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micro millions satty challange

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  • micro millions satty challange

    heey guys,

    i always love the micro million sattys. so i thought ill make a challnge. at this moment i have a bankrol of $22 in tournament cash. what my challenge is is to turn the $22 in to $100 before the end of the micro millions.
    im going to do this with multitabling 6 max hyper sattys. i will use a BR manegement of MIN 20BI because i will be playing pretty much any buy in even when i have a $80 br i will still play 35c games :P.
    further i will play some mtt sattys.

    IF i loose my full tournament dollar BR i will play fpp sattys to get it back up again.
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    Good Luck...

    I did a similar challenge, just normal Satties, and if you can unreg before they start, that helps the B.R.


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      thanx weasel that was my pland indeed :P.

      but im changing my challenge a litle bit. the March Mahem mtt series of PSO is coming again and i decided i want to go for a win there AND i want to play as many MM events as possible so the change is that im going to try to play as manny event of both of the series without using my real money BR. and try to get up $100 torunament moeny aswell. im going to give myself a hard time
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        today i started really working on my challenge. yesterday i playd like 10sng just for fun and got my br up to 24.55.

        today i started grinding.
        i was playing 9 tables. 4 35c 3 76c and 2 1.15 games.
        after around 2 hours playing these where my stats

        98 / 51.58%
        Average BuyIn
        Average Cash

        and my challenge BR is up to $43.83
        and made 12vpp.
        so good start almost doulbed my bankroll in 2 hours. going to be trying to play 12 tables for now lets see if that hurts my win rate.
        btw i had a sick upswing in these games so dont think i can do this the whole time.
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        • #5
          so yesterday i played a few more games and a few higher sng. lost a few buy ins so this morning decided to only 7 35c games and 2 76c. played in total in the evening session and today another 2 hours. after i feld like i was playing bad when i was play 12 tables. so put a litle less volume. ran not to well but that will happen that doesnt bother me at all.

          my stats for the chalenge now

          178 / 47.98%
          Average BuyIn
          Average Cash

          vpps made


          so still making profit
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            yesterday i didnt play to much. didnt look at my profit till the end of the day. in the mids of my session i was feeling like i was playing real bad so this is what i did. i didnt allow myself to play more then 6 6 max hyper sattys and only played the 76c. by doing this you can see the stadard thing your opponent do and by playing only one sort of buy in you have the same opponents so you can get to know them better.
            btw guys the gap between evarege buyin and evarege cash isnt totaly right and you wont see this in my BR growth. this is because all the 3rd places go to my normal bankroll and the site i take these numbers of doesnt count rake.

            ITM (around 400 games played)
            213 / 48.97%
            Average BuyIn
            Average Cash


            vpps mad

            slowly but stadely
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            • #7
              heey guys, this one is fot the ones who are thinking about doing a similar challenge. if you ar playing 6 max hyper sattys and you are playing more than 1 buy in level there is one thing you should take a look at and thats the rake per invested money.

              fo the guys who want to do a simal challenge as mine here is a start

              the 35c hypers 1c rake per 34c invested
              the 76c hypers 1c rake per 37c invested
              the 1.15 hypers 1c rake per 56.5c invested
              the 1.50 hypers 1c rake per 49c invested
              the 1.90 hypers 1c rake per 46.5c invested
              the 3.00 hypers 1c rake per 49c invested
              the 3.75 hypers 1c rake per 52.6c invested
              the 7.50 hypers 1c rake per 49c invested

              the 1.15 are the best vallue so i will be grinding those for now
              hope this helps and gl everybody
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