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$100 BR challenge - Acombfosho

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  • $100 BR challenge - Acombfosho

    Hi guys.

    I plan on building my BR playing ZOOM cash games starting with $100.

    I will stick to 20 buy-in bankroll management and move up whenever I hit 20 buy-ins.

    I'm going to 6 table ZOOM with 3 tables of 6 max and 3 tables of FR. I should be able to play around 1000 hands an hour.

    My goal is to play strictly zoom up until 200nl level when I reach a BR of $4000.

    I predict it will take me roughly 100,000 hands per limit to move up, with a 2bb/100 WR + rewards.

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    Also, I am using GarethC23's videos as a guide for my play in Zoom. To be honest his advice is really great and it's wonderful to have a big winner and clear thinker making videos here


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      I also would like to try to reach out to GarethC23 for private coaching, if anyone could put me in direct contact with him that would be great!!


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        Good luck and have fun Acombfosho! ^_^


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          Results so far at 5nl Zoom


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            Hey, royalraiser left a message for you in this thread about making sure your thread got moved to the 'Challenges and Battleground' thread before the end of the month so that'd you'd be eligible for the Time Vault promotion. Just thought I'd drop you a note in case you hadn't seen that Nice graph there!!! umbup: umbup:


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              thanks, made a thread in the Time Vault forum too! I'm entered!


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                Hi, Thread moved into correct forum at request of member. Raiser umbup: ***moved***


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                  this stands as my entry to the Time Vault competition!


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                    good luck, 20 buy ins seems a bit small, i ask the pro's all the time on twitter and they are always giving advice, i'll leave you on a quote from one of these pros " i would say to play comfortably i need 100 buy ins but i would take +ev shots with 30 buy ins if that was the situation" his a heads up specialist.. but hope this advice is helpfull GOOD LUCK umbup:


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                      Bankroll is a function of a few things

                      1) winrate. The lower your winrate, the higher the variance and the more likely you are to need a larger bankroll. If you are not a winner, you don't need a bankroll, you need a budget. I expect a 2bb/100 winrate at least due to my experience and the relatively low level of competition at nanostakes. I will consider a larger bankroll when I am playing 50nl+ as the competition gets much tougher and this could effect the winrate.

                      2) cash outs, do you need to cash out your bankroll for real life things? if so then have a bigger bankroll. This is why pros advise 100 buyins plus 6 months living expenses up front. This is not the case with me. I work fulltime as an English teacher so there is no need to cash out anything.

                      3) consequences of going broke. If you lose your bankroll, how big of a consequence will it have on your life? In my case, it will have little to no effect on my life whatsoever.

                      Some other authors have advocated much looser bankroll requirements, especially when building a bankroll at the nano and micro stakes (Tri Nguyen). I understand the 100 buyin rule, but that is for professional players who depend on the money for an income, and the consequences of going broke are huge, so they need a larger bankroll to limit the affects of variance.

                      For all these reasons noted above, I a sure that 20 buyins is sufficient


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                        Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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                          I've updated my blog now - thanks royalraise85!

                          I hope this challenge goes well


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                            So far so good, nearly doubled my bankroll thanks to winning a bunch of buyins and clearing some bonus money!


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                              Just finished up reading Building a Bankroll by Veneer, it was good, but not ground breaking for me, but since I've been playing poker for about 5 years now I will be fair to the book and say if I was a newbie it would have saved me many years of guesswork!

                              Here's updated graph, BR is now $234, so I'm pleased very much with the first month, 20buyins in less than 10,000 hands is my record for any 10k hand stretch



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