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Setting up goals for poker & life 2013 - Time Vault submit

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  • Setting up goals for poker & life 2013 - Time Vault submit

    The first semester of 2013 was characteristic of many study hours and a wide variety of game types. I have also adapted my game to LAG and TAG when necessary. When making the analysis for the first semester of 2013, I realized:
    1- My play got me to a marginal profit/break even situation over the course of six months;
    2- There were a lot of experiments, which also mean little specialization;
    3- I have more to gain by changing the focus from results oriented to process oriented;
    4- After evaluating the original plan and the results so far, the best solution is to adapt the plan and the course of actions.

    I have changed my blog title from "30 to 30.000" to simply "Mendes Blog" because my journey is about becoming a better player and eventually a professional in poker, the monetary benefits should be a natural consequence to that process and not a goal in itself. The first semester was very good: I won a few extra bucks which made it possible to invest in poker books and Pokertracker 4.

    .................................................. ........
    Second semester of 2013 goals

    My challenge for the rest of the year is to follow the serie "How to become a professional poker player" by poker pro André Akkari.
    I have started the process, which consists in the beginning of 2 hours of study and two hours of poker playing a day, starting with micro STT's. I'll be playing 1,50 dollars STT's for the coming 45 days. The results and interesting spots I'll be posting here.

    .................................................. ..........
    The plans for the first semester were:

    As of today, 30 january I decide to join the time vault promotion challenge and set up my goals for 2013.

    I'll be speaking in detail about hands and spots in the blog.
    Really excited about the time vault promotion, it helps me already to be more aware of decisions and stick to the strategies.

    Main goal: Turn 30 into 30.000 by December 2013.

    General goals:
    1- "Be like water", adapt my strategies to situations, observe a lot and make lots of notes. Adapt TAG and LAG styles according to the table dynamics, blind levels and stack sizes.
    2- Keep studying on a regular basis. I will keep the blog updated on which workshops, books and lessons I am following and what I learn from them, as well as posting hands for analysis and open discussion.
    3- Stick to a solid bankroll management plan, keeping track of ups and downs through statistic analysis software with graphics.
    4- Eat healthy food, exercise, drink a lot of water, include plenty of fun/relaxation/breaks in my time management.

    Specific goals and strategy
    5- No limit Hold'em only.
    6- Play 3-4 evenings a week and weekends, 1-4 hours per session, 1-4 tables.
    6- Bankroll 30- 100: Start with turbo low level STT and SNG MTT's and 9full ring 0,01/0,02 nl. Case I bust the original bankroll of 30, deposit 100 and take it from there.
    7- Bankroll 100 + Move up (or down) in buy in levels corresponding to bankroll management theories stated in the PSO tutorials. Include CAP ring games and big field MTT's.
    8- Very important, avoid deep swings in the bankroll on a dayly basis. For example avoid going from 20 to 100 and then back to 50, but moving from 20 to 30 then to 25 then to 45 for example. Stick to less deep swings.
    Last edited by mr mendes 20; Fri Aug 23, 2013, 03:20 PM. Reason: completely adapt the strategy for the second semester
    Time Vault Champion 2013

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    Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:

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      Just in time Mr Mendes, best of luck ^_^


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        Thanks! I'll be trying to apply as much as possible the Spacegravy push or fold theories for STT, low buy in MTT's and Frosty012 bankroll management method for going up levels. Later adapting my game towards CAP and big field MTT. In the meantime, watching video's and getting a lot of live coaching from all PSO coaches, such as Dave The Langolier and André Horror77. So a lot of studying in between. 2013 is going to be a very instructional year.
        Time Vault Champion 2013


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          nice mr mendes, i think good health and rest is very important to follow all of the goals in mind.. and of course have fun in and out the game (Y)


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            good luck dude - i wish you all the best.


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              Day one: 7$

              Hi guys thank for the wishes.
              I played some STT's only today, no turbo's, I think tomorrow I'll do turbo's instead. Got into some bad spots today, but managed to fishish twice itm, one first place and one second, compensating for the time invested and growing my bankroll by a tiny 8% but better than nothing. I am posting some hands in the blog.
              In this last table I faced this HUGE and friendly fish (VPIP=49) with a equally huge stack, which was quite fun but lady luck was looking the other way for while and I ended up second.

              Time Vault Champion 2013


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                Freeroll Rampage

                As an exercise day, I decided to play all freerolls I could play. Also I played the Premium League Qualifiers and got some levels up in the rank. I share some hands and spots in the blog. Like this one...

                Time Vault Champion 2013


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                  Royal Straight Flush The updates of my blog are quite steady, and so is my slowly grinding of the STT tables. I have been playing the fifty50 tables at low 1,50 and 3,50 buy in levels. Came across this beauty, how often do you see that?
                  Time Vault Champion 2013


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                    WOW! Very nice hand! Wish You good luck with your Challenge! umbup:


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                      Some major bad moves Thanks KKN, I'll keep this thread updated with new posts from now untill December with some stuff I will come across on my quest "30 to 30.000" and discuss them with more detail in the blog. I would like the opinion of you guys in this hand, which I called because I somehow din't believe the guy, but it's a spot where he easily could have beaten me, as he was representing either the KKK or the flush. Would you guys make this call? I think I shoudn't have, maybe.
                      Time Vault Champion 2013


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                        Isnt it nice to get the "locked in" logo? Congratulations to all the guys and wish you all the luck you can get in achieving your goals.
                        Time Vault Champion 2013


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                          Thanks for the gl wishes - best of luck to u too mr mendes umbup:


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                            lol, going all in and hit royal flush has to be very frustrating for your opponent I have never saw it before.


                            • #15
                              Me neither! I think it was the right choice to shove that hand, I could have lost as well, but on my stack and position, assuming this was a turbo STT and he was using his bigger stack to put some pressure on us from the button.
                              Time Vault Champion 2013



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