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TommyGun369 Time Vault Challenge!

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  • TommyGun369 Time Vault Challenge!

    Hi everyone!

    I am really excited about the Time Vault promotion and so decided to keep myself motivated for the following year by participating in it.

    I am realtively new to PSO so for those of you who are interested to know more about me I will provide my full uncensored poker story at my blog in the blog section.


    1) improve my game to the level where I can be profitable on 50NL cash game tables (=show a profit of at least 5 BB/100 hands over a sample of at least 20k hands)
    2) build my banroll to $5k (from $131 where it is right now)

    To achieve this I will:
    1) play at least 10 hours a week but not more than 30h to leave myself with enough time for my university studies, family, friends and other hobbies
    2) spend at least 5h a week watching videos, reading books or going through other educational poker material
    3) go over my hand histories and review all hands where I have lost a big pot and analyse the reason for losing it.

    I also promise myself to:
    1) Update my Time Vault Challenge thread at least 2 times a week with my progress, interesting hands and observations at poker tables
    2) Update my blog with new entries at least 2 times a month
    3) Update my partial goals on at least monthly basis
    4) Review my partial goals on a weekly basis and adjust my plan to achieve the end year goals accordingly

    Wish me luck!

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    Hi Tommy interesting goals there, I do feel though that 5k from your BR is a little bit ambitious.

    Maybe for yourself you should set a monthly goal, one that is more reachable and easier to achieve.

    And then as the BR grows reaching goal after goal, you could review your situation and then set the higher goals.

    Just a thought or two for you Tommy to think about.


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      Hi holdemace!

      I am fully aware of the fact that 5k in just 1 year is a bit too ambitious. I know that there is a very good chance that I will not be able to make it but the least i can do is aim high and do my best to get there. If there is at least a chance I am going to try and give myself a good motivation And as I said in the post I will concentrate on my partial(=monthly) goals as well which I can review and adjust to be a bit more achievable.
      To be honest with you, if i can get to 2k and 10/25 limit I will be more than happy and pat myself on the back for how awesome this year was However, if it was not just a really lucky month for me I am confident that I can make $80-100 a month playing at 2NL which would by itself make $1k total by the end of 2013, that's why I chose 5k to be my goal insted of 1k.


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        You are right to have confidence in your game and wish you luck and will follow your progress.umbup:


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          Hi Tommy sound like you've got a lot of hard work there and I'll enjoy reading your exploits.



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            Ambitious but not impossible, have fun with your challenge TommyGun


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              Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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                Just finished my first 1h session today on 5NL 6max Zoom. I do not know if this is because it is Sunday and all the weekend players are on the tables but everyone is playing way too aggressive today. I have never experienced this before. I got 3bet maybe 20-25% of hands I opened the action with and got squeezed almost every second hand I decided to flat behind the raiser. This is without any exaggeration. 5NL 6max zoom just officially went nuts! This was the first time in 2 weeks that I had to abandon the autopilot and adjust my game a bit. Here are a few interesting hands from today Hand 1) Maniacs, maniacs everywhere! I have to admit here that I misplayed the hand and could have easily saved 20c. For some reason I did not realise that villain on SB minraised instead of just called and therefore was much more likely to shove... But I hope you get the point here How foolish of me to expect to see at least one of them holding KK or AA Hand 2) On days like these never 3bet aces on the button! (Well, in general I do not like 3 betting AA on the button) I do not know why the replayer does not show villain's cards but he had 98o Hand 3) It never hurts to pick up some stupid donk bluffs Why are not there more people like this? Hand 4) A mandatory cooler of the day I am not happy with how I played this hand... Although I have to say that he made a good job fooling me by check raising on the flop. on 553 rainbow board it looks very weak just like he was saying - no chance you hit that board so I am going to check raise you right here and win with my KQ. He is actually the first one who has check raised me with quads, everyone else just check calls. On the river once he 3bets me I should know that I am beat. Actually I only remember getting 3bet on the river against quads so could have easily saved me $2 I guess This session was very nice though. Here are some basic statistics: Time played: 1:05 Hands played: 907 Profit: +8.68 BR now on: $153.95
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                  Don't think you can criticise your play here, even on the flop you'r going to be ahead a good proportion of the time and then the turn, to be behind here, the odds must be very low.

                  thanks for sharing


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                    @m I am actually fine with how I played that hand. Put him on high cards, hopefully a flush draw on the turn and played accordingly. However, once I got 3bet on the river I should have asked myself a very important question: What hand would he check the turn and 3bet the river with? I know he is a decent player so obviously not a flush which should be afraid of paired board and just call my raise. It must have been a monster so either pocket 33 or 55 and 33 would also just call the raise so no matter how unfortunate it was I should have folded against a good player.

