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[Time Vault 2013] GO BIG OR GO HOME

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  • [Time Vault 2013] GO BIG OR GO HOME

    I didn´t played that much for the last two years. Cashed out most of my roll and played only for fun from time to time. Now I want to get back into some serious action.

    As I know it doesn´t make sense to cash in and burn the money on my old stakes my plan is to start with a small roll of only 300 bucks. During the process of grinding it up I´ll try to plug my biggest leaks and polish up my game to nower days standards.

    This is a personal challenge and it has nothing to do with the "Time Vault" promotion, however I stumbled upon it right now and as I already had decided to blog about my challenge, I will take this chance and go with this promotion.

    So my goals for 2013 are...

    a) Plugging my biggest leaks
    b) Grinding up my roll

    I´ll try to reach those goals with a simple plan. To read more about this plan, the steps on the way to my goals, the strategy, the bankroll management and stuff please visit my blog.
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    +135bb/1.5k -First Daily Report

    [/spoiler] Not the best day I´ve ever had but also not the worst. Played Zoom on PokerStars, 4 tables with new HEM2 HUD. It was a very swingy session. Played a couple of big pots. Unfortunately I lost two times with set versus over set and run one time with KK into AA in blind battle. Felt confident totday and was relaxed. Made two bad calls, one was expensive I have to admit. At least in the end I got two nice pots, so I was in plus, otherwise I would have had to finish break even. So no bad feelings. :P Will make my session review now. For now I´m looking to plug my biggest leaks first so I will have a look at the big pots first too.


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      good luck in the challenge DivorcedDuck,

      Look forward to seeing the updates over the year.

      Grade b

      ps how do you do that hidden text thing?
      I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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        bbccode is spoiler to hide text
        (spoiler) (/spoiler) use [] to make it working obv.


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          Good luck with your challenge DivorcedDuck

          Which level of Zoom were you playing? Do you plan to play only cash games or S&G's/MTT's too?


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            Originally posted by Paul7036 View Post
            Good luck with your challenge DivorcedDuck

            Which level of Zoom were you playing? Do you plan to play only cash games or S&G's/MTT's too?

            You can find more detailed information about my leaks, bankrollmanagement and stuff in my BLOG.

            I mostly split my volume. Actually my shot limit is NL10 means I play around 25% on that limit. My base limit is NL5 and I play between 50%-75% on that limit depending on my game. My first goal is always to make the volume. If things run good I add more tables of my shot limit. If things run bad I stop the tables of my shot limit. If things go even worse I go a level down. So I play mostly a mixture of 2-3 levels.

            At the moment I don´t have plans to play SnG´s or MTTs. Sometimes I play them just for fun or when I´m testing a new theme.

            However it´s possible that I will switch to HU SnG´s or mixed games. Most of the games I played the last two years were $5-$10 HU SnG´s. But this depends on how thing run this year. Right now plan is playing NLHE ring games and Zoom/Rush FR/6-max

            hmmm... should add that to the blog section too.


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              Nice one DivorcedDuck, have fun
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                Thanks for the reply I can't see your blog yet, I guess it's still awaiting approval. Nice plan anyway & well done on getting out of the first session in profit - looks like lots of ups & downs with big pots.


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                  +365,6bb/1.5k Hands - Feel Good
                  Note This post is pending approval.
                  jep, blog is in moderation queue.

                  [/spoiler] You know those sessions with lots of swings, bad beats, setups and other bullshit? - Nope, todays sessions was like a breeze. Easy going. Felt good! Played a few Hands on FTP. Traffic is almost down to zero... Tables break down a lot. Highest level with traffic on fullring Rush was NL5 this noon! WTF!? - At least next week is Rush Week so I hope to get a chance on clearing those damn tickets I got. Playing only a few hands just to keep those tickets alive is frustrating. Some extra cash for the roll would be nice too. Need to have a look into my database for getting some numbers about points to set a target value for Rush Week. I don´t get the peepz about FTP! - Games are that soft compared to the nit festival on Stars and it´s the same company now! When talking about database I come to todays work. I spent an hour improving the website ( and the final structure is fix now. Menu structure is also fix now and I added a banner position. Hope to get most of this stuff live within next week. Review of yesterdays session wasn´t surprising. I found two misplayed hands, the ones I already mentioned yesterday. It wasn´t close or tough so no need to discuss them in detail. Todays session went that smooth that a session review would be a waste of time, so I decided to skip that for a strategy video. Video is about the usage of HEM2, as I`m still behind in the usage of filters and stuff. Will post a short summary about the video content tomorrow. Thanks to Stars support for granting me another image change. Switched to the $10 chippie now. Hope to request the next image change soon. Good luck at the felts!


