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Profess Awe 2013 Goals

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  • Profess Awe 2013 Goals

    Hey powers that be, please lock these goals into the time vault so I can be held accountable
    Check out my blog for some commentary on why I have picked these this year.
    Good luck all goalseekers.

    1. Win over a decent sample (+10k hands) at NL50
    2. Qualify for a WSOP event
    3. $10k profit across live and online play
    4. Play less than 15 sessions a month
    5. Cash a live $1k tourney
    6. Make a live final table
    7. Turn a profit for tourneys on Pokerstars.FR
    8. Watch at least 3 cardrunners vids a week
    9. Stay at silver star for the whole year on Pokerstars.COM
    10. Get a five figure score

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    Woah! Those are some goal! Best of luck prof!


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      Good luck on your challenge for the year. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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        Thanks. Already nailed the cash a $1k in Edinburgh, will blog on the live tourneys soon.
        So far so good!


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          Pretty hard to be a winner at NL50 in the short term when you find plays like this:

          ***** Hand History for Game 12627579967 *****
          $50 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, February 04, 01:43:47 GMT 2013
          Table Wakefield (Real Money)
          Seat 3 is the button
          Total number of players : 9/10
          Seat 1: Glass_of_Vodka ( $52.90 USD )
          Seat 6: Gregmac888 ( $32.66 USD )
          Seat 8: Hero ( $47.61 USD )
          Seat 7: bigarn49 ( $22.86 USD )
          Seat 3: hardplayaz ( $118.51 USD )
          Seat 4: kilner1977 ( $70.02 USD )
          Seat 2: muiejon ( $44.06 USD )
          Seat 5: shark58 ( $50 USD )
          Seat 10: steelseries03 ( $64.58 USD )
          kilner1977 posts small blind [$0.25 USD].
          shark58 posts big blind [$0.50 USD].
          ** Dealing down cards **
          Dealt to Hero [ Ac As ]
          Gregmac888 folds
          bigarn49 did not respond in time
          bigarn49 folds
          Hero raises [$2 USD]
          steelseries03 folds
          Glass_of_Vodka folds
          muiejon folds
          hardplayaz folds
          kilner1977 calls [$1.75 USD]
          shark58 folds
          ** Dealing Flop ** [ 2s, 4c, Jd ]
          kilner1977 checks
          Hero bets [$1.90 USD]
          kilner1977 calls [$1.90 USD]
          ** Dealing Turn ** [ 6s ]
          kilner1977 checks
          Hero bets [$3.40 USD]
          kilner1977 calls [$3.40 USD]
          ** Dealing River ** [ 3s ]
          bigarn49: now i know y this is my first time playing for monney on this site and the last time
          kilner1977 checks
          Hero bets [$6 USD]
          kilner1977 calls [$6 USD]
          Hero shows [ Ac, As ]a pair of Aces.
          kilner1977 shows [ 3h, 6h ]two pairs, Sixes and Threes.
          kilner1977 wins $25.75 USD from the main pot with two pairs, Sixes and Threes.

          Managed to dust off all tourney profit in 45 mins


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            Fortunately there are hands like this, which really show the importance of not tilting and spewing away. Around the low stakes corner the fish lie. Came back from down $100 to currently +$75 and the superbowl got entertaining
            Last edited by Profess Awe; Tue Feb 05, 2013, 01:43 AM.


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              Hi, Try to use the hand replayer tool >>HERE<< at PSO. That makes the hands you post much more readable GL at the tables umbup:


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                Interesting AK reshove spot deep in MTT

                Good shout Tommy. Cant do too much with the Party one, however HEM saves it does not seem to go into the replayer with success. Other one is in.

                Here is an interesting spot from deep in 50k tournament on Boss yesterday. 40 remain, 12k to the winner, current payouts 150. I have 980,000 villain is effective stack of 750000. blinds are 12500/25000 with ten players at the table total antes are 25000.

                Villain who is new to the table so no hands played yet opens from the hijack to 50000. I reshove AKo from the small blind. Big blind is short - has 300,000.

                Correct shove or not?


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                  Good luck on your challenge for the year
                  When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.


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                    Originally posted by Profess Awe View Post

                    Here is an interesting spot from deep in 50k tournament on Boss yesterday. 40 remain, 12k to the winner, current payouts 150. I have 980,000 villain is effective stack of 750000. blinds are 12500/25000 with ten players at the table total antes are 25000.

                    Villain who is new to the table so no hands played yet opens from the hijack to 50000. I reshove AKo from the small blind. Big blind is short - has 300,000.

