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Time Vault-Parallel Universe

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  • Time Vault-Parallel Universe

    I recently read abt the challenge team online pro aCOIMBRa undertook..stripping himself of SnE title coming down to Bronze and then trying to convert 100 $ to 100000$...some zeros there...pretty baller to say the least ..

    So coincidentally it happened that i saw him start his challenge...nt a good first day for him as he lost 30$ playing 90 man 1$ turbos..second day he went to more lower limits of .50 cent 45's where i come in..i have deposited thrice on stars ..i lost my original 2 bullets to cash games...then my last and final deposit was a 10$ from a friend..i started grinding 1$ 45 man non turbos and ran by bankroll up through them...playing a few tourneys in between i made my bankroll into the higher 3 digits...nw that i see a pro coming down and doing what i have wanted to do for a while and going to start a parallel competition with him...HEALTHY COMPETITION...he is currently at 75$ after day am gonna myself also start with 75 $(don't want an unfair advantage of 25$ on him :P)

    So am setting 75$ aside for this challenge..So let the games BEGIN

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    To start it of am leaving my comfort zone of 1$ 45 man non turbos for the 45 man 50 cent turbos..lets do this...gonna play 20 of these and then see what happens..

    INITIal Bankroll-75$


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      Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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        Very interesting goal jdsaz. I'll follow your progress and all the best of luck to you. What happens if you end up doing better than the pro? A change of careers possibly?


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          i did start a blog also..thanks


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            i always wanted to do something like this..started also but could never stick to since Team Pro has sworn to an year of dedication how can i back out...would also be nice to compete with an EX-SNE on home turf :P

            who doesn't want a career in which they have fun working...


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              nw i started with manually registering the Sng's ...what i noticed was turbos fill up pretty quickly than the standard sng's... i am okay with multi-tabling fairly easily up to 6 tables so registered until i had 6 on screen and registered another if i busted some..

              this was just a trial run so stopped registering after i registered 10 45 man .50$ SNG's

              wasn't the start i was hoping bt cant do anything when ur queens don't hold against rag aces thrice for huge pots pre FT on 3 different occasions...also thr were certain spots i was frozen cause i did nt know what the standard line for a turbo event in that spot pretty sure in a non turbo those spots r easy folds bt less knowledgeable abt turbos...will come back to this later

              so at the end of 10 sng's i only made 1 deep run for second cashing for 4.35$... investment 5$ return 4.35$... net loss 65 cents


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                Nw before going ahead i will tell u a thing i do as a kind of habit...whenever i cash a sng or tourney i transfer the non integer part of the cash to my friend..reason being that is how i create my bankroll to play sunday events..looks small bt those cents add up by the end of the week and u can play a few bigger sunday majors with them..on sunday i take them back from my friend and play the tourneys :d

                so current bankroll-74$
                sunday grind br- 0.35$


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                  switched to 90 man 50 cent turbos for the rest 10 ended up playing 12...same 6 tabling

                  ran better in these and ended up cashing in 4 of the 12 events for two 7th places ,a third and last SNG 2nd

                  total cashes 16.6$..profit 10.6$..2.6$ of which go to sunday grind BR

                  so current baankroll-82$
                  sunday grind br- 2.95$ (see the cents add up )


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                    this being the first time i aam posting on the thread after a session i m going into much too detail about hw i grind aand things i do...nw the most important think for which threads r...FOR HELLLP

                    so here is it

                    My Doubts

                    1.Any other way i should play this hand

                    2.what to do in this spot
                    PokerStars Hand #92558453352: Tournament #675508204, $0.45+$0.05 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XI (400/800) - 2013/01/18 21:09:56 IST [2013/01/18 10:39:56 ET]
                    Table '675508204 3' 9-max Seat #3 is the button
                    Seat 2: paardeben (8162 in chips)
                    Seat 3: yamert1 (5075 in chips)
                    Seat 4: 777ATLANT777 (7893 in chips)
                    Seat 6: Lary7787 (8555 in chips)
                    Seat 8: Simnik220 (5639 in chips)
                    Seat 9: jdsaz (21499 in chips)
                    paardeben: posts the ante 75
                    yamert1: posts the ante 75
                    777ATLANT777: posts the ante 75
                    Lary7787: posts the ante 75
                    Simnik220: posts the ante 75
                    jdsaz: posts the ante 75
                    777ATLANT777: posts small blind 400
                    Lary7787: posts big blind 800
                    *** HOLE CARDS ***
                    Dealt to jdsaz [Ah 2c]
                    Simnik220: folds
                    jdsaz: folds
                    paardeben: folds
                    yamert1: folds
                    777ATLANT777: folds
                    Uncalled bet (400) returned to Lary7787
                    Lary7787 collected 1250 from pot
                    Lary7787: doesn't show hand
                    *** SUMMARY ***
                    Total pot 1250 | Rake 0
                    Seat 2: paardeben folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                    Seat 3: yamert1 (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                    Seat 4: 777ATLANT777 (small blind) folded before Flop
                    Seat 6: Lary7787 (big blind) collected (1250)
                    Seat 8: Simnik220 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                    Seat 9: jdsaz folded before Flop (didn't bet)
                    Last edited by jdsaz; Sun Jan 20, 2013, 10:50 PM.


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                      don't want to end the post in gloom bt that's the last hand i played of the session ...people will say why nt raise pre bt i had kept a note on the guy whenever someone limped frm small blind to his BB he would shove

                      trap ultimate failure



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                        oky nt last hand bt u get what i meant to sy gn


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                          whenever i cash a sng or tourney i transfer the non integer part of the cash to my friend..reason being that is how i create my bankroll to play sunday events I actually like this idea umbup: although instead of transferring to a friend, why not just change it to a currency that you don't use? Good luck for your challenge.
                          Bracelet Winner


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                            i haven't ever used the they charge a commission in between..if that then i don't want to bleed money currency changing,,,also does the money get converted to T$?

                            also i did a small 10 SNg usual unlucky close to FT in some spots...last SNG was sick..AA KK QQ all cracked in a matter of 15 hands..and last hand AK cracked by AQ aipf..oh least i shipped one

                            here r a few doubts i faced...would be happy if someone helped

                            1)guy showed AQs bt still feel i was knit here

                            2)is this the correct way?

                            3)if that was mistake i guess i rectified it this hand ..same opponent

                            4)i did tell u right my queens never hold right?

                            5)was going for the check rasie option,,what to do when that fails..lead turn?


                            • #15
                              so current baankroll-89$(82+7)
                              sunday grind br- 3.87$ (2.95 +.92)



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