. might put in another session tonight to get to 10k hands tomorow i will try and grind for almost 5 hours str8 see how it goes.

                  im thinking about mixen € games in aswell does anybody of you guys played thes games and are the stronger/weaker then the $ ones?
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                  • #10
                    finaly i had a sesiion without more than 1 cooler/bad beats 1.4k hands up $12
                    wil play 3 tables becaus i am watching the premier leauge darts aswell so cant 24 table then :P
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                    • #11
                      after 11k hands $-15 and paid $19 rake so without rake im winning its a decent start but tomorow i will do better
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                        Hey adohole,

                        Good luck with your challenge

                        After reading all of your post, the first thing that pop up is that you seem to pay more attention to the number of hands you can play in one day than the working on profit.

                        11,000 hands and a negative profit of -$15, what about playing only 4 tables and being in profit? If you're like me and hate to wait for the hands to finish and you like fast pace poker, play Zoom instead.

                        Like Roland said "Running 10/8.6 is definitely tight". I thought I was You need to open up your range

                        Since you have PT4, run the Leak Tracker and see where the leaks are. Check this thread for some stats:

                        PS. Last year during the Millionth hand, I was playing 8 tables, than I decided to play 16 tables, boy did my stats drops and so did the money. You need to find the right fit


                        • #13
                          thanx sandtrap i was already opnening up a litle yesterday in my last session i was playing 14/12.6
                          i have made some a few bad disciosions in the hands yesterday and i think i wont do that again and luck wasnt at my side for the first fewsessions.
                          yes i am an action junky :P and i actualy want to play oom but my hud doesnt work there btw i have hem1 atm. if my profit stay down after another 5k hands of 24 tabling im going to drop 8 and see how that goes but zoom isnt an option at 5nl yet because for example vs some players you have to get ak and qq in pre flop and vs some players you have to be really carefull with those hands so its nice to have the stats all the tim and with zoom it gives me the stats from the hand before.

                          after looking in your thread i seems that i need to be flatting more ip and probably 3 bet a litle more. i think im to tight after someone entered the pot
                          Last edited by adohole; Fri May 17, 2013, 12:17 PM.
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                            Good Luck adohole

                            Go and BOOM your BR




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                              ty PH btw best of luck in your stake with marvin saw you already had some decent result keep it up
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