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[Time Vault] My journey

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  • [Time Vault] My journey


    My poker goals for 2013

    Hello PSO,

    I decided to participate in this challenge because I want to improve myself as a poker player. Up until now my bankroll is jumping up and down. I am also jumping from Cash games to Sit & Gos. And I can’t stick to one game type that I’m good at. So one of my goals for this year is to stick to Tournaments and Multi Table Sit & Gos.

    I’m starting this challenge with micro bankroll of $30 as I took big hit at the end of the last year in Cash games. I like risk management and bankroll management, so I believe it’s enough to start new year.
    I’m starting my challenge February 1st and going to play $0.25 90 and 45 players sit & go tournaments. As my bankroll builds up, I’m going to switch to turbo and add 18 and maybe 180 player tournaments.
    I have no goals for bankroll except to be at positive side at the end of the year.

    So here are my goals for 2013:
    Stick to playing Tournaments and Sit & Gos
    Play at least 20 000 Sit & Gos
    Positive bankroll at the end of the year
    No deposits
    Read at least one poker book per month
    Be nice at poker tables
    At the end of the year donate at least 10% of my bankroll to charity(hopefully there will be something left)

    We’ll see how It goes. Should be interesting year
    Last edited by iBeko; Thu Jan 31, 2013, 01:06 AM. Reason: clarify about donating to charity

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    Hi ibeko,

    Sounds good mind you that's 60 games a day. If you are taking a day for study a day for review and a day to rest that will pile the games up. Mind you. I realise just because I can't mass multi table lots of players can.

    Good luck

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

    13 Time Bracelet Winner


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      This goal is set to test my limits. I’m comfortable playing 30-40 games at a time, but it’s hard for me to keep grinding them. I always tend to switch to cash games after some time, and in cash games I’m not doing very well.

      So this goal is set to force myself to stick to playing only games that I’m best at. It will also be a good test for my time management and dedication to poker.

      I agree that 60 games a day might be high at $0.25 Sit & Go’s, because they run slowly and take more time to start. So while playing these limits I’ll not be focusing heavy on this goal. I will start working hard on 20k games goal when I reach $0.50 turbo games. This should become easier when I add 18 player games later on.
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        Here is some info about my goals

        Stick to playing Tournaments and Sit & Go’s.

        I have a terrible habit of not sticking to one game type. I often switch to cash games after a few loosing sessions of Sit & Go’s. Same thing sometimes happens after few winning sessions, but the outcome is always the same. I start usually good at cash games, and then stick to cash games only. My problem with cash games is that over time I’m getting more and more loose and aggressive, almost turning into maniac. You can probably guess what happens to my bankroll. So when I approach that bankroll limit where I have a huge risk of blowing it all, I come back to Sit & Go’s. And the story repeats. So my first goal is to stick to games that I’m best at.

        Play at least 20 000 Sit & Go’s.

        This goal directly ties to my first goal of playing only tournaments and Sit & Go’s. With 20k games to play, I almost have no time to go play cash games, and that’s my main goal. By setting this number high I also have to learn to manage my time and stick to those rules. This challenge will become easier when I switch to turbo games, then I’ll be able to play more of them in same amount of time.

        Positive bankroll at the end of the year.

        Well this one is obvious, right? The reason I’m not setting any specific number for my bankroll to be at, is that I have no idea where I will end up. I want to have some bankroll left in the first place, and I want it to be as high as I can make it.

        No deposits.

        Although I’m starting with micro bankroll, I strongly believe that skill doesn’t come from big starting bankroll. Starting small and progressing up with real risk of blowing up the bankroll will be a good test to myself. This way I’ll test my risk and bankroll management skills, I also be able to test myself in tough situations where I might go down in limits, as well as adjusting my game as I progress.

        Read at least one poker book per month.

        Learning, learning and learning. My problem with this challenge will be that I’m impatient. I can start reading a book really easy, but as I learn something new, I have to go and try it out. Usually my reading ends there. So I’m starting this one with book that I started reading 3 times already “Harrington on Hold'em Volume 1” by Dan Harrington.

