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2013 - Ed's 2013 Personal Poker Blog - Keep on Keeping On

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  • 2013 - Ed's 2013 Personal Poker Blog - Keep on Keeping On

    Hello to everybody at PSO - its forum stroke blogging time

    I have been offline so far this year.

    Hope to get back in the poker groove in February.

    Then all my wee personal 2013 poker notes will be dumped here. Everything personally poker related that needs noted. Like what few small stakes poker games I play? Like what is that between my teeth? (I might have to fill it up with random stuff)

    If you want to know the answers - you will have to come back.

    This is my forum blog - this is where you get the goods and the bads - or the bads and the bads - or the gonads - for all of 2013.

    So if you want a success story, you should not be here, you should follow Sandtrap or Marvinsytan - (and really you should be doing that anyway - they are my PSO heroes, they are phenomenal and you will learn loads of stuff, and that is what you should aspire to)

    Here you just get to see what I did - or will have did - which probably won't be much - but hopefully I will have did something and enjoyed it.

    Its 2013

    I have a dollar and sixty four cents on Pokerstars


    Ed from NFA
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    your making me blush Ed

    nice to see you blogging Mr. Ed

    Go Go Go Ed Good Luck to your games

    ty for the kind words but of course We all know Sandtrap's is the PSO Main Man the soon to be Mr. Supernova


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      Originally posted by EdinFreeMan View Post
      Sandtrap or Marvinsytan - (and really you should be doing that anyway - they are my PSO heroes, they are phenomenal and you will learn loads of stuff, and that is what you should aspire to) Its 2013 Ed from NFA
      Agree with you 100%. Welcome back Sir Edumbup: Good Luck at the tables. PH .


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        February freeroller

        I will be starting my 2013 Poker Odyssey in February.

        For February I will limit myself to only play NLHE tournaments, (strictly no cash tables!) I will be entering any Freerolls available and any micro buy-ins I can afford to enter with the winnings.

        Opening Bankroll will be ZERO.

        Tourneys potentially available will include

        Hubble Freerolls
        Weekly Round 2
        Open Skill League Tournaments
        UKIPT Division 2 League
        $100K Privilege Freerolls

        I will try to keep track here of what I play, on a regular basis, and BOOM some big pot/interesting hands.

        At the end of February I will decide if I want/need to make a small deposit and play some higher buy-in tourneys.

        Good luck all

        Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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          GL, Ed. Here's hoping you have a good 2013.
          'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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            See you in Open League next month Sir Ed.

            Good Luck to us and hope we see each other in Premiere League in March.

            Good Luck at the tables.




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              Thanks Marv/Hitman/Havoc umbup: Week 1 of February, from Friday evening on the first to a late night finish yesterday, I got in 59 MTTs, all but two of which were freerolls, and was dealt just over 3000 hands. Much of the time it felt like I was running bad, card dead, getting coolered, taking bad beats, but overall at the end of the week I was satisfied. I cashed in 4 Privilege Freerolls, my best being 795th of 24,865 for $0.79 - total won $2.37. I wasn't always concentrating, (the 2am WET games) and often was willing to shove or call a bit light against the loose aggressive players - so as I was never planning to rebuy I busted early quite a few times - (like first hand at least once)... I also won a cent from my best finish in the Open Skill League - 75th of 10,000. Total won $2.38 - of which I spent $0.20 on two $0.10 MTTs where I failed to cash, so up net $2.18 for week one. The Open Skill League has gone OK - I made a fast start over the opening weekend but have slipped back since - I think I should make the top 500 easily but whether I can maintain a spot in the top 100 where I have been all this week we will have to wait and see. I like the look of the Big Bang promo so I might shoot for that if I get an opportunity, 3x400th or better in OSL is hard but doable - but maybe not till next month, when I won't be as concerned with my overall league standing. UKIPT Division 2 games have been very frustrating - somewhere at the bottom end of that league. I had one deep run in the regional UKIPT Cork Satellite, was sitting around tenth trying to make the FT to get to the weekly final, but spewed some chips, had to gamble and busted 31st of 508. The EPTLive Freerolls, (and the Online Poker Show Freeroll) are such big fields / fast structures I was forced to gamble some marginal hands in multi-way pots and unsurprisingly came off worst a lot of the time. Played a few Hubbles but didn't make a WR2 ticket. So,lots of MTTs - lots of big fields - some OK results - nothing great, and quite a few bad games - but apart from the inevitable variance I am overall satisfied with most of my play and hopefully know where I made obvious mistakes. I'll post a few examples here and if I need any feedback on trickier spots I will post in the Hand Analysis forum. Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                1) Typical early exit from Privilege Freeroll - I could fold the unmade premium, but rate to be ahead of most of these players - so if no fold I might as well get it all in - but run into KK cooler - who can't get through the other suited ace either. 2) The way things run in UKIPT Div 2 I tanked here - almost found a fold - the UTG raise looks so like what it is, but then again, with a call from the button, who can fold KK when they might both be on AQ... but then again, if the button is a fool at least I think I made a correct call in the next exit hand and another UKIPT Div 2 exit 3) Much the same in EPTLive 4) My favourite - from one of the two $0.10 $50 added MTTs 100 or so short of the bubble... Well that was the worst of it, but we all experience this. I had some good runs too, and will concentrate on staying in contention to pick up an Open Skill League Prize and hopefully some more cents from the Privilege Freerolls. Good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                  This is better - my first 'final table' of February, although the final table doesn't play out, because the top 9 all get satellited to the weekly final.

                  PokerStars Tournament #682347437, No Limit Hold'em
                  Freeroll Super Satellite
                  588 players
                  Target Tournament #682347207
                  9 tickets to the target tournament

                  Tournament started 2013/02/08 19:22:00 WET [2013/02/08 14:22:00 ET]

                  Dear EdinFreeMan,

                  You finished the tournament in 1st place. You qualified to play in Tournament #682347207 and are automatically registered for it. See Tournament #682347207 Lobby for further details.


                  Thank you for participating.

                  So, very pleased to have got through a field of 588 to make the top 9 and get the ticket.

                  Now I just need to win the tournament on Sunday, outright - because there is only one prize - a 109euro UKIPT satellite ticket. Field is currently 46 with the final daily satty tomorrow, so a field of 54 to get the best of at the weekend.

                  Something fun to add to my Sunday grind.

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                    Good Luck Ed! I enjoy your blog posts about league review, please write more of those.


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                      Congrats on cashes and Good Luck Sir Edumbup: PH .


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                        My new favourite hand... Pocket eights Those were two consecutive hands in a $0.10 MTT - helping to a cash for $0.43, finishing 123rd of 2,855 and my new LEAST favourite hand... Pocket Queens Those were exit hands from two consecutive PSO Open Skill League games yesterday, which cost me a fair few points and places in the league. So I will just have to grind those points back today. good luck all Ed from Edinburgh - EdinFreeMan
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                          This just in - another PSO Open - QQ still has it in for me at least I made it to 1,011th so I should get a few points back, though if this 12K pot had come my way it would have been oh so much better. Tough to get your premiums to hold with no fold equity, due to my short stack at a table full of big stack never-fold maniacs. Ed
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                            Good game your on +ve territory, just unlucky you get the wrong kind of K.

                            Good Luck at the tabkes.




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                              Ed, I'm just curious on how your bankroll is so poor after you done so well with the depositors freerolls? And if that worked so well then shouldn't you just stick with them? You showed great bankroll management in your previous thread BTW.
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