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PokerIggy's Time Vault 2013 challange

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  • PokerIggy's Time Vault 2013 challange

    Hi all!

    I've finally found my way back to PSO. I've registered in 2010, but never used my account till recently. I started to play NLH in 2010 and am now a recreational regular on Pokerstars. I've played a lot of STT SNGs on some other poker network when in that time and switched back to Pokerstars about 1,5 year ago. Since Pokerstars released Zoom last year I switch back to cash games. Since then I have played about 55k hands on 2NL and 32k hands on 5NL (all on the Zoom tables). As my bankroll vaporized on 5NL (I ended up with about $10), I moved this week back to 2NL and am hard working on my game. This week I accomplished a win rate of about 20 bb/100 over 2.6k hands (even with 2BI -EV) and since yesterday my BR is back up to about $31. So I really hope to continue this way.

    The reason that I didn't made it on 5NL is probably because of the lack of actual poker training. I do play a lot of hands a month (for a recreational player with a full time job and a wife and a kid), but I didn't ever really discussed hands or watched training videos, etc. So I have been looking for a way (to kinda force myself) to be more active also when I'm not sitting at the tables.

    As I recently discovered PSO again and really like the community and resources it provides I am going to try to be active at PSO. I also discovered the Time Vault 2013 challenge last week and I think this is exactly what I need. It will "force" me to be active in the community, post about my progress and talk about my played hands, etc. So there you have it. Yes I am really doing this! This is going to be my Time Vault 2013 challenge thread.

    So here my goals for 2013:
    • Main game will be zoom.
    • Move up to 10NL
    • BR: $1000
    • Watch 1 training video (or attend a live training session) a week.
    • Strict but aggressive BR management
    • Min. 2 posts a week in this thread.
    • Min. 2 bolgs a month.


    Current BR at 22-01-2013: $31

    I'll move up 1 limit when I hit 40BI for that limit and will move back to the previous limit when I my bankroll decreases to 30BI for that limit. So in writing:
    2NL: 0 - 200
    5NL: 200 - 400
    10NL: 400 - 1000

    I dont't really expact people to follow my progress, but who knows it will become interesting enough for some of you
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    Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:

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      First Graph

      So as I started back on 2NL I decided to post my first graph. I'll try to post a graph regularly to keep you al informed about my progress. It is a small sample but still a great start for the challange.

      BR: $31.55

      I am not really happy with the quality of my screenshot in the forum, but I didn't want to put the raw 1024x750 screenshot in the thread. Anyone who knows what picture size will do best?
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        Good goals m8! I advise you to check out recorded cash sessions, cause there's a pro zoom coach here in pso gareth, I think he plays higher but still if you post HH in the pso help thread i think him or anyother coach will help you umbup: Keep going GL


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          Nice start PokerIggy!
          And cool goals, best of luck ^_^

          Originally posted by PokerIggy View Post
          I am not really happy with the quality of my screenshot in the forum, but I didn't want to put the raw 1024x750 screenshot in the thread. Anyone who knows what picture size will do best?
          Feel free to use the raw screenshot, the forum will resize to fit and by choosing View Image from the contextual menu (right click) you can view it full size.

          Or you can use the double img and url to make an image clickable, so that it opens in a new window when you click on it. Check this post I've done and click quote to see the code.


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            Originally posted by powerdegre View Post
            Or you can use the double img and url to make an image clickable, so that it opens in a new window when you click on it. Check this post I've done and click quote to see the code.
            Tnx! I'll definitely give it a try the next time I post an image.

            Small update:
            Yesterday a short session as I was playing around at PSO to get a bit familiar with the community/forum. It started really bad an had to fight my way back. However the cards tought differently. I faced some set over set hands my SD+FD didn't made it. However I actually did some great lay downs and recovered a bit. So I'm not totally disappointed about my session. I'm currently not able to post hands so you'll have to wait a bit longer for that.

            BR: $29.96
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              Hey! Looking forward to seeing some of those great laydowns, and hopefully getting some ideas on how I can do the same!! Your graph looks great!! Congrats on the nice start to the challenge!! umbup: umbup:


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                So I didn't had the time to post some hands or give you an update. I actually still don't hve the time, but just wanted to post a hand that I've played yesterday. PF I put him on KK or AA because of his small raise. I think most of the time villain tries to get more money in the pot but doesn't want me to fold if I'm just trying to steal the blinds. On the flop I hit my set and he bets big. Now I slowplayed this hand by just calling but my question here is. Should I have raised AI because of the FD possibility or is slowplaying here a better option? He put me AI on the turn (exactly that I hoped for), but unfortunately a forth club hits the board and het hits the nut flush. So what do you think about this hand? btw Putting him AI on the flop wouldnt win the hand either I think as on 2NL he probably is never folding AA.


