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frustration with the game

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  • frustration with the game

    i am long in the tooth when it comes to poker but it never gets easier when u loose all your money for the first time in a long time i have had the time and money at the same time to sit and play poker and in one day i lost over 100 dollers in zoom 5/10 nl it seems like no matter what my opponant has they hit i will mention one hand that bugged me the most i 40c raise qj in the small blind called and both checked the 333 flop turn j i just jam call he has 10 3 i am being beat by trip over trip house over house ak v aq which ever i have the other flops there kicker it feels like my worst day ever im 100fpp of silver star and it was what i was aiming for but thats just wasted now money for stars and none for me what is annoying me is i stopped yesterday completeley to have a break from loosing like that and resumed again and its the same i cannot avoid these beats

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    Sigh ... can't sleep ...

    Anyways ... I've been in a big downswing, and there's a bunch of things u can do to make it not-so-bad.

    There's a thread here on using stop-losses:

    It was based on some stuff that was discussed in a Live Training class. And so I use one now, and I like it. At least when you have a stop loss of say 3 buy-ins, you'll never lose $100 in a day, because you'll stop after losing like the $30, or whatever 3 buy-ins is for your level.

    It's a nice way to prevent tilt from affecting your game, before you're able to realize that you're even the slightest bit tilted.

    And then there's other stuff I did because I've been in a downswing - like cut back on the number of tables, and give up silver star and go back down to chrome. I talked about that decision here in my Time Vault thread:

    But I don't know ... the flip-side is that maybe the downswing is lasting longer, because I'm playing less?

    Wanted to drop u a note because I saw u playing in the 5nl 6-max zoom pool earlier ... there's lots of people who are pretty fluid about playing different levels depending on how things are going, how their concentration is, etc. I guess that's another way of dealing with variance I'll have to keep in mind for when I move up to 10nl ... like I'll have to remember going back to 5nl is always a good option to keep in mind!

    But anyways ... I really like the stop-loss - I use one of 3 buy-ins. Seems like lots of us are in a downswing lately - guess there's not avoiding them, but like, yeah, guess there's stuff we can all do to make it not so bad and stuff I guess ... and then there's taking breaks ...

    I should stop running off to play hyper-turbos like a donkey when I'm tilted. I mean like it'd be one thing if I went and played them well ... but I go and play like a donkey ... I don't know what that's about ... :/

    Anyways ... anybody else have any other good ideas on dealing with downswings?


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      Perhaps you could post some of these hands in the hand review thread and get some feedback on if there was any way to avoid these losses and try and find the leaks in your game. Maybe you have some stats or data you could send to a trainer for review? We have some great trainers here at PSO that can help.

      In the mean time you could try moving down a level to see if that helps or at least reduces any losses while you work on your game.

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        Sounds like maybe you need to take a break right now. Or, like someone said post your hands and see if other people can help you.


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          hey thanks for the reply i appreciate it an update of the month i put on around 240 dollers 250 mabye thats 160 gbp and i lost it all and just 30 fpp short of my goal silver star it would be my first time earning it as i never really played cash only tourneys before this year i am playing poker since 2005 i dont know allthe stats percentages to talk about them but i have a gist of the game so counting my losses and pokerstars earnings i feel robbed i could pay a pro player to sit and play my account the last two days and the same he would have commited in alot of the hands i did i have had this on this site before and im sure i will again ya just have to vent mostly cuz im not made of money and i love the game so to pay that amount and have my next few free days off work playing freerolls after putting that on im depressed this is an emotional game for me and mabye thats the problem on sunday i go to work 14 days 12 hours a day then some time off just in time for micro millions i will have some time off and i will play a couple of events a day and practice my patiance and i am the same if i loose in a game where i have played at my best and get donked in a tourney i go off and spunk money into other games and play like a donk in anger im and idiot and everytime it is fully in my conscience to shut the laptop down then when the money is gone i shut it down STUPID!!! but i do hope i can become a disciplined cash player as i wont have the time for tourneys anymore but i will have 2 or 3 hours a day so here is for hoping thanks for the honest feedback that is a good thing that others post the good and the bad i read alot on here it doesnt feel so personal when i read but good luck to all trying there best to succeed happy honica monica


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            hi i dont know how to get my hands and transfer them to here so they can be anylized if there is an easy wayto explain then i will try it and post them thanks


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              Hey jimmy!

