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Sentras' Poker bookblog.

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  • Sentras' Poker bookblog.

    Sentras' Poker blog book:

    Table of contents:

    Chapter 1 - Desire and faith
    Chapter 2 - (Self-)Discipline (coming next)
    Chapter 3 - Setting goals
    Extra: Sentras' Goals & Disciplines for 2013
    Chapter 4 - Persistence
    Chapter 5 - Decision
    Chapter 6 - Money and bankroll.
    Chapter 7 - Fear
    Chapter 8 - Finding a poker mentor
    Chapter 9 - Controlling your emotions
    Chapter 10 (Bonus) - Endnig with an idea

    Hopefully you had a nice read. The poker blogbook is finished.
    I might share some advancements of my goals and pokerlife in future blogs.
    You can still contact me whenever you please. Private message me then.

    Kind regards,
    Last edited by Sentras; Wed May 15, 2013, 07:46 PM.

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    Looks very good at first glance. I have subscribed and will give it a good lookover tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your advice with the community.
    Bracelet Winner


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      Yo ... umbup: Maybe people might find it interesting to read your background story, and what's motivated you to write this series? Because I think it can be pretty common for people who have an aptitude for something, to maybe feel like pressure to achieve when the ability's there? Like those sorts of 'existential crises' seemed pretty common in chess club, etc growing up? (I can't be the only one ... ) Sentras' last blog entry (excerpt below): A 'book' in form of blogs coming soon! (read)
      At every aspect of my life, I procrastinate and have barely no persistence. The only thing I managed to keep on going was poker, partying and my love. At everything else I either quit before it starts, or quit right when trouble comes by. - I've always been able to support and motivate everyone around me, except myself. But I now realise that is a losing strategy. I can do both and even better! - Making empty promises etc. - I could go on about the failures in my life for a long time. However I opened my eyes, and decided in just 1second I was going to turn everything, and I mean everything around! I knew it wasn't going to be easy. But something inside me changed that very moment. Let's call it the little push I needed to get on the right track. I'm only busy with changing my life for little over a month now. And the results are astonishing! I've drastically embraced my changing and did everything in my power to achieve it. Nothing of the above I wrote is still stopping me and day in day out I'm working on it.
      Also, reading a lot of non-fiction ... are there maybe lots of poker players that enjoy reading non-fiction books for concepts and ideas, etc? Haven't you been reading a lot of books, and so like this info in your blog series is going to be like a synthesis of all the info you've culled from them, or something like that?


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        @ artysmokesPS Thanks for tagging along it really is appreciated, hopefully you will also be doing the challenges.

        @ Trustysam, thanks for the support as always! It genuinely is a pleasure having you around in PSO.

        are there maybe lots of poker players that enjoy reading non-fiction books for concepts and ideas, etc? Haven't you been reading a lot of books, and so like this info in your blog series is going to be like a synthesis of all the info you've culled from them, or something like that?
        There is a lot of non-fiction books that have helped me turn my life aroun, but also alot of seminares. I've been listening to any dozens of seminars and read a few books already. And every day and every week I'm expanding my knowledge about it and improving myself. About every topic I'm writing I'm giving my vision about the matter mixed with some of the ideas or 'facts' that were shared to me through these many books and seminares. It also has been from various authors, and they pretty much have the same idea no matter in what age or time they live(d).

        My next chapter will be about discipline and will probably have a potential big impact on many of you. It will give you ideas of potential small actions you can do, to drastically improve the quality of your life. While doing these little things, you will actually feel really happy and statisfied for yourself. Which is an amazing feeling.
        Basicly I'm putting what I've learned and adopted (what helped me) in my life into this blogbook. However everything I'm writing down i'm reflecting upon poker, after all this is a pokercommunity. But if you see the bigger picture, it can not only help your poker, but also your life.

        Hopefully it inspires you to read every single chapter and complete every little challenge I give you.

        I'll start writing on Chapter 2: Discipline today if I haev finished my book for today. Else I'll make some room in my planning for tomorow to write it. So you can expect this to come out before friday. Hopefully a little faster as I'll still have to cover many many topics


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          I've decided to put a lot of time on writing chapter 2: Self-discipline the last two days.
          Therefor it's finished and you can read it on my blog!

          Hopefully you enjoy reading and learning from it! It's pretty long, but worth going through.

          At the bottom I've also given a practical example of my past month and half and how it helped me.

          If you want a certain topic for chapter 3 let me know asap. I haven't yet decided which I'm going to take.

          Here is the link to Chapter 2: Self-discipline
          Last edited by Sentras; Wed Apr 10, 2013, 08:42 PM.