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                  its just one of those spots iggy - his flop bet screams he aint letting the hand go - all-in on the flop or turn doesnt really matter, take encouragment that you played the hand perfect and he got lucky.


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                    Gosh, I'm so reluctant to say what I'd do in a spot, because I'm still learning too, and my game's a disaster (reckless, gamble too much, etc.)

                    But maybe a shove on the flop would be okay because (1) were you like the 90% favorite there on the flop, or something like that? And (2) with that collossal overbet the sb made, it does kinda seem like he might be inclined to call?

                    PS If those flop odds are super off, then ... never mind lol But yeah, guess this hand was doomed, so ... guess it's just one of those things. Hopefully that means that now that you've gotten a rough beat out of the way, your odds'll be holding up for the next bunch of hands?

                    Just wanted to stop in and wish u luck on the challenge Iggy - GL GL!!


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                      Hi guys. Thanks for stopping buy my thread. I still haven't posted a lot of hands. I hope to change this in the future.

                      The last couple of weeks I've played a lot of hands on the way on my phone ot tablet so I'm missing some of my hand histories. I decided to mail Pokerstars once a month to setup a download of my HH for the past month as their software will only let you request the last 200 played hands. So I just requested and downloaded my January HH, but hadn't got the time to walk through it. Also I did play some interesting hands that I would like to post, but these were played on the 1st of februari. So I'll post those hands somewhere in March. I really hope Pokerstars can provide me a different solution, but I'm afraid this is how it will be for now.

                      Tonight I'm going to have a Skype session with some guy I've met on the internet who also playes a lot of 2NL/5NL zoom. I really hope this will be a success and we'll have some more sessions in the near future to work on our game. I'm really motivated to find a working solution to improve my game! So maybe this will give me some extra push. I'll let you know how it went.


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                        So yesterday evening I had a little skype poker session. It started with some technical difficulties, but eventually we managed to get us up and running. I then played a short session where he would watch and comment on my actions. I was quite nerves as I never had someone else looking over my shoulder and see me play, but it went quite well and the cards were nice to me so I ended after a short 40 min session with +1BI. So you won't hear me complaining . There were two hands that I marked for later review as I didn't really know what to do here. Hand 1: Here I am sitting with AKo in the BB. and face a 3bet pot. Villain 1 min raises Villain 5. I noticed that some players do this with KK and AA to keep people in the hand or hope that someone will 4bet them so thay can push AI. But because I find AK to good to fold right away I just called to prevent facing a 5bet that I really don't want to call. Then I hit a wonderfull flop. I hold the nut FD and Have two overs. But still I don't have much more than a draw. I decided to proceed with caution and check hoping one of them would make a reasonable bet that I could call. Betting myself would probably give me another difficult decision as I would probably face a 3bet I tought. So Villain 5 ended betting 1/3 pot giving me great odds to call and hit my draw. The turn was great, but then I din't know what to do anymore ending up checking it down and not getting my value. So here my questions should I bet the flop for value? And the turn/river? Or should I have done it completely different? Any thoughts are more than welcome. Hand 2: Villain called my 3b. What range could he have? JJ+, AQ+ or what else? The flop would hit his range quite alot, but not always. Also the turn could hit his range a lot. So this hand I would like to know if I should have bet the flop or turn? I didn't know what range he could have so I went in passive mode ending up with letting the hand go. So was this the right play or am I giving away my hand to easily as I'm IP and should at least try to win the pot on the flop? So let me know what you think. Hope someone can enlighten me
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                          So the above hands where reviewed by The Langolier (I love the name. It remembers me of the film each time again ). Oh and Sam thanks for reading my blog again! Hope you found the reviews also helpfull.

                          So I played some sessions again and I haven't had a negative session this month yet. Go go go!!!

                          Yesterday I had a +6BI session in about 1k hands! Lets hope I can continue this hot run! lol Unfortunately no graphs as I played them on my mobile device (see my PS Support question about this: Hand Histories for mobile app

                          I really hope they can give us a better solution for this, but till then my graphs will not be correct till the beginning of the follwing month. So I'll probably not post graphs before then.

                          I also received a 'Big Bang' ticket. Whoohooo! Let's ship this tournament and build some real bankroll!!

                          So today my BR is a whopping: $58

                          Let see how it continues...


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                            Nice +6 buy ins in 1k hands very nice

                            Not having a losing sessions this month wow wow weee

                            Keep winning iggy


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                              Play on your mobile
                              go home
                              launch the client
                              requests > hand history
                              check your email
                              paste the content of the email in a text file



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