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Time Banking to a Ticket ???

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  • Time Banking to a Ticket ???

    What do you think the chances are of not playing a hand in round 5 of the Mega path to this weeks Sunday Million and getting a ticket.

    Was thinking of just sitting there and time banking all the way unless I got AA or maybe KK.

    So far there are 1189 Registered and 396 get a ticket.
    So 1 in 3 get a ticket
    with 1500 starting chips and 5 minute Blind increases.

    How long do you think this tourney will last ?

    Do you have a good strategy to increase your chances for a ticket in this type of satellite?

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    Personally I would never advocate time banking. I'd want to get in as many hands as possible as this increases the number of chances we have to build our stack to a comfortable level. Of course playing tight, especially early on is a perfectly good way to do things but nitting up and trying to sneak through the bubble by not playing anything is probably not a wise strategy as you could easily just blind out. Be proactive about trying to get over the line.

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      time banking is not an option Chuck

      in order to win this just be tight aggressive first 4 levels then when you are just 10 to 12 bb's left you need to keep stealing and try to double up. In this level it's double up or die

      If you get your double up you need to be loose aggro and try to keep getting pots without showdown in position. Players will tend to be super tight at this point you can keep shoving and hope you don't step on a big hand but of course only when it's open in good position.

      This is turbo structure so you just have to "keep stealin rather than bleedin" got it from a fellow player

      it's better to die trying than to just die without even trying to give your opponents a good fight

      hope it helps Good Luck Chuck see you there I'm qualified in that too


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        Depends on the situation I think, if you are for example with 10 players away from the bubble, you have say 20 BB and 5 or 6 guys have 5BB or less in other tables, you might want to observe their tables to see how active they are and extend the time as much as possible in your own table being supertight in ep and not using the time bank whan players in your own table are all in... I don't know if it makes sense, just seems to do the trick. One I sat out with a huge stack in the Hubbles freeroll because the bubble was at 75 playes, who all would get a ticket, and there were 200 guys or so left, so me sitting out gave me the ticket already instead of risking doubling up the low and mid stacks... Seemed logic to me at the time.
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          I played this satty as well, I pretty much played normal turbo strategy, tight in the first few levels, then finding good spots to steal later on. I started at the 75 FPP level and won a round 5 ticket on my first try. There were a lot of very loose players who would pay off with things like second pair (or even worse, I got called by A high more than once).

          I would only time bank if I had enough chips to get a ticket and the bubble was close. I don't think you would increase your chances by time banking, and would probably blind out before winning a ticket.

          I plan on playing the same in round 5 as I did in round 4, the structure is the same so there is no reason to change style.

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            Hiya Chuckkky,

            With this being a Turbo there is now way you will be able to clock to the Ticket IMO.

            As mention above play your game and believe in yourself it is what has gotten you thru the 1st 4 rounds.

            As how long it will last ya can never really tell with these until the game is rolling,
            as how long is Late reg open for?
            how big is the field?
            Has the field became bigger then what was needed for the 396 seats?

            I would just play your normal game for Turbos and as ya get down in players understand it a Sat so you not need to win just need to manage your stack

            Best of luck to your self and all who taking part

            Thanks for being part of PSO, and Best of Luck at the Tables


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