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            Originally posted by Sentras View Post
            There is a lot of non-fiction books that have helped me turn my life aroun, but also alot of seminares. I've been listening to any dozens of seminars and read a few books already.
            Yo ... Kind of an irony, but I'd have responded sooner to your blog on motivation if I weren't so lazy Also, I was waiting to see if you'd meet your set deadline for posting Chapter 2 Well done!! umbup: umbup: Saw you mention in one of your blogs the name of the person whose seminars it is you've been listening to, but now I can't find his name - I was wondering if you were getting them off that webinar site, TED. I've heard so many good things about those seminars, but I've never been able to get into them for some reason. Maybe because I spend all my time watching poker videos instead Your first blog on 'faith' had some interesting ideas! Seemed almost like you could be describing issues of confidence in some ways ... or maybe believing in yourself? Haven't there been studies showing that visualization can in fact work? And then you had some stuff that was sort of like goal-setting ... after signing up for the Time Vault promotion, I definitely started to feel like articulating goals and writing them down was helpful with follow-through. Your second blog I found interesting, but in a different way - you talk a lot about sacrifice, and how getting things done might sometimes be at odds with happiness. A concept I felt was absent from the discussion was enjoying what we do - and haven't studies shown that we paradoxically get the most done when we're just doing what we love, and aren't really thinking about 'shoulds'? I don't think those two concepts are like ... antithetical necessarily? Maybe mostly we have to enjoy what we're doing, but it's unrealistic to expect getting things done to be 'fun' all the time, and so that might be where the follow-through tactics might help? Or maybe they are? I don't know ... anyways, I guess the subject of motivation kind of interests me because sometimes there's that feeling like I should be doing more - I just can't always tell if I'm truly slacking or if I'm being too hard on myself ...
            Last edited by TrustySam; Sun Apr 14, 2013, 04:49 PM.


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              Also ... what are your thoughts on somebody making a pledge to do something, and then breaking it, only to have great outcomes occur as a result?

              For example, what if a poker player made a pledge to not play tournaments any more, I guess because the high variance was making them less efficient a use of time than grinding? And then that person started playing again, and started doing really well

              Good? Bad? Bad, but in a good way? Like might there sometimes be a need for flexibility in sticking with a disciplined schedule?
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                Hey Trustysam nice to ehar from you! I'll be trying to keep my answer relatively short, because there is just so much to say about the topics. I've literally selected what I found most important for the blog chapters, else it would've been even huger and people might never read it fully. Having said that let me go over your thoughts and questions.

                I'm not really familiar with the work from TED, however I did see a few seminars/speeches from different area's and I can say the quality and usefulness of these video's are fantastic. So I can only promote you to watch TED video's if the subject is to your liking. I watch video's from all over from various artists indeed. You can always hit me a private message and I can share some links on the subjects you want. However most subjects I'll cover in my blogbook.

                I strongly believe visualization is a tool we can use. I'm pretty sure there were studies done, which proof it's effectiveness. Although I haven't yet researched those, but there is a small test you can do to see the power of this. It might be hard to explain it throught his post, but let's give it a try:

                1) Stand straight as you normally would. Your feet from this point are 'nailed' to the floor and you may no longer move them. Your arms are just hanging down next your body.
                2) Move one arm upwards straight in front of you. 90 degrees upwards in the direction you watch(in front of you).
                3) Turn your arm sideways (if its your right arm, keep your arm on the same height and move it towards the right side as far as possible.) The idea is that you turn around as far as possible without moving your feet. Do this as far as possible while still standing comfortably. Don't put yourself in a state of pain in your back for example.

                Now go back to the original position with your arms next to your body.
                1) You will now close your eyes and everything from now on will be a visualization.
                2) You visualize yourself bringing your arm up and turning it around (In raelity you just stand still with your arms still next to you.) This time you imagine going a little further than you did in reality.
                3) You do this visualization over again, but this time you go a little furter again, like turning 270-300 degrees around.
                4) You do it a last time, but now you imagine doing it like an owl and you do the full 360 degrees or more around. Wow amazingly done!

                Now you open your eyes again.
                1) You do the same exercise as in the start, bring arm up and do the turning. If you did it right, you should be going a bith further than your original try. Your brain accepted it as a possibility to go further. This exercise keeps amazing me. Hopefully it worked for you aswell, else I might have explained it wrong.

                In discipline it's important that you are capable of doing what you need to do, even though you don't want to do it. There will always come times in your future where this skill will be of grave importance and will give you the edge over 1000's of others.
                The bonus with this skill of discipline is that everytime you make yourself do something you should do, you'll feel happy inside. You are statisfied after it that you were capable of doing it. You respect yourself more and numerous other benefits. (I also explained this in the chapter if I'm not mistaken.) Even in subject of doing what you love, there are aspects in that area you'll like less. For example poker. You'll have to read and study the books, you'll have to analysse your hands,... The thing is you love poker, but not everything around it. So technically you'll never get as good as you should if you just play poker, at least not in a fast way.

