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RicJSSousa's 2013 poker goals

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  • RicJSSousa's 2013 poker goals

    Hi guys.

    My goals for this coming year are:

    - Create a sturdy bankroll and avoid bursting it in few games.
    I'll deposit 10$ every month to continue play in the 100K freeroll, which I love to play and hope that by the end of the year I have in my bankroll, at least what I deposited, starting from now (which makes about 150-180$, as I deposit in Euros). Let's hope I can manage at least that.

    - Initially I'll play only freerolls in order to try and increase my bankroll a little bit, once I get some comfort +5$ at least, I'll start playing the 25 man's .25c and hopefully starting to build my bankroll there.

    - My main goal, besides the money of course, is to achieve Silverstar by December 2013. Let's hope so.

    The fingers are crossed, so let's start the game.

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    Good luck RicJSSousa, keep us updated on your progress!


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      I will. Thanks for the support.


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        Hi guys. So, this was my outcome on the Pokerschool freeroll that I played. I busted with the following hand. Was already a little short stacked, but still lasted a few more hands, so check it and tell wether u played it the same or where could I improve. It's not the first time that I run into the same situation and with the same outcome. lol. (Shoulda learned by this time) here's the hand. Sincerely I was almost 100% sure that someone had A5, but as I was slightly short stacked and there was a slight chance that I could make a full house, therefore I risked it. What do u guys think of it. Regards.


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          Good luck in your goals,

          Grade b
          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

          13 Time Bracelet Winner


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            Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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              Hi raiser.

              I have already a blog opened at Community/Blogs/My Blog.

              Is this the correct place for placing a blog, or do I need to place it under Forum/Poker Community/Member Blogs.

              Ricardo Sousa


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                Hi guys, I was happy with the outcome of this hand, but am having issues if it was or it wasn't a good move. Here's the hand: At this freeroll the big stacks shove and steal alot, so I figured "what a hell, I have AQ, I'll just shove it" but after I saw the ATs I got scared and wondered if it was a good move, risking the whole torney with AQ. What do you guys think of this. Cheers, Ricardo Sousa


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                  Hi all. Just busted from the 100K freeroll with AKsh. I think it was a good call, but unfortunate with the flop. On the other end maybe i was extra confident with the hand i played. What do you think of it?
                  Last edited by RicJSSousa; Thu Jan 17, 2013, 09:36 PM.


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                    End of week 1!
                    So far so good, managed to win 1.10$ off of freerolls only, which means about 4.90$ left to start playin' those 25c 25man SnG, let's see how next week turns out.

                    Let's hope that it becomes more profitable than this one... Finger's crossed.

                    See you guys later on,
                    Enjoy the tables and happy gaming.

                    Ricardo Sousa


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                      Hey, hey...

                      So