                    Last 2 days of poker went very well and my bankroll grew to $165. Since I am starting to feel pretty comfortable at 5NL I hope I won't be seeing my old friend 2NL anymore. Only going back if my bankroll falls below $100.

                    Posting some statistics from playing at 2NL 6max.
                    (sorry not yet using a poker tracking software, I keep my records the old fashioned way-spreadsheets)

                    Days: 21
                    Hours: 73.5
                    Hands: 22499
                    Profit: +$105.76
                    BB/100: 23.5
                    $/h: 1.44
                    Last edited by TommyGun369; Sun Jan 27, 2013, 09:44 PM.


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                      Today's first session was very very tough. Misplayed a couple hands and lost a lot in preflop wars. I got shoved on by shortstacks a lot today which is the one thing that annoys me the most at the tables most of those hands ended up to be very close to a coinflip and I could only win 2 out of maybe 8 or 9. And yeah... also got it in preflop 2 times against aces. Lucky me! If you have any advice on how to fold KK preflop I am all ears Nevertheless, the session produced a few interesting hands which I would like to share with you and ask for your help analysing them. 1) Stack-a-donk Just to explain my thought process here: preflop is a standard call for me on the button (note to yourself: it is much more profitable to defend your button than it is to defend blinds), postflop I would normally fold to a cbet here but an Ace high board is almost a must bet board for the preflop raiser and does not necessarily mean he flopped the A. I also have a gutshot and backdoor flush draw which may come in handy. Additionally he bet really small which represents no strength at all and in case he had a hand just like he did - a pocket pair 22-77, 99 or a random broadway I could easily take the pot down with a bet on the turn once he checks to me. And that is almost exactly what happened... Please learn from my mistakes and never ever do this!! I do not know why I thought I had any fold equity on the turn at all but I still managed to get it in as a huge dog (22%). Whenever you do not have a very strong hand on the turn and get check raised after the villain led the flop (also known as the stack-a-donk line) just fold because your opponent is never folding. 2) Stack-a-donk 2 Same situation, same line with only one difference: this time i'm in position. See how strong this line usually is? On the flop I get donked into. What does that mean? Usually not very much strength because if the villain had a really strong hand he would normally go for a check raise. By betting right into me on that board he says: I have a strong hand but I do not want you to check behind and see a club or something like a ten come on the turn. Therefore I think I can probably discount sets from his range. AQ was actually my very first thought but once the ace came on the turn I felt I had to pay him off because he could be doing this with AK or AJ as well. My turn bet here was a little smaller than usual because I wanted to keep Queens and flushdraws in. In the next hand I will show you one way how to exploit these donk bets 3) Attack weak plays with confidence! (and pray it does not go wrong ) This is one of those fancy plays I normally do not do but in this case I felt it had a high chance to succeed. Why? First of all I have played with the villain before and I know he is a good player, and more importantly I know he can hand read so I can work with my perceived range as well as his. Here is my thought process: A classic situation of SB steal which I certainly would not allow with a hand as strong as A7o (or should i say as weak as A7o?). The question is how am i going to proceed with defending my blind? call or 3bet? which one would you choose? I decided to go for a 3bet because I believe that against an opponent who can be very aggressive postflop it would be very difficult to continue with the hand unless I flop an ace. Of course the ideal scenario would be that he folds and i take it down preflop (I am obviously folding to 4bet). When he calls what range would you assign to him? I would say that it includes a lot of pocket pairs 55-TT maybe even JJ, middle to aces A8-AJ and a lot of broadways. I am definitely behind that range but there are 2 important things going for me: position and initiative which I am going to use to their full potential. Flop is 368 rainbow which is perfect for me because it should not connect with his range at all (unless he has exactly A8 or a flopped set) but what happens? He leads out half pot right into me. Is it a sign of strength? Definitely not because as I have just explained to you his range should not connect with that board 9 out of 10 times. I think he should know this and therefore I am in no doubt that if he actually flopped very strong he would go for a check raise. So what is his range now? I think it screams of a pocket pair like 77,99 or TT which is very vulnerable to overcards and would love to take the pot right on the flop. Not on my watch Even though I am 80% certain he would call my raise there I am also very confident that I can barell him off his hand on later streets (given that my read was right) should a good card come. K on the turn is perfect because there is no way he has a K in his hand. (I highly doubt that he would call my preflop 3bet with K8 and any other king should have folded on the flop). When I bet there he just has to believe that I have a bigger pair than he has (not afraid of the K) or that the king just nailed my flop bluffing range consisting mostly of AK,AQ and KQ. So remember - flop donk bet HU very rarely means a huge strength so if the situation is right punish all those trying to take the pot away from you (but do not overdo it). That is also the reason why I often lead out and bet into preflop raisers when I hit a set hoping they would interpret it as a weakness nad try to get me off the hand. 4) Hand read this I have already talked a bit about donk bets on the flop. Time for you to try and range my opponent in this hand. If you get it right you will get a candy 3 questions: 1) what range does the villain have after opening for x7 and calling my 3bet? 2) what range does the villain have after leading out on that board? 