                But I can only say and encourage you doing and following what you love. However, start as soon as possible to work also on the things you enjoy less. The statisfaction of finishing those things can be enormous. They say you are only as good as your weakest link. Mostly people will delay improving their weakest link and focus on the things they love, but don't really need as much improving on.

                If you make a pledge, I think your should keep them. But this is sort of a discipline aswell. If you keep breaking your pledges, this will become a habit ( a bad one). On top of that, you'll feel bad about yourself and others won't trust you. However if you never break a pledge, you'll feel statisfied of yourself and that also will become a habit. It's not always easy to keep certain pledges, perhaps you have to do a few small pledges before you are easely capable of succeeding in a big pledge. The great outcomes however by breaking the pledge also proofs it is really field dependant and also personally dependant.
                In poker it's definatly luck based, so if he's smart he shouldn't judge on that. He probably made the pledge to protect himself.
                But I also want to add if its sort of a pledge, and not really a pledge this quote could mean a lot.
                Successful people: They don't always make right decisions, but they make decisions right.
                I think there's a lot of wisdom in this quote and perhaps he has to break a pledge to improve his future. We can always make a mistake, maybe after a while this requires you to break a pledge for the good. But it is then a well thought non-impulsive decision.
                It's an interesting topic! I might even look further into it .

                PS: I've already started on chapter 3. It'll be Setting goals. I have no idea yet when I'll bring it out.
                Last edited by Sentras; Mon Apr 15, 2013, 12:16 PM.


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                  re: Keeping it 'short' - umbup: umbup: re: Visualization - that's an interesting idea ... weren't u scared of pulling a muscle? re: Ability - that's kind of the dilemma I think wondering about ... what if the ability's there, but the passion isn't? Should we be paying more heed to our interest level? Or ignore it and be pushing ourselves to achieve? Maybe there needs to be a certain level of interest there first, at around maybe 80% before we'll be willing to push ourselves to do the other 20% of the more mundane tasks? But if the interest level is only around 70%, our time might be better served looking for something where there's 80% interest rather than trying to force ourselves to follow through on that extra 30%? Just a hypothesis ... I don't know re: Breaking Pledges - yeah, that's a great point, that whether or not anybody else is affected makes all the difference. With the pledge not to play tourneys any more, I guess the concept I was thinking about was that, what if somebody breaks and pledge and only then finds out that the info upon which the decision was made might have been incomplete? Like, if the person breaks the pledge because there was an urge to test the waters, and then it turns out that the assumption that other people had a greater edge was faulty and it was really the other way around? Like might it sometimes be important to be flexible in trusting our instincts? Maybe those are antitheses after all ... I don't know ... Just some random thoughts


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                    No sir, I'm not scared to pull a muscle. Frankly I'm trying to be scared of nothing. If I notice I'm afraid of something I take it head on.

                    I see to notice that people decide themselves whether they go for something or not. However sometimes the desire within is huge without them knowing it. And that certain things or information they read/hear (like my blog) or something totally different. Makes them realise it and gives just that bith to go all the way. If you aren't motivated or don't have the desire to do something, you won't.
                    Unless you have huge self-discipline, which not many people in this world have
                    But then again you are here because you love poker and want to learn more or interact your knowledge with others, or maybe jsut for a social medium. In the end who has desire to strive towards better, will acknowledge that even in the biggest desires or passions there are parts which they won't like to improve. And in any area in life. your income for example. It is all decided on the weakenst link of yourself. In poker that might be your biggest leak. You have to spot that and train to improve that, even if you don't like it.
                    Most people tend to first do which they love and hope or believe they get better, but in reality it's just a waste of precious time. (Arguable, as for him/her that time might be well spend in terms of enjoyment.)
                    You'll have to make priorities. Fun or improvement strive etc. But in my eyes you can have fun in the small moments and be miserable on the long run. While doing the important things now also give you happiness and make you happy in the long run. So my choice is easely made.
                    However I still go have extremely fun things as well. Go to my girlfriend, hang out with my friends. But I plan a few hours a day to study read improve myself. few evenings a week for friends, daytime for work and the small times you have in between also for study and improvement.

                    And if I think back. I'm still hanging out as often as before, but I jsut manage my time way better
                    As I once heard. Timemanagement is lifemanagement.

                    If a previous decision was incomplete, you are on a good path. You found that you've made a mistake and adapt your dicision. But the good thing is, you made a decision (which most won't) and you made your decision right. You can't always make the right decision Just make the decision right.

                    Normally I'm also going to make a topic about intincts, hnuches, intuition. This will be one of the last topics, as to understand or appreciate it you need more background knowledge of the thinking patterns in my blogboook


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                      Hey Sentras,

                      Your blogbook has been a thought provoking read so far for me. Keep up the good work.




