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Red vs Blue - a team co-op challenge

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  • Red vs Blue - a team co-op challenge

    In the blue corner, we have B!indsniper and EvokeNZ, representing New Zealand.

    In the red corner, we have CanuckMonkey and 85FastLane, representing Canada.

    Four people from opposite sides of the world, uniting their funds and skills, in hopes of making a profit!

    Welcome to the Red vs Blue challenge.

    Rules of the Game:


    We will all start the games with our individual bankrolls, there will be no initial money transfers. Once everyone completes Level 1, everyone will transfer their total to me, and I will re-allocate the funds to account for an even split of winnings.

    So, for example, if one person ends with $6, one with $17, one with $35, and one with $2, then the new total is $60 and everyone should have $15 each. So everyone transfers to me their final number (ie, 6, 17, 25, 2), I'd get $60 and then distribute $15 to each person.

    Every contestant must post the results of each game they play. For example, "Played Game 1, entry 25 c, finished 8th, prize $0".

    Level 1:

    Bankroll from each member: $5
    Team bankroll: $20

    10 x 45 man 25c NLHE Regular
    10 x 90 man 25c NLHE Regular
    Play at any time until all done. No time limits.

    Goal: Profit!
    Stretch Goal: 25% ROI (our final bankroll would need to be 25 dollars)
    Stop loss: bust!
    Level up goal: 40 dollars

    Level 2:

    Bankroll from each member: $10
    Team bankroll: $40
    10 x 45 man $1 NLHE Regular

    Individual Stop loss: if you are down to $5, stop and wait until others have caught up in games played or team bankroll is above $40
    Team stop loss: Total bankroll $20, once all team are at the stop loss, go back to Level 1 as a team.


    This part is just for fun and has no bearing on the winnings. New Zealand and Canada are obviously worlds apart, but also we have a lot in common.

    Did you know 'eh' at the end of the sentence is used by people in both countries? We may not say 'Aboot' in New Zealand, but we do have 'Nek Minit' and 'Ghost Chips'.

    We will post results and interesting hands in this thread for other people to offer advice and to keep each other on track.
    Railers are welcome!

    I will update a progress graph as we go.

    Last edited by EvokeNZ; Sat May 25, 2013, 01:01 AM.

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    Good Luck mate




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      Best of luck chaps! Have fun ^_^


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        Go go go Lots of luck my friends. I wish you all do great and the community bankroll hits the sky!!!! umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:umbup:


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          This looks like a great way to spread the variance around. Best of luck guys and gals!
          Bracelet Winner


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            Evoke's youtube links inspired me to add a little more to this Red vs Blue, Canada vs NZ collaboration. I will begin each update with something I like about NZ and an interesting fact about Canada. I'm not really much of a nationalist, but this should be fun Something I like about NZ: Flight of the Conchords. If you don't know who they are you need to visit this link. Jemaine is my hero. Something interesting about Canada: The country's name comes from the Saint-Lawrence Iroquoian word "kanata" which means something like village. That other explanation is a bunch of settlers just picked some random letters out of a hat. C, eh? N, eh? D, eh? I was excited to start this challenge so I played one game while I studied. But I really need to take a break for a few days now while I write exams and get back into it on the weekend. Tournament #720055915 25c 45-player SnG Finished 12th Prize $0 Highlight of this game was my extremely hesitant hero call. I couldn't decide whether a single pair was good enough, I figured it was 50/50 whether I was already ahead, and I had 9 outs to improve so I called. I doubled later on when I was short stacked and another short stack bet 3BB pre-flop and I shoved back with QQ. He showed AKo but the ladies held out. Then I lost half my chips calling a short stack. I had him beat with my AKo over his A7o, but he found a 7. I lost the rest all-in pre-flop in SB with KJo. He called with KTo and the board delivered both a K and a T. So just bad luck. I'm happy with how I played it. The only time I lost chips I was ahead but got a bad board. Good luck to the rest of you. Go Red Team


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              What a fantastic idea - go Team Purple!! (blue + red ) umbup:


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                25c 90-player SnG
                Finished 48th
                Prize $0

                I was building up a nice stack with stealing blinds here and there, but then lost most of it to this hand.

                At first I thought I played it wrong, but having looked at it again, the guy was just being overly aggressive and got lucky. Either way it tilted me a bit and I stayed in with this hand which ended up my last. Don't know why the villain didn't bet earlier, I guess he trapped me good.
                Last edited by EvokeNZ; Sun Apr 21, 2013, 08:26 AM.


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                  25c 45-player SnG
                  Finished 11th
                  Prize $0

                  Was 2nd in most of the game, lost a big chunk to this hand, then got blinded out. Sad panda.

                  (oh and as an added bonus feature, I was short stacked in OSL, went all in on 22 from the button; got called by UTG limper with KK who then flopped KKx)
                  Last edited by EvokeNZ; Sun Apr 21, 2013, 08:26 AM.