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                    Good luck on your challenge for the year. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:

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                      Thx Raiser


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                        -82,1bb/1.6k Hands Rollercostaments

                        Just a short update today. I´m getting ill it seems and I feel bad. However, still played my session. 1.6k hands. I ran two times in AA with KK and QQ, splittet one with AK vs AQ (I flopped nuts straight XD) and some more of the usual suspects. In other words it was entertaining. Good thing was all those things happened on my base level. On shot level I ran like god.8) So bb wise I was in minus, monetary I had a nice profit at the end of the day.

                        Will update this later with the graph and add some hands too.

                        Good luck at the felts!

                        edit: almost forgot to mention... I have worked on my carbon theme for Stars and it´s almost done now.8)

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                          Had a terrible day. Felt ill, had trouble with family, work was bad... so no poker today. - MEEEEEEEH! Big Fail. That´s exactly why I have made this blog. No excuses, no put off. Setting a goal, making a plan and stick to it. Discipline is key even when it´s tough. That´s the challenging part of it. Well I have to play 1.5k so cya later peepz!


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                            +163,5bb/1.5k Hands Challenging First off I stll have to deliver yesterdays graph...

                            [/spoiler] So now todays graph...

                            [/spoiler] Like my whole day so was poker. I did my best. i was good, got a beat in the end. XD Villain was a 31/16/8 overaggro fishi... we have some history and he tried to bluff me a lot. Player2 posts small blind [$0.01 USD]. Player3 posts big blind [$0.02 USD]. ** Dealing down cards ** Dealt to Hero [ ] Player4 folds Player5 folds Player6 folds Player7 folds Player8 folds Player9 raises [$0.06 USD] Hero raises [$0.18 USD] Standard move vs. fishi. Give him the possibility to get in some money. Player2 folds Player3 folds Player9 calls [$0.12 USD] ** Dealing Flop ** [ , , ] Nice flop, TPTK and backdoor Player9 checks lol Hero bets [$0.28 USD] 3/4 pot standard Player9 raises [$0.56 USD] minC/R lol. Did I mention he tries to bluff a lot? Hero calls [$0.28 USD] Call the fish to give him the possibilty to bet his bluff on turn. ** Dealing Turn ** [ ] Hand improved Player9 bets [$1.04 USD] Hero raises [$1.39 USD] Push/Fold no other choice. Decided to push cause a) I have a reasonable strong hand vs. fish b) he is bluffy as hell c) I still have some good outs in case he has two (QJo) pair. Player9 calls [$0.35 USD] ** Dealing River ** [ ] Player9 shows [, ] Hero shows [, ] Player9 wins $4.14 USD from main pot ouch... Good thing is it was my down level only. As said I felt ill today so I decided to play 2 tables Nl2 and 2 tables NL5 only. So no big loss. However, got a few hands like this today and ran one time with KK into AA (as usual). So things could´ve been a lot better. So far my cruishing approach works out fine, winrate is good, redline is even or slightly up. Poker makes fun. Ok, micros only and those stakes are really easy going, but nevertheless it made some fun so far. There were some other interesting hands too. Especially two preflop decisions in multiway spots I have to think through aganin. Will do this within my session review tomorrow and try to post some more. edit: ARRRRRRRRRR, I forgot about the damn rush week! ok, some more hands... XD Good luck at the felts GO BIG OR GO HOME - Daily Updates GO BIG OR GO HOME - Blog
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                              +66,2bb/1.5k Hands - Normal deal

                              [/spoiler] One of the most uninterresting sessions you can imagine. Got a few beats, won a few hands, felt good and thing worked out mostly like expected. Yes, the graph shows only 1.4k hands. played some additional hands on FTP which aren´t graphed. Dunno why why. Those hands ended in plus with another 60bb. Tuesday I took my day off for the week. So if I want another free day this week I have to add some more hands. So far things worked great. Will do the first monthly report tomorrow. Have started to write a very interesting blog I hope, which will be published as a series within the very next days. GO BIG OR GO HOME - Daily Updates GO BIG OR GO HOME - Blog
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