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                        Hey top!! Sentras, yoooo ...... Yeah, thought provoking is a good way to describe your stuff - it caught my eye on two levels I guess ... first on just that general level of sort of liking fresh concepts, and pondering ideas, in like a quest for practical insight? And then second, on a more specific level of having that feeling, that with poker while I'm working hard, I could be doing more. Think I got the answers I was looking for in posting in this thread too - when I set goals, I don't have any problem following through. So to keep poker like 98% fun, I'll just avoid setting goals, rather than having to follow through with doing something new (that will therefore be more of a challenge, with uncertainty, struggle, etc.). But I'd be okay with having poker be only 80% fun, and 20% work - when I made the commitment to do a ranging exercise a day, I whined the entire time about how much it felt like work and how tired I was, but wound up feeling like it was SO worth the effort. Probably following through with looking over hand histories will feel like a good use of time too - maybe I should recommit to that goal I set at the beginning of the year, and this time follow through with it umbup: When you were playing poker, you were profitable at 5nl, weren't you sentras? But you busted your roll playing tourneys or something? So it's interesting to hear you talk so much about motivation, rather than just bankroll management. And that you'd choose to talk about this on a poker site, while you say you're more interested in that subject matter and not poker per se. Thought I noticed something in your writings, but I'm not sure - right now none of your goals seem to involve competition? Will you be playing poker again soon, or you don't feel like that's something that interests you in the immediate term - but in the long-term you're hoping to become a professional-level poker player?
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                          First of all my next chapter will involve around goal setting, so keep an eye out for that. Hopefully that can help you as well. Although it's certainly not for this week, as I planned it already rather full with other goals hehe.

                          Yes I've been being a regular in 5NL, for over a year. However I kept busting my bankroll because of major leaks. This could've been a drunk session, tournament spree registering which wasn't in my bankroll, a major tilt. Sometimes it was a variance downswing. However I always was capable of playing really solid once my bankroll went under $20. Then I grind 2NL and work me back into 5NL, only to make a new leak or a mistake over again. It could somehow relay to my weakest link(s) holding me back from having a straight way up. In some case I'm lucky I found the information I already acquired now and that I'm still acquiring, so I am willing to improve my weaker links. So that I'll be surpassing 5NL definately in the future, instead of eventually quiting.

                          I'm indeed a very competitive guy and as you well know, poker is competitive. In my next chapter I'll show you some of my goals, but you could argue to say that it's not competitive. Although I think it really is. Because maybe I'm not planning to play a lot of poker this year compared to what I would normally put in it. (I'll be putting a lot of time in PSO, writing the pokerblogbook and learning poker some more. I'll learn at least 10books this year.) The thing is, at this moment I'm not competing with anyone but myself. I'm competing every day with myself to become a better man, keeping true to myself and trying to every day being a step closer to what I want to achieve. And proudly I can say, everyday I read my goals and disciplines. Everyday I notice I'm working hard on them and getting closer and closer achieving and maintaining those.

                          As to the actual playing poker. When I read and learn certain topics in a book, I'll plan some sessions to apply the maths, principles etc. This mostly is on the one free day I give myself. Every sunday is concidered to be my day off. 6days of work, 1day to rest. I haven't rested one day yet, I just want to keep working and getting better.

                          And at the moment to become a better poker player, more time is required away from the table and improving myself. Next year, I'll be putting way more time in poker sessions as then grind volume will be of more importance than it is now.
                          A goal for poker is: "I am an expert in poker by the sixth of march 2018."

                          If somehow I'd achieve my goals faster than the flow of the year, more poker will come along with it. At least if I feel thats the best value for my time spend in terms of improving in poker. It's actually rather amazing, I've putten myself really big goals to achieve this year. And wouldn't even see them as possible to realise, if I would have seen them 2months back. Like not even close to possible . However at the moment I'm ahead of schedule and if I keep getting better in my timemanagements and disciplines. Who know, hopefully I realise them all months before the end of the year. More about that in my next chapter, I got to be at my dayjob in an hour. Still want to read and learn 40min more. (I wake up an hour before my workdays to read and learn. A little discipline I have.)


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                            Good to hear that topthecat, and I certainly will do that


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                              Originally posted by Sentras View Post
                              And at the moment to become a better poker player, more time is required away from the table and improving myself.
                              Before, I mentioned that I thought I saw something in your writing ... like, I guess instead of making that pledge to eat fruit every day (which ought to be an enjoyable experience, since fruit is tasty), you could instead make a pledge to post one of your leaks in HA, and get feedback (which is a tougher thing to do - hear how we played less than optimally). But you would know best what's best for you. Anyways, so thanks a lot for writing the bookblog - it for sure got me thinking about whether I was happy with way I was choosing to spend my poker time, and as a result I think I'll probably be getting more done in the future. Best of luck with your studies away from the tables!! umbup:



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