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                    Played 1 45 man, finished 14th, $0
                    Played 1 90 man, finished 6th, $1.02 prize; updated chart in the first post.

                    Had some amazing run of cards:

                    Was toying a bit at the bubble, even won a hand with 72. Though, to be honest, my raise was by accident as I didn't notice the UTG limping.

                    On the final table I was really sleepy and the last six people was taking forever. So I busted out on pocket jacks to someone that paired their ace (and then their 8 too). It's the first 90 man I've cashed in, so not too terrible.

                    As for interesting bits of information, yesterday New Zealand became the 13th country in the world to allow gay couples to marry.
                    Last edited by EvokeNZ; Sun Apr 21, 2013, 08:27 AM.


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                      I'm really psyched to get started, even though I have to wait for the weekend. I have a thought to bounce of the rest of the team for now, though (and would be interested in feedback from any others who have something to add):

                      Usually when I play SnGs I play three at a time. I've got Table Ninja's Sit-n-Go Sensei configured to make this easy to do. Three seems to be a sweet spot for me--just enough to keep me from getting bored and distracted, but not so much that it overwhelms me when I have tough decisions to make on more than one table at a time. (I'm getting faster at the decisions anyway, but for now three is a good maximum.)

                      For this team challenge, though, I'm wondering if I should drop down to two tables at a time, so I can put a little more focus and effort into watching (and making notes on) my opponents on each table, and hopefully make some better overall decisions in the tighter spots.

                      On the other hand, playing two at a time instead of three would slow me down and take me longer to get through my Level 1 games.

                      So what do you think?
                      Bracelet Winner


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                        Nice cash Evoke, good job! Nice 27o steal

                        CanuckMonkey, I don't know about the others but I don't think we're in a hurry to get through our games. I would say just play whatever you are most comfortable with. I know I play better with just one table up and take advantage of some well developed reads. But with my own bankroll I usually play 4 at a time: 3 9-players and 1 90-player. It gets a little crazy when you're down to only 3 players on 3 tables at once. I think for this challenge I'll probably play a 90 and a 45 at the same time and just play the 2 at once so I can get better results. Saturday evening after my last exam I'm jumping straight into this

                        Good luck team!


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                          Originally posted by 85FastLane View Post
                          I think for this challenge I'll probably play a 90 and a 45 at the same time and just play the 2 at once so I can get better results.
                          Hmm, I think I may try this as well.

                          I just now reviewed all the hands that have been posted so far, and only have one to comment on--EvokeNZ's exit hand with 44. No blame or guilt for how you played it; you were upfront that you were on tilt at the time (and understandably so!) and I think I might have played it the way you did even without being tilted.

                          However, this is something I have been trying to work on myself--recognizing when I should check behind in position on the river. This is a great example, since the villain limped in from the small blind and has a much larger stack, so could have just about anything that beats us (the case trey, a king, a ten, or a bigger pocket pair). In hindsight, his play makes some sense to me--he flopped top pair, but with a trash kicker, and was probably worried about being outkicked. He probably should have led out on the river since the kickers would no longer play and the only hands that beat him are AA, KK, TT, and 3X, (and I wouldn't put you on any of those hands based on play up to that point) but otherwise his line makes sense.

                          The tempation to shove is strong, since we wouldn't have much of a stack left after checking behind and losing, but our remaining stack at this point probably isn't big enough to make the big stack villain fold a better hand when we shove, and any worse hand will almost certainly fold to our shove anyway, so we have nothing to gain by shoving.

                          What do you all think? Should there be any differences in pre-flop, flop, or turn play? (I say no to all three, although a bet on the flop for information might have made sense.)

                          Thanks guys for sharing these hands so far, I think this is great for getting the brain working! I just hope I can post some interesting hands when my turn comes. Most of my mistakes are so blatantly terrible that there isn't anything to learn from reviewing them after the fact.
                          Bracelet Winner


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                            I usually play four at a time. These ones I played two and OSL and watching YouTube and playing bubble witch on my phone. Terrible. Was just trying to stay awake. Four tables of the same thing is my sweet spot now too. More than five and the beeping drives me mad.


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                              Played three games tonight.

                              45 man, early exit at 39th, no prize.

                              Two baby sets going heads up.

                              45 man, 6, 62 c prize

                              A couple of fun hands:

                              Four of a kind, Jacks.

                              Board straight, three way split.

                              My exit hand left me short stacked at the flop, so I kind of called because there was no going back.

                              90 man, 12th, 46 c

                              Saw Pinoy Hitman at my table here but then I got moved.

                              At the bubble the three short stacks (including me) were all at the same table. We were at the bubble for aaages, just passing the blinds.

                              I thought this hand would see me through to the final table.

                              This hand was quite disappointing.

                              The blinds were massive for what I had left, and the weak pair didn't hold up, being my exit hand.

                              I have seven 90 man and six 45 man games left.
                              Last edited by EvokeNZ; Sun Apr 21, 2013, 08:32 AM.



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