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Getting coolered

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  • Getting coolered

    Do you ever play a Sit-n-Go and by the time you reach up you know exactly how it's going to end? Sometimes I do. Usually when my opponent is not the best of players. I don't like playing those people heads up. And the reason is simple: you can't really beat them because they only play good hands, they will muck just about anytime you have something decent, and 9 times out of 10, it ends by one of the players getting coolered. It only ends when both players have a good starting hand, or when one sucks out in a terrible way.

    Today was again one of these situations. And so I just sat there, slowly grinding away at his stack, only to lose the winnings of a few orbits in one hand. Until I hit pocket Jacks. He minraised and I decided to 3bet him. He minraised me back and I shoved. He called and flipped over the illustrious and magnificent 10,9 offsuit.

    Well, this was a surprise. I had expected something like pocket 10s, Queens, maybe AK. Playing this hand was totally out of line for him. This tourney was mine.

    Until the flop showed A,7,8 rainbow. The open-ended straight draw. Ok, I had 2 blockers so he only had 6 outs, but in situations where I win the tourney if I hold and they flop this good, I already know how the hand will end. And sure enough, the 6 came on the river. Back to square one.

    I wonder why the stupid plays keep getting rewarded. I had done some 3betting, but usually folded to a sign of resistance from him. Everytime I had to show my hand at showdown, I had him. I hadn't gone all-in in this tourney with trash: I was all-in 3 times before and got called every time and flipped over QQ, QQ and KK. Apparantly, he didn't care and thought I was shoving with crap and that calling it off with 10,9 off was a good idea. Or more likely: he didn't even realize how tight I had been when getting my stack in. Also - he was the all-in player, not me. Why do the poker gods keep punishing us when we're this big of a favorite when the money goes in?

    The answer is probably statistics... Even a 14% hand will win sometimes, 1 out of 7 to be exact. It's just annoying that the 1 time out of 7 always seems to be when there's most at stake. Or maybe that's just me.

    So what do you do? First you throw a tantrum. Then you throw your cat through the window in a blind rage. Finally, you go outside and Force-choke the first innocent bystander, and slice the next one in half with your light saber.

    When that's done, you open your eyes again, and play the next hand. Knowing that you played it perfectly, that the opponent did exactly what you wanted him to do, and realize that the next 6 times you will probably win it. With my rate of play, those next 6 times will likely happen somewhere in the second half of this century.

    But seriously, nothing you can do except sigh and move on. I know I played pretty darn close to my A-game. I lost half my stack pretty early in the tourney, managed to stick around, double up twice, get back down to a 12 BB stack, and work my way up to the chip lead by the time we hit 5 handed play. I played the big stack well, I exploited the shorties, I got them to call all-in with worse, and eliminated 3 of those last 5 players to get to heads up.

    And then it happened exactly as I predicted at the beginning of heads up play: this wasn't going to end until one of us got coolered.

    Too bad this time it was me ....
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