                    Correct shove or not?
                    Interesting spot there. From my experience villains who just came to your table will never go crazy preflop unless they have the goods. That is why in this spot I would 3bet him with any 2, I used to do it a lot when deeper in tournaments and it really worked. Whenever I got 4bet and had a chance to see their cards they always showed QQ+. Therefore in this spot I would go for a 2.5x 3bet and see what he does. If BB shoves I obviously call unless the villain reshoves in front of me in which case I fold (might be a bit tight but...) If BB folds and the villain reshoves I would actually fold because i think his range in this spot is AK+ QQ+ against which I do not like putting 75% of my stack at risk when i do not have to. And you are still sitting at a comfortable 40BB stack. However I am still curious what was the action after you reshoved?
                    Last edited by TommyGun369; Tue Feb 05, 2013, 07:50 PM.


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                      Zoom rollercoaster Decided to play some NL25 zoom + NL50 cash on Party while watching the England Brazil game. Win for England and a winning session for me, moreso on zoom than Party, which is suprising since the standard is much worse there. Still though it was a roller coaster of -$15, +$10, +20, 0, +$15, +$25, +$15 so thought I should look at some hands. decided to post some where my reads were just way off: Hand 1: Standard raise from cut off, I know that BB is loose so cld 3 bet, in which case I probs fold. Could check back the flop, but think I will find myself against a 6,7 or draw more than a better ace. The click back from the SB doesnt make much sense. He might have 2 pair, maybe open ended straight draw. I think it is likely to be a bluff or him finding out where he is. I am more likely betting this flop without an ace so to do this with an ace or even a 7 feels wierd. Turn I feel like I am most likely up against a draw that is pricing itself just right and then on the river it screams of wanting a call, so now assume it was two pair on flop or better. Have to call when only have to be right 1/5 times and cant believe my eyes Hand 2: This one feels easier than the last. Flop bottom set and decent sized cbet given board texture. when I get the call I assume any broadway, possible hearts. Turn is really a blank, chunky bet as want to charge the straight draws and get decent value from KQ, KJ. Grim river, on first looking back I feel I should bet, because I think two pair is likely and he will call a bet with that but check behind. Also a lot of the straight draws made a pair so are more likely to check behind than bet. Have to call to be right 1/4 times as could be 2 pair?? Amazed that called with QQ pre and called the turn, fish Hand 3: Here I am floating the turn. Assuming that he folds his overcards and if he calls I can catch a 9 or maybe rep a 7 or 8. I make what is an awful bet on the river, only to receive a more awful call. Really must update year to date and really must start keeping more accurate records. Will get back to the AK hand in previous post, see if anyone else has a comment before sharing my post-game analysis. Thanks


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                        Dealing with huge losing session

                        Thought this was worth a post.
                        The plan for tonight was to play some tourneys early evening, mainly sats for Sunday and live events. Then play some cash as likely to have little to immediately show from the tourneys.

                        However, ended up down $130 in cash or essentially 4 buy ins. This may not sound huge but I felt like I took a pummeling and it was Friday night when the games are normally softer. After finishing my first thought was that glad I wouldnt be playing cash on .FR after current bonus cleared. But then rather than stew and start doubting whether cash is the way for me, I took a look at hand histories and for 34 hands where I lost +10bb, I only identified 5 that were mistakes. Mainly the mistake was going with a read like this guy will bet draws strong and convincing myself top pair was good enough to call down with versus missed draw, whereas if I considered range then folding best versus big bets.

                        So rather than over $130 down the pan, I can take action next time regarding still constructing ranges when I have a read. Also rather than fixate on set over set and aces cracked (I wasnt so lucky it seemed) I can recall that way back at start of session I did qualify for Sunday tourney on Boss and my first WSOP satellite of the year. If that goes well on Wednesday I shant be caring too much about this cash session!

                        A guy who coaches recommends going over hand histories at the start of sessions to get the poker juices flowing, but I much prefer the end of a session so I can draw a line under whatever has ocurred and move on next session.


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                          Good hand, bad hand Pretty dismal day, bricked all tournaments and broke even on cash. Couple of hands that interested me in review. One good, one bad. Bad one first and I failed in my number one priority at the moment – assign a range and stick with it. I take aces and kings out of his range when he flats the 4 bet pre and only calls the flop. On the flop I am thinking 88-QQ and AQ, KQ, QJs probably not 88 or QQ as they would raise? Also I take out the flush draws on the flop as they would raise (I thought plenty of them might 3 bet small and call a 4 bet pre as we are deep). Turn I am thinking another potential set and hope to have it checked through. I decide to call as I think the Qx hands are more likely than JJ. River and in the moment I think flush draw missed ??? I took the flush draw out of the range on the flop. What I should be doing is folding cos he shouldn’t be betting with one pair and I didn’t think he had the missed draw in his range. Also not shoving the river seems suspicious. As it turned out I was way off as he had the missed flush draw that got its straight. I don’t like how he played it, but I hate how I played it worse! I think this one was good only cos of bet sizing, knowing the opponent and slightly better (although mistaken reads). Guy is a lot passive but seems competent. I bet small on the flop as it is a relatively dry board. He should be more likely to have a ten than me given the preflop action so I make it the same as if I missed. Turn I make it more than half pot as I expect there to be some pocket pairs and Tx hands – he passive. I also appreciate I get a load of folds from broadway type hands that would have hoped for equity on turn, there may be some diamonds that stick around. River I go around three quarters of the pot. I think I am getting calls from 77, 88, 99 and probably Tx as he’s got an aggression factor of 0.1 If I am raised I guess I puke fold as I see 55 and 66 a lot more likely than KT, QT, JT, T9. As it happens he had a pocket pair (that high ) and was in check call mode throughout so bet sizing got me more. I wonder if the river could have been bigger, given the calls are coming from Tx and 77+, but I think I may get a fold from 77-99 if I bet around pot and I make it more expensive when he does raise. Blog post tomorrow! ______________________________ Follow me on Twitter Read my blog
                          Last edited by Profess Awe; Mon Feb 11, 2013, 03:33 AM.