        Be nice at poker tables.

        Last year I developed a habit of saying something like “nh” or “nice” in all crazy situations. Even when someone flat calls my preflop raise with something like 73o from early position and beats my pocket AA. This method helps me with tilting, I say then “nh” even when mass multitabling and instantly forget that hand for the rest of the session. In addition to that, no bad behavior at the tables from my side. It gives me nothing.

        At the end of the year donate at least 10% of my bankroll to charity.

        “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”- Winston Churchill

        Read more: About me and my challenge (iBeko) – Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells


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          First day of the challenge

          Yesterday I started grinding $0.25 Sit & Go’s. Had only one session and played a total of 54 games. Everything was really nice, and I finished my first session with a profit of $3.99. I also played 10 and 20 FPP tournaments, but no luck in those. Only problem I have now, is that my Poker Tracker is a bit messed up. I started new database for this challenge, but after my session it shows some strange tournaments like “MTT (0 max) Hyper-Turbo” but it should be either 90 or 45 player Sit & Go’s. I’ll have to look into that later.

          Here’s a graph of my first day

          Last edited by iBeko; Sat Feb 02, 2013, 01:01 PM.


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            Huge number of games in front of You! I wish you strong mindset and everlasting endurance!
            Oh, and I really like Your idea about 10% of charity.
            I hope You will grow Your bankroll so big, that there will go $1000 dollars to charity!


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              good job keep it going


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                Thanks! And good luck at the tables, and reaching your goals!


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                  Some nice goals there iBeko, it'll be good to follow your progress over the year. I'll be very impressed if you can manage 20,000 games in a year! My brain can't handle having any more than 3 tables open at once.

                  Nice idea to donate 10% to charity at the end of year. Let's just hope things go really well for you so you're making a nice donation.

                  Good luck!!!


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                    Best of luck to you, that's an insane amount of games you're playing, very impressive


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                      Thanks for support, I really appreciate it!


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                        Here’s an update of my second day

                        Yesterday was a cold shower day. Played two sessions with a total of 116 games. Both of the sessions were terrible at the beginning. My KK’s were destroyed by hands like K6o; AA’s constantly being destroyed by random hand, and so on. I think I lost something like 7-10 games in each session just by bad beats. I will probably write a blog tomorrow covering my first week, and will include some of those hands.

                        All in all yesterday was still a profitable day, I managed to end both sessions winning around $1 in each, and ended the day with a total profit of $2. First session was a losing one until very last 90 player game, where I managed to come 2nd, and save the session. My second session was very similar, I was losing, and was only saved by last two 90’s, where one of them I won, and in another managed to come 3rd.

                        After all I’m happy about yesterday, I managed to not tilt very much during those tough moments, and finished day in profit. Also I think this experience will help me next time, when another bad day comes.

                        Here's how my yesterdays graph looks like


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                          Quick update of my progress

                          I've now played 291 games over four days, and managed to make a profit of $23.36. I’m actually almost ready to move up to $0.50 turbo games, but I think I’ll grind a bit more until something like 150 buy-ins, and then will start taking shots at those games.

                          P.S. About posting hands. Today I was doing a bit of analysis of my game, and was also thinking about hands, that I could share. I'll be honest - I have no idea what to share Tell me what you'd like to see, maybe some bad beat hands, maybe some early game madness, or some final table hands. Thanks in advance.

                          And good luck at the tables!


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                            I've been meaning to drop a note in here for a while to wish you luck because (1) you're the only one of us who's made a pledge to donate a set percent of your winnings to charity, which is so nice, and (2) your puppy is super adorable! Wow, you're totally crushing these games!! Big congrats on that!! GL GL with the rest of the year too!! umbup:


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                              Thanks! He’s my true companion during this challenge, helps clear my head after tilt, and makes me take regular breaks Your cat is also very cute umbup: Best of luck



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