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Dave's $1.50 Sit n' Go (Knockout) Challenge

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  • Dave's $1.50 Sit n' Go (Knockout) Challenge

    Hey all,

    I've been playing poker online for a couple of years now, but only ever at play money tables. In the last few weeks I've decided to kick it up a knotch to cash and see what happens. So I took part in the Bankroll Builder promotion and got some great insights as well as some free starting money. I played a lot at the 1c/2c Cash Game tables and have managed to break about even there (Lots of good play countered by lots of bad bluffs). However I did manage to get up to Chromestar status, so from playing the 100K Privillege Freerolls and the $5,000 weekly Chrome+ Freeroll i've managed to boost my bankroll up to $15.


    That's just a bit of information on where I am at the moment, now onto the challenge. I've decided to return to my old Play Money friend the Sit n' Go and see where that gets me. The aim is to play 10 x $1.50 9-Max Sit n' Gos (Knockout) and then take stock.

    From what I've seen of these games the play can be quite tight, but every table seems to have one or two players desperate to call or bet off all their chips. With others players dragged into these pots with the promise of the knockout bounty you can last into the late stages of the tournament without having to do a lot. So here's the structure of the table and my challenge:

    Buy in is $1.50 = $1.08 + $0.27 (Bounty) + $0.15

    1st gets - $4.86
    2nd gets - $2.92
    3rd gets - $1.94

    So the way I work it out, I need to win once, finish second once, and finish third twice, and accumlate 12 bounties along the way in order to just about break even. Any more than that and I'm in profit!

    I'll update each of the 10 games individually, and post hand histories when I can. Any advice, insight, suggestions, feedback etc. would be greatly appreciated.


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    Game 1

    I'm describing game one from memory here cause I played it a few days ago before deciding to turn it into a challenge.

    The play was quite loose at times, so I stayed tight and watched as the weaker players eliminated each other. Managed to score one bounty as well and made it into third place. I was short stacked in the final three and went out quickly enough.

    Result: 3rd place, 1 bounty = Total $2.21

    Challenge Update - Spent $1.50, Earned $2.21


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      Game 2

      Next game didn't quite go according to plan. Table was very very tight for most of it. Apologies for no hand histories but their was only two hands of any significance.

      1. I raised MP with QQs and the button just called. Flop has an Ace and a King. I raise, button pushed all in, I fold.

      2. I'm short stacked at this point, UTG+2 open raises, I push all-in with KKs, button goes all-in, UTG+2 folds. Button turns over AAs and I'm out in 8th.

      Result: 8th place, 0 bounties = Total $0

      Challenge Update - Spent $3.00, Earned $2.21


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        Hey Dave,

        Good luck with the challenge. Take notes on every player and colour code their tendencies in the PokerStars client. Say red for TAG (Tight Aggressive, green for LPA (Loose Passive) and so on. The better players will adjust to the table style and dynamics and change their game as the tourney progresses.

        As for hand histories you can go into options in the Pokerstars lobby and go to hand history options and save them to your hard disk on your PC. You could then use a program like Universal Replayer (just google it)to review your play or post them on the replayer here for analysis in the forums.

        I hope you can turn a profit and if you have any questions just ask.




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          Game 3 This one was more like it. Very tight table except for one player who was very loose and managed an early elimination. Then I doubled up through him and knocked him out with two pair soon afterwards. Only a couple of hands later I have it all in with KKs against KJ and it's another elimination. Eliminations come very fast and then we're down to 3 with blinds still very low. The three of us share about 300 hands without anything really significant happening before I finally knock-out the weakest and smallest of the other two. Down to heads-up against the player who's shown himself to be the strongest at the table. Starting stacks heads up are about Me-8500, Villain 5500. Heads up went on for about 200 hands as well so here are a few of the highlights: We've been playing for a while at this point and I figure get it in with any Ace in my hand. Doesn't really work out. I get another ace very next hand a shove, hoping he thinks I'm tilting and calls weak, which he does and we're back. This was the hand that made all the difference And straight after was the last hand. Nice time to get an ace, I push hoping he calls light and does and it's over. Result: 1st place, 6 Bounties (including my own) = Total $6.48 Challenge Update - Spent $4.50, Earned $8.69


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            Good luck with the challenge! Remember... the real money is in the top 3 for the tourney, not in the bounties, so don't chase the bounties.

            John (JWK24)

            6 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Game 4 and 5 Right so games 4 and 5 were both a bit of a let down considering i'd just won big in game three. I played these a few days ago so don't have the best memory of how it went down. Pretty sure in game 4 I just got blinded off without picking up a hand until I had a very low stack. Went all in with something like A7 and was called by A10. Result: 7th Place, 0 Bounties = Totals $0 Game 5 was a little better, the table was a lot looser and there were chips to be won early. I scored an early elimination and was the second biggest stack at the table but then made a pretty loose call. To put it in context the guy to my left had been betting a lot weak. Still don't really know why I played it like that, shame not to make the money with such a big stack too. Poor play on my part. Result: 5th Place, 1 Bounty = Totals $0.27 Challenge Update - Spent $7.50, Earned $8.96


              • #8
                Game 6 Out with this one. Pretty short stacked at the time but still I bad time to try and push him off his hand! Result: 5th Place, 0 Bounties = Total $0 Challenge Update - Spent $9, Earned $8.96


                • #9
                  Game 7 Message from the last few tables was to tighten up! Getting all my money in in bad spots and finishing fifth when I could easily stretch to the money. Message I took to this table. Lot of early eliminations so managed to make the final three without really winning anything. Sitting on about 800 chips for most of the three-way action. Went on for ages. Eventually doubled up with Jacks against A10. Then this hand. Villain had made it clear if he had it he'd bet, if he had nothing he'd fold. No middle ground. This one went pretty perfectly. He was gone soon after. After a long session of three handed we only managed one heads up. Message to others, and in particularly to myself, when playing these kinds of tables, stay tight, make the money, then anything can happen! Result: 1st Place, 3 Bounties = Total $5.68 Challenge Update - Spent $10.50, Earned $14.64 (Need just two bounties from my next 3 Sit n Gos to have made a profit! Fingers crossed for more tho)


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                    Games 8, 9 and 10 So the last few games didn't go well. Managed one bounty and no cash places in any of them, though I do feel like I was running pretty bad. This hand on the bubble would have seen me become chip leader: And I can't feel too bad about this one, though it was horrible to lose it on the river. Guess the message from these games, don't shove with AK!


                    • #11

                      So the conclusion is:

                      Challenge - Spent $15.00, Earned $14.91

                      So pretty much broke even and picked up some VPPs along the way. Definitely feel like if I'd tightened up my play in some of the earlier games there would have been cashes there. And a bit more luck in the later games wouldn't have hurt either.

                      I guess the result is inconclusive after the first round.

                      I'll let ye all know after another 10 games!

                      Thanks for reading,


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                        These games are what I play as my regular grind these days and they can be great profit. But they can also be fairly tough as there are lots of regs and some maniacs that hike up the variance a little. It's usually a bad idea to chase bounties and I personally just completely forget about them. The main way to make some bank is to win since the real money is in the top 2 spots. Good bubble and short stack play is the key. If you haven't seen Spacegravy's video series I recommend it; you can find them HERE.

                        Good luck!

                        Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

                        Bracelet Winner



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