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                            Year to date

                            Thought now would be a good time to update progress against goals as have bricked all online tourneys tonight – running theme of year so far!

                            Profit is most important to me.

                            2013 to date:
                            Live tournaments: +$1119.63
                            Online tournaments: -$1046.62
                            Online cash: +$167
                            Total: +$240

                            Going deep in 1/3 live tourneys played obviously makes a big difference and means goal 5 ‘Cash a live $1k tourney’ is in the bag.

                            Really enjoying the cash.

                            Online tourneys proabably seems worse than reality as not playing too many and most of it has gone on Sats to live tourneys. Hopeful for more positive in March with GSOP and SCOOP on FR. I think the tourneys on WPT (Party) could be good, Sundays seems worth adding, as they add tourneys rather than just upping norm guarantees.

                            1. Win over a decent sample (+10k hands) at NL50

                            I’ve played 1273 hands of 50NL so far this year and so far am up $240 or 38bb/100. Will obviously be happy to see that continue. Have not played much NL50 as mainly palying cash on WPT where roll has only just grown to $500. Will be on Betfair in March and starting at NL50. Of course if things have been going well at NL50 it means they have been going not so well over a bigger sample at NL25. Particularly zoom where -$125 but at least part of that seems to be run bad.

                            8. Watch at least 3 cardrunners vids a week
                            My cardrunners subscription started last week, definitely see no problem watching at least 3 videos a week. Am like a kid in candy store. I need to get better at recording important concepts to apply, else I run the risk of forgetting what I watch.

                            Elsewhere 0/1 for WSOP sats, but at least did qualify for a final at second attempt. Dates have been released so extra motivation to get on the Sats. Also hoping that Stars will offer more sats now their name is good in USA. Doing fine thus far in goals 4&9.

                            Away for a week at the end of Feb. In March will also try and work on:
                            Better hand range assigning on the fly.
                            Keep up to date with recording results.
                            Keep a record of concepts from vids I want to apply in game.


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                              Hi there! Regarding the hands you posted: 1) I have encountered a lot of donks recently who love to min 3bet the button with all sorts of crap and not fold to 4bet. I do not know how they can possibly think it's a +EV play to call there with K9s like in this hand or something as bad as 64s or T7s which happened to me. Therefore as I know they are most likely bluff raising but at the same time too undisciplined to fold I pump it up big time. Against a min 3bet do not stick to your usual 4bet sizing, just make it 4x or even more because you are likely to get called anyway. Once a donk decides to bluff he is not folding, at least not preflop and I do not know of any regular who uses the min 3bet strategy. Donks also love to min 3bet their monsters so one more reason to 4bet big with AA. Just put in as much money as you can preflop and stay pot commited unless the flop is too gross to continue. 2) I would not mind a bigger bet on the flop. 50% maybe since even half pot seems weak and will encourage Ax hands, pocket pairs or suited broadways to call. So onn the flop you are targeting a wide range of hands. On the turn, however, you need to start targeting a tighter range. Broadways and most Ax combos should be folding for a bet of any size so what is left in his calling range? Pocket pairs and Tx. A stubborn pocket pair in hands of a passive guy might not fold for even as much as 80% pot bet (especially when it is an overpair) and tens are obviously calling too. On the river you should definitely bet big because there is not much more he can call with a 3rd barrel. Unless he is a terrible player he should fold any pocket pair unless he is slowplaying AA or KK (with which he is going to pay you off anyway) so you are really only targeting weaker tens. Imho a hand like KT or QT is probably willing to call a pretty sizable bet so there is no reason not to bet something close to pot. I highly doubt that any T other than AT is going to raise your big bet on the river so if you get raises you can easily throw your hand away against a passive player. A smaller bet might encourage weaker tens to raise you thinking you have an overpair (which is probably not the case with this guy) Good luck at the tables umbup:



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