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my poker journey 2013

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  • my poker journey 2013

    My 2013 Poker Goals
    primiray goal

    cashout of $200 each month(i will be cashing out keeping atleast $100 in BR)

    reach goldstar status

    seconday goal

    reach supernova staus and win big mtt

    My Plan

    current level

    I’ll be starting with a $217.65 and $11.05 $T bankroll, and I’ll be grinding up through the micros. My primary games will be $0.10/0.20 limit holdem and small mtt other than any nl game(mainly 2-7 triple draw triple stud razz stud hi/low stud high) except 8 game nl 2-7 single draw nl 5 card draw with buyin ranging upto $3.30.

    I’ve set the following bankroll rules for myself:

    bankroll< 100 avoid any tourney and play limit holdem following 300 BB bankroll managment

    move to next level when bankroll reach $1000.and follow 2000 BB BR managment for limit holdem and 200 buyin for tourney

    january goal

    cashout of $200(done)

    reach goldstar status(done)

    seconday goal(not even started)

    reach supernova staus and win big mtt

    february goal

    cashout of $200(done)

    reach goldstar status(done)

    seconday goal(not even started)

    reach supernova staus and win big mtt

    i will be using this thread as a time vault promotion.

    I will keep updating this thread about my progress...

    You must also write and publish a blog about your 2013 challenge with a minimum of two new blogs posted each month. These blogs must be published in the 'Blogs' section.
    could anyone guide me on this.should i post atleast 2 blog in jan to get a qualiied entry?I can write blog about my progress

    after playing some games only?i dont know how blog thing work..

    Gl all with poker MAY ALL OF YOU REACH YOUR GOAL IN 2013
    Last edited by a1379; Thu Jan 31, 2013, 05:20 PM.

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    A blog is there to write whatever you want, really...

    I'll tell you what I've done personally, then I suggest you open the other threads and check each poster's blog, surely should give you an idea or two.

    Personally I'm using the forum to update, I try to log something daily at the end of the session, then regular weekly updates, you know, more day to day stuff, graph, numbers, hands, the such.

    I'm reserving the blog for more chunky stuff, when I want to flesh out an idea, for an instance, I wanted to do a proper introduction and I've done it there, followed by a post about my goals and another one where I've detailed my plans for bankroll management.

    Probable future topics for my blogs are probably going to be what I really think about win rate and an in-depth analysis of how I deal with tilt, plus I've got some ideas on the side which I'm leaving there yet as I'm too busy.

    All the above said, just write what you want.


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      Thanks for giving time and input

      i have been posted same info in my first blog...hoping i m doing things right


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        Don't hope anything, just do it, even if it doesn't come out right where's the problem? Everyone makes mistake, the important thing is not being afraid of making them, as long as you learn from them.


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          Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:

          Bracelet Winner


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            My first day first session after posting thread startd with mtt played 2of total buyin 4.40 ended up no itm mtt earning ...... -4.40 player two hyper fpp storm sattelite lost both reward earning...... $0.00 thrn open up 8 table of limit cash game played 4122 hands started with 217.65 ended up profit .....$34.55 cash earning. $34.55 both holdm manager and poker tracker free trial expired..hard to keep track without software Is there any free tools which can summraise hands its hard to find interesting hand in limit holdem because of frequent showdown How do you proceed to maximuze pot what they holding.did my fold was right? did the river raise was passive/


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              GL m8! I do know dfpb wich is an Heads up Display real time and for free but I'm not sure if it can summarise hands, + you can get Universal Replayer for reviews but you should make the investment, it's a good one umbup:


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                Day 2 started with 259 played few mtt some tcoop razz sattelite(bubble turbo so fast) well nothing great breakeven or $1-2 loss in mtt played around 2500 hand in limit holdem made a profit roughly $36 overall i had a profit end roll .....295 nothing great in this hand as i am more interested on river bet ...the river card gave a top kicker which give a chance to bet one river..if it was 10 or less i would have checked the river..what you think?


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                  DAY 3

                  Mostly i was up for tourney as razz sattleite was going on

                  saved few intersting hand in notepad will post later

                  getting bubbled here there

                  two good finishes both in triple draw put me on $10 profit at the end of day....


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                    this ne from tcoop sattelite where i got bubble ....why replayer putting me n villin 6..... you have to flip it to win it,........not this time stud hi/lw here i m villin 8( folded a winning split hand felt for 1200 putting 1600 for a split is nt ok did i had right odd to call with q9 2-7 triple draw havind second nuuts other guy keep reraising me did i lose value here
                    Last edited by a1379; Fri Jan 25, 2013, 09:23 PM.


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                      day 4 most of the play came from mtt sattelite manage to get one limit holdem tcoop sattelite entry was 50 cent ......well unregister from there i m not still ready to play that big especially with turbo second one got rivered at bubble leading with top pair with kicker j river came 3 giving him two pair well thats poker...... some cashes in hi/low ran real bad in end started with a23 lost against 367 both hi low again same two hand in a row and i was out finished 3rd in triple draw won some sattelite of (sunday million sattelite) overall good resultumbup: bankroll $323 cash + $20.71$T i m on the way of 4th stealer award 400 fpp away ....5th one will give $50 Gl all


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                        Wow, some nice results there a1379 with the bankroll and steller rewards!! Nice to see things going so well for you!! umbup: Thanks again for stopping by in my thread with that cool tip!!


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                          Well played A1, keep it up m8tumbup:


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                            day 5

                            started with mtt and getting bubbled ...finally i decide to close the day as i wasnt in position to play my best

                            registered for weekly and monthly freeroll for goldstar with pso million club

                            i wasnt really a position to run long but still it was freeroll thats why had to play... busted in weekly .....and million club

                            and down to 600 chip in monthly tourney......from there i was in shove/fold situation throught with stealing few blind with min raise.....had a good run finally shoved 10 3 suited from small bb as i wasnt getting any spot and almost down to 4 bb beside i was playing tight bb called with q2 wohhhhhhhh thats how supernova roll i m still happy with the move.....

                            finished 17 out of 9 k player for $400 almost 7 and half hour it took

                            finally ended the day with profit


                            i have saved some hand...will post hand later i m bit tired

                            gl all


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                              Nice one! I would say 7.5 hours well spent! umbup:



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