              Here is a link to the hand replayer.

              Here is a link to the instructions.

              John (JWK24)

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                I notice you said you usually have played mostly tournaments before rather than cash but are now switching. This might be one reason things are going a bit downhill for you at the moment. If you're not used to playing cash it can be tough to win at it, even some of the sickest tournament winners have a tough time playing cash games because of the completely different nature of play. It may seem like the same game but because of the depth of money and constant blind level and ability to reload it plays very different. Some times you play a hand that would be great to get in in a tournament but because of the depth of money you end up getting action from a different range of hands and can get yourself into trouble. It's a common downfall, something I suffer from myself sometimes being mainly a Sit n Go player. If you have the chance I can recommend the live trainings by xflixx or Gareth, both excellent cash game players. Even if it turns out you are playing perfectly correctly for cash it's still worth exploring because I bet you will still learn something from it.

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                  thanks fayden i will check them videos out also i posted a few hands from yesterday in one hour i lost 30 dollers i put on two tourneys and the rest cash and no pocket pair won people commiting with rag ace surely if the game was just about varience then that varience would take me to final table sometime aswell i know i hit major bad runs but not major good ones where i benifit and get a nice bankroll i rail alot of top tourney players and they win alot of flips and finish niceley alot i dont see how my game is different in 20 tourneys i might cash 2 or 3 times but not much more than i bought in usually so ya frustration is a big part of it i just cant win the last 4 days its not my style to sit there and go nowhere i bluff im aggressive thats my nature it can be percieved as donk like but i see it as poker you can make luck playing that way i like to lead i never call unless i have the cards but i will bet even with rag cards aggressivly im off the subject now but ya i just cant win cash or tourney cuz of varience apparently i have to ride it out till i have had my fair share of bad luck question is when will i get the fair share of good luck


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                    That is the longest sentences I have ever seen..

                    You say your an aggressive player. Just want to point out that you have to make sure you know who you're playing against. If your betting aggressively with rags against a calling station you're going to lose your money. Against a smart LAG player chances are you won't be successful a majority of the time.

                    If you lost all your money then maybe you should think about changing your style or trying to read the tables better.


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                      There's nothing wrong with putting a couple of £££'s into the site and taking a punt. Sometimes you will spin it up to something decent and then you can cash out and enjoy the rewards.

                      This is fine if you've a disposable income and play poker just for fun but if you want to take the game seriously then you must adopt a bankroll policy that means you never go broke. For £150 = $230 I work to 100 buy in rule for tourneys, this means I'm playing $1.50 games only.

                      It's fine to take a shot (I'm taking a shot in the 1,000 seat GTD for a Million seat tomorrow) but don't take too many shots and always be aware of how your bankroll is doing. If your bankroll drops then so should your stakes, if I went below $100 for example I' drop to 50c games.

                      As Zoom can be so volatile, I'd need a pretty deep bankroll. Other games, limit for example, wouldn't require such a big balance but the important thing is to be strict.

                      Even if the cash doesn't mean anything to you it's important to adopt a strict bankroll so that when you do reach stakes that are important you won't go broke and can take the swings.

                      I'm a semi decent SnG player but I have had several spells of 20+ games where I failed to cash. It can happen to anyone but by adopting s trict bnkroll I can take the swings and I've never went broke since my second deposit 2 years ago.
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                        And don't worry about reaching Silver Star. These badges are there to reward Pokerstars and not you. I wasn't far off Silver Star last month but I know I wasn't playing well. Work on your game and not your star status, your game will suffer if you try and play too many games trying to achieve it.
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                          Stop playing for a time is always an option, taking a break and reading poker articles instead or just watching videos, analysing your hand histories, trying to figure out what exactly went wrong, instead of thinking in terms of "bad luck", "fish always hit"etc.
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