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2013 Time Vault Super Challenge

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  • 2013 Time Vault Super Challenge

    I have been playing poker at PokerStars for a year now. I started with a bankroll of US$ 300,00 and finished with US$ 8,00. I played all sort of different games: fixed limit, no limit, cash tables: heads up, 6-max and 9-max, sit & go´s, tourneys, CAP, Hyper, Zoom, etc, (managing to lost money in all of them), read several books and watched tons of videos. Now I think it´s time to get my money back plus interest! And I will do my best to accomplish that.

    My main goal for 2013 is to prove myself that I can beat the no limit hold´em microstakes levels (cash games) at PokerStars.

    In order to do that I have set an objective to attain by the end of this year: US$ 1.000,00 bankroll. I will star with US$ 80,00 bankroll by February the 1st playing 2NL tables (6-max and 9-max) and move up stakes each time my bankroll increases to 40 stacks size (100 BB each stack) of the next level: 2NL (US$ 80 bankroll), 5NL (US$ 200 bankroll), 10NL (US$ 400 bankroll), 16NL (US$ 640 bankroll) and 25NL (US$ 1.000 bankroll). Actually I will end up with the bankroll to play 25NL which is still a microstake.

    PD: Once in a while I will allow myself to explore PLO cash games (micros of course)

    See you at the tables
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    Nice plan guataco! How comes both 6max and FR? I thought they were quite different in style.


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      6-max vs FR

      Hi powerdegre, you are right: 6-max and 9-max require different styles. For me 6-max is more fun and full of action, but 9-max has been more profitable, hence I have to find a balance between both.

      At the end I will play more 6-max once I can get enough ROI out of it, but I still want to keep playing full ring since another goal I have is to go an play to live casinos (don´t have them in my country, so I will have to go to Las Vegas!) and I will find mainly full ring tables there.
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        Sounds cool! Best of luck mate


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          Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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            About the Special Time Vault Signature

            Hi royalraise85,

            Yesterday I started my blog related to the "Time Vault Challenge" titled "The ups & downs I face in the quest for my 2013 Time Vault Challenge!" and already post my first entry: "The road to $ 1.000 bankroll", as and introduction to the content of the blog.

            I would like to know if there is something else that I need to do in order to get my "special time vault signature" and how do I know if I already got it.

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              4 core concepts in just 1 hand After 3.222 hands played my bankroll keeps around $80, which is not good but it's not horrible either. I've played some interesting hands, but one in particular gave me the opportunity to apply successfully my knowledge on four core concepts: 1. Profiling the players 2. The value of position 3. Implied odds 4. Slowplaying I played this hand against a NIT (Villain_4) who was playing hit or fold style and against a very aggressive (LAG) player at his right (Villain_3) Pre Flop Play: As I said I identify the Villain_4 as a NIT, therefore when he opened from UTG I put him in a very selective range of hands and since I have a LAG playing after me (in the big blind) I did not 3-bet pre flop since I did not want to call a 4-bet from any of them. Post Flop Play: Once the LAG min bet the flop I was almost sure that he has a pocket 4-X and he was inducing a raise from any of us, and I believe the others two villains thought like me since they fold their hands in a dry board after such a ridiculously small bet. That tiny bet and his bankroll gave my hand a lot of implied odds, even though I only had 2 outs if he had the hand I put him on. On the Turn things did not change as I still have enough implied odds: 22:1 on a 0,06 call on a 0,34 pot plus 2,14 effective stack. My plan on the River was simple: If I hit I would go all in, by calling or raising any bet. If I did not hit, I would check, call a small bet or fold a big bet. At the end everything works perfectly for me and I believe the hand shows the dangers of slowplaying... a lesson the LAG villain should have learned!
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                I think you identified exactly what this kind of opponent's hand range is when he bets so small like this on that board. Nicely taking advantage of his weak bets in order to draw to a better hand. Gotta love it when he jams the river, he's basically handing you the money lol, nice hand.

                Tournament of Champions Winner 2013

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                  that's right to the point!

                  Thank you Fadyen... when this type of draws work well at the end of a session, it feels so good that make us to go to bed with a smile!
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                    Taking off

                    I begun playing on the 1st of February with $ 80 and started wining fast, reaching about $ 88 (400 bb) in a couple of days by only playing around 500 hands in 2NLHE cash games 6-max… what a rush!

                    Well… by the end of my first week of the Time Vault Challenge I was down around $ 2, which sucks and put me to think about what went wrong after going so well.

                    Rethinking my game I started to play more cautiously without good hands and stronger with better than average hands and semi-bluffing really powerful draws. I also paid more attention in profiling my opponents and adapting my aggression to better fit their styles: widening my range and calling more against LAGs, value betting more against LPs and respecting more pre flop raises and two streets bets from TAGs.

                    Now my bankroll is up again about 10% which indicates that I’m back on business and hopefully will keep improving my game as I play more and more…
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                      A graphic progress

                      I have done a graphic to show my bankroll increase or decrease as I play more hands. I will put it periodically in this forum to better visualize my progress (I hope so) as I keep playing NLHE in order to reach my goals by the end of this year.


                      The horizontal axis represents the hands played (5.648 so far) and the vertical axis represents the bankroll, which is $ 88,51.
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                        Looking good the graph is headed in the right direction.

                        Grade b
                        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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                          Your target is quite high, still it seems You have the right understanding how to learn and grow in Your poker game!
                          Glad You made 10% increase.
                          My challenge is almost similar - but not so high - I want to play succesfuly in Zoom NL10 at the end of the year (and have appropriate bankroll).

                          Anyway good luck to You! Maybe we will meet at the tables

                          P.S. Do You use HUD?


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                            Thank you Grade b... I hope it will keep in that direction for the rest of the year!
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                              Hi KKNgroup:

                              You are right about having a high target to reach, specially since I don't play many hands a week, but I will probably use Felix xflixx strategy which consist in taking shots at a higher stake once I gain four to five stacks (for that stake) above my initial bankroll amount, if I feel confident and competent enough for that level.

                              I don't use HUD but I write a lot about my opponents plays, and maybe that's a reason why I can't play more than two tables at the same time, hence the small amount of hands played each week (besides the few hours that I can spend in Poker). On the other hand, I work hard to think every move I make, don't take anything for granted and do my best to learn from my mistakes as much as I can, in order to improve my ROI; by now I have only made 7,77 bb/100 hands but I think that it's still low at 2NL.

                              Zoom is very interesting and I have try some shots at those tables myself, but the rhythm is so intense that the concentration needed to be successful burn my brain too fast.

                              I hope you the best of lucks at the tables!
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