3) what should be my next action on the flop or consequently on the turn? Session summary: Hands: 1233 Time played: 1:20 Profit: -$9.13
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                        Time to set goals for the following month but before that I'd like to share some funny yet very interesting hands from today These 2 hands happened one after another with about 15s gap in between. Very hard not go on tilt! but at least it excersised my mental discipline (which was not really working for me the last couple of days) 1) Do you think his call on the flop is correct here? How can he ever be good when I shove there? The best case scenario for him is that I had AcJc or AcTc and he is behind even those hands. Anything else I would do this with is crushing him - flopped set or straight, higher 2 pair. I guess those are the kinds of players that make microstakes so profitable to play on 2) Do not go on tilt, do not go on tilt... Postflop is very standard for me. I am flipping against any overpair he has on that board. I am only losing to flopped flush (but what kind of flush? If he was not 3betting light with suited connectors then the only one plausible hand is KhQh which is nothing to worry about with all those hands he would be calling there) and am slightly behind a set. When the turn came i was 100% sure I had it. Can you imagine how i looked on the river when he showed his cards? By the way his chance of winning on the turn was 2.27% 3) Karmic retribution This is one of those hands where you know exactly what your opponent has and you know you are getting paid off. Such a great feeling! Considering that I am usually on the other side, paying off with full houses against quads it was about time for me to get lucky! umbup: It also looks like a hand that you simply cannot misplay but i think I could have easily left $4.50 on the table. My river bet was bad. I should have either shoved (because I knew he was not folding an ace) or check raised all in. I gave him a chance to just call which is very bad. I got really lucky that he decided to give the money away himself which was obviously terrible play because I played the hand like i had an ace also so we could only split the pot = basically he was just donating to PokerStars (but fortunately for me that time he was donating to me ) BR now on: $180
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                          My poker goals for February 2013 1) Build my bankroll to $275 and try to move up to and stay profitable at 10NL Zoom 6max (the plan is to go back to 5NL if my BR falls below $200) 2) Continue improving my game by attending live trainings (have scheduled one for today - diggin deep with PSO trainer xflixx, should be interesting ) and participating in forums. The amount of time dedicated to this must be increased to at least 7.5h a week. 3) Continue updating my time vault challenge 2-3 times a week 4) write at least 2 new posts in my blog 5) End the month with a bankroll of $350 Summary of January 2013 days active at poker tables: 28 hours played: 93.5 (average 3.3h/day) profit: 134.87 stakes: 2NL, 5NL main game: Zoom 6max The average hours played a week was about 23 which i think is ok and fit in with my plan of playing 10-30h a week. The profit gained was very nice and I certainly hope I can achieve at least the same result the following month too. I have noticed that probably my biggest leak at the tables was not being disciplined enough. Therefore the strategy to overcome this is to instantly pause a session if I notice I am not playing my A game, regroup, refocus and only then come back. On some days I have to admit I played terribly, not sticking to my general game plan which cost me a lot of money. Additionally, I did not put enough effort into learning. I am quite sure that I did not spend the planned 5h a week learning somethning new about poker and so decided that my main focus in February will be on this. I am going to keep a record of how much time I am spending on this and will be strict on myself to make sure my transition to higher stakes will be as smooth as possible. Tomorrow I am going to enjoy a day off from poker. Happy grinding everyone umbup: TommyGun


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                            The hand villain raising the flop is horrid I think. He shouldn't put himself in the spot of having to decide whether to call the shove. But I guess you know this Fortunately these kind of mistakes aren't just reserved for 5NL players


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                              Well done Tommy, my game plan has gone all to pot ( or someone else's pot)! keep it up.



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