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Win a seat to a WSOP Event

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  • Win a seat to a WSOP Event

    I have a vision, more like I got a plan, ah really it's only a thought or a dream

    Dave (TheLangolier) and John (JWK24) participated in a league for a chance to win a seat at the ME of the WSOP 2013. So I thought, why not have something like it, but at a smaller scale!!!

    So here's my idea:
    Now, of course money would be involved and anybody can participate. Because the payout structure is not in sink with PokerStars, since in a sense it's a league play and a certain amount is put towards a big prize, PokerStars doesn't give us the opportunity to set up games with a set prize, therefore the games would have to played in play money.

    Tournament fee of $1,500 at a WSOP events (schedule coming out soon, should be around the 20th of June), plus $1,000 for traveling and expenses and I will offer free of charge, a portion of my Timesharing condo (2 or 3 bedroom) for the stay (to be confirm). What I mean by a portion, is that I'm going to be

    How it will work:
    - There will be 15 tournaments to be played in 15 weeks (one a week) and 1 final tournament to determine the winner of the package.
    - A point system will be used, were everyone gets points. (not the one in the HomeGames)
    - You need to play at least 10 tournaments to qualify.
    - Your best 8 tournament score will count towards the final tournament.
    - Top 10 will face off at the final tournament.
    - Each tournament will cost $10 (free for the final).
    - There will be a $100 prize per tournament as follow: 1st - $40, 2nd - $30, 3rd - $20 and 4th - $10. These amounts will be transferred directly into your PokerStars account the following day.
    - The remaining amount goes to the final tournament.
    - The final tournament, prizes are as follow: 1st- $2,500, 2nd - $750, 3rd - $500, 4th -$250, 5th to 10th - $100. These amounts will be deposited in your PokerStars account the following day, except for 1st place who will get $1,000 and a buy-in once in Vegas.
    - First place prize is not transferable and must be used for the WSOP Event, so that we can brag about sending a PSO member to play a WSOP Event
    - Total minimum cost is $100 and maximum is $150 per player and we need a minimum of 60 players to cover the cost of a guaranteed $6,000. To make sure that we have the guaranteed amount, every player joining will have to pay $100 upfront. Another reason is that we are playing in a HomeGame play money.
    - I've been a banker for different activities and I think that I can be trusted. If you need referrals, ask any Tankers.
    - If more games are played or more players are registered, than the extra money will be added to the final tournament
    - If you want to play more than the minimum 10 games required, you will need to send the $10 before tournament starts for every games.

    Some of you might find it expensive, so here are some suggestions:
    - Get a sponsor (staker), so if you get one for 50%, what ever you win at the WSOP side event, you split in proportion.
    - Organize smaller tournaments or Sit&Go's to achieve the $100 minimum requirement
    - Any other ideas?

    So to have enough time to play the 15 games and the final, we would need to start this no later than the 20th of February 2013. ONLY PSO members can participate, so if you have friends that do want to participate, have them join PSO. If participation is high enough, MAYBE, just maybe, PSO could participate in some way. (NO obligation)

    I'll leave this open till Sunday the 9th of February. I know it's short notice, but we never know. So we need 60 players minimum for $100 each.

    So, How many of you would be interested?

    PS. Mod's, if this isn't ok please let me know

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    This sounds like a great idea sandtrap! Ill definatly be participating if ya get it up and running .......(Not very confident in winning but am happy to donate $100 so i can say i had a share in a wsop champ! lol)
    And while we are on the topic im pretty sure the world series is coming to australia for the first time this year or next, I would love it if ya could organize something for that too! (I can offer a matteress on my bedroom floor as accomodation lol)


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      Fantastic idea Sandtrap! umbup: Any idea what day & time the tournaments would be held each week? If they're held on a Saturday or Monday you can count me in I can make Sunday's after 8pm GMT too. I work Tue to Fri. I hope you can get enough interest in this!


      • #4
        I'm in Sand's

        I hope we can get 60 players

        great idea by the way

        this is what dreams for - to be achieved


        • #5
          Wanted to participate but will see the schedule first.

          Great Idea.

          Good Luck to the tables.




          • #6
            What an amazing idea Sandtrap. I just wish I was 21, no Vegas for a few years!

            Good luck to all who participate, I'll be following the progress closely
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            • #7
              sounds good but need to see times


              • #8
                WSOP Sounds like a great idea I would be interested depending on the times the comps would be held ? I work Mon - Fri nights so could only play on Sat or Sun. I will wait for an update on details umbup:


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                  Originally posted by Croyd93 View Post
                  What an amazing idea Sandtrap. I just wish I was 21, no Vegas for a few years!

                  Good luck to all who participate, I'll be following the progress closely

                  A few years?

                  Man l feel old.....hiccup

                  cheers all
                  Poker Rule #1....Never listen to me...hiccup

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                    Definitely it would have to be during the weekend to attract as many players as possible. Probably on Saturday around 2pm EST. Croyd, you can still play an aim for second prize The odds of winning at least your money back are 1 in 6, plus every game as a total prize of $100 umbup:


                    • #11
                      Best of luck with this Sand, great idea and initiative! Raiser umbup:

                      Bracelet Winner


                      • #12
                        Excellent idea Sandtrap! I am interested

                        Roland GTX


                        • #13
                          always one step ahead, beautiful idea, if this one works out maybe you can organise future events where we send PSO players to all major events, who knows! count me in!


                          • #14
                            WOW ONLY 12 replies out of 293 views I must say I'm not surprised 99% of all PSO members are members for the FREE stuff, you know, Freerolls, Free starting bankroll, Free promotions, Free training, Free advice. If it ain't FREE, they're no where to be found. I'm sure if I'd proposed it to the Americans, to members of 2+2 and others, I would of gotten the amount of players required, but I wanted this to be a PSO thing. So I do understand the PSO marketing team, when it comes to organizing things for PSO members, it's all about gimme, gimme, gimme for the members and make sure it's FREE. What a sad bunch.................LOL For those that did reply, I'll be trying elsewhere and will let you know by PM. Thanks for showing interest. umbup:


                            • #15
                              ahh well sand, maybe next year at the Oz open..........
                              lol would have been a great opportunity for someone!



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