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Mission accomplished... somewhat

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  • Mission accomplished... somewhat

    Today I have achieved the first goal I set out when I started the year: accumulate enough bonus points playing poker to earn myself a free copy of Holdem Manager 2. I'd rather forget about the way how I got my final few points though. A few hands before, I had pocket Aces. The villain made a raise, I made a hefty 3bet, and he called. I made a sizeable c-bet on the flop, he folded. And now I had pocket Kings. The villain made the same raise, but this time the two people between us flat called behind. So I made a considerable 3bet: I raised his bet of 30 cents to 2 dollars. He called behind. At this point I was just hoping there wasn't gonna be an ace on the flop....

    And so the flop came 3,8,4. Excellent flop. I bet 2 dollars again, he min-raised to 4, and I shoved all-in for a total of $10. He called and flipped over 2,3 suited. At first when this happens you're ecstatic. This is what you always hope for. The guy had no business being in the hand preflop, and why he called my all-in shove on the flop is beyond me. The only possible hand he could beat there was Ace King....
    Of course, things don't always end well in poker: the river came another 3, he binked a set, and there went my $12. *sigh*.

    Fortunately, the hand wasn't a total loss to me. After all, the only reason I was playing was to get enough bonues points, not make a profit. Although a profit would have been nice, and while I now achieved my goal with a net loss of $8, it could have been a net win of $12 were it not for this hand. *sigh* and double *sigh*. Still, since poker sites calculate rake based on how much money in the pot came out of your stack, and not how much money you win, the bonus points I got from this one hand remained the same, win or loose. And so I broke the 250 points barrier. Still, the hand demonstrates how my week's been going. I've had KK 3x the past 2 days, and I lost all 3 of them. Maybe I should just fold em preflop next time and not waste any money...

    And so, with this week from hell behind me, it's time to look forward. No more poker this month, not the way I've been running. Instead, I'll use my new found wealth to look at some of my play. I attribute a lot of my loss this week to running bad. Most pocket pairs including 3x the Kings lost me a big pot, and when I did win the pot it was because everyone folded. Or is it? I'll be glancing over the hands I played with those pocket pairs and see if I'm right about that or not.

    Still, not all can be attributed to running bad. I already know a few hands I played where I played downright terrible, had no business being in the hand to begin with, calling off a medium strength hand on the river when I know deep down inside I'm beat, stuff like that. So the next week is going to be spent searching for those leaks. Analyzing how I played from different positions. And trying, above all, to forget about hands like the Kings I just mentioned. After all, as I said in another blog entry - people like 2,3suited are the fish in the game - they are why we play the micros and why we *should* be profitable playing them. Because the next few times the guy with 2,3 suited goes crazy when I have Kings, I will win the huge $24 pot instead of lose it. The only thing I;'m actually surprised about is that 2,3 suited is 19% to actually win the hand. I would have expected that to be a whole lot less...

    To be continued....
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