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2013 Challenge - Starting from $0 and working towards $500

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  • 2013 Challenge - Starting from $0 and working towards $500

    Hello PSO members This is my first ever topic on this forum Wahoo! (you've got to start somewhere right?)

    To start off.. This goal may seem a little strange, some people may think think this is tough and too much to ask for.. or on the the other end of the scale.. probably laughing thinking "is that all?" but here's my story and logic behind it.

    {Self Introduction}

    I'm currently 19 (from the U.K so I'm legal haha) for my 19th birthday I got given some money which I then decided to spend on poker after playing with family and friends thinking i know it all haha. long story short I lost £50 (apx $80) in 3 months of playing,for a guy who has just finished education and has no guaranteed job with roughly £200 left from college funds in savings is a lot!

    Finally.. accepting the fact that I shouldn't gamble what I can't afford to lose.. I decided that I wanted to try from scratch and after doing some research I realised was doable but would take some time.. thus I started playing MANY freerolls.. from other sites too.. I became a "freeroll nut" which started out good, I was gaining money.. but because of my lack of understanding and discipline for the game I got stressed playing way too many games and soon lost what I'd gained.

    This leads me to the present day with the introduction of the [Million Club] promotion. I now realise that I need to slow down and that ironically less is more.. for now.. so I've stopped multi-tabling altogether.. and using only PokerStars has allowed me to take what I have learned and apply it to 1 table at a time, It has only been a week and I can say I think my game has improved A LOT. Now on to that goal of mine! .

    (I believe this can all be accomplished provided that I keep
    a calm, focused and logical mindset)

    {Step 1 - Gain $10}

    I have already gathered $5 from previous freerolls and plan to get the other $5 from either the million club freeroll this Saturday (26th, Jan) or continue with other various freerolls across pokerstars.. if needed a bit of both.

    I plan to do this by mid February (apx 15th) giving me roughly just over 2 weeks.

    {Step 2 - Exchange The $10 For Depositors/Privilege Freeroll Ticket}

    I plan to withdraw my $10 and deposit another $10 for the ticket.
    (I have thought about this for a while and im not sure if this is how PokerStars intended this feature to be used, but please understand that i'm just trying to "think outside of the box" here.. and in no way shape or form trying to unfairly exploit this!)

    if this is acceptable.. which I hope it will be, this is my plan.

    {Step 3 - Use Ticket To Further My Bankroll}

    I then plan to use these freerolls and if needed other freerolls to average 50c-$1 a day giving me roughly between $25-$40 in total by mid march.

    {Step 4 - The Final Hurdle, SnG's]

    I plan to start off by using this money I get to play [.25, 90 man] SnG's , again.. to start off.. 1 table at a time.
    2-3 tables a day (apx
    6-9 hrs) I have calculated that as a starting point.. this would give me at least roughly $2700 after the 9 months I have left if I won ALL tournaments.. now of course we all know that's not going to happen!

    after thinking about the losses and the fact that i may want to add tables/move up stakes during the year.

    I decided to go for a solid.. and satisfying $500, why am I satisfied?, if you care to read on.. I'll tell you

    {End Result]

    To tell you the truth.. I hate to admit it myself sometimes but I have diplegic cerebral palsy that effects my legs and my balance.

    While I can still work, it does restrict me to what jobs I can do.
    so while I try to get a job that suites me I shall play poker

    which leaves me with these thoughts.. thinking long term..

    If I am successful with this goal, I gain $500 from nothing.

    $500 for poker (provided i get a job by then.. I HOPE SO! haha) is a great place to start while having learned many lessons on the way. and if I can do this in a year and im 19 now.

    Imagine what my 21st birthday and the rest of my 20's would be like and who knows if i make it big, the rest of my life?..

    Well there is my post.. I apologise if this is long winded
    as a side goal, I also plan to be an active, or at least more active member of PSO by using this promotion as a bridge to future posts.

    I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read this
    And any constructive feedback on my post, my goal plan and for future posts would be greatly appreciated

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    Nice plan Shamram, best of luck ^_^


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      Great Approach

      earning $5 from freeroll is not easy

      as per depositor freeroll ticket you have to withdrew one month back and deposit next month to get ticket...

      you can cashout at the end of month 29/30/31 whatever it be and deposit next month..i dont think its against pokerstar rule


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        Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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          You have got the idea... "I now realise that I need to slow down and that ironically less is more.. for now.. so I've stopped multi-tabling altogether.. and using only PokerStars has allowed me to take what I have learned and apply it to 1 table at a time, It has only been a week and I can say I think my game has improved A LOT" It so so important to give your "A game" to one table with limited funds. Also be prepared for a down swing and that will be very tight bank roll management. Good luck. umbup:


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            Andy has a series of bankroll builder videos that show him building from a $5.00 start in session 17.

            You might also consider being staked by someone. Read the staking rules before you make an offer. Read some of the threads thatarre currently active to see some of the possibilities.

            Good luck
            3 Time Bracelet Winner


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              Good luck shamram - will be looking forward to your progess


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                Thanks Thank you for the feedback guys It's good to hear I'm starting off in the right direction. I will definitely check out those videos, thanks bear umbup:
                Last edited by Shamram321; Sat Jan 26, 2013, 04:02 AM.


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                  Variance Got Me!

                  Hi guys, sorry for the delay.
                  As for an update... I must say that sadly after trying Andy's method
                  I managed to use up my entire bankroll, before actually winning my supposedly final tournament.. (saved by a thread haha, while still making a slight profit) I do believe this was down to pure variance my KK's and QQ's and occasional AA's were getting beaten by Ax and straight draws a lot of the time.

                  which leads me to ask, is this sort of downswing normal?
                  (20 buy-ins before profiting)
                  and if anyone of you guys have experienced similar sort of downswings, if so how did it effect you?

                  as much as I respect and appreciate Andy's method, I think I'm going to stick with my original plan.

                  during my last tournament I came across a difficult situation with KK's which I have posted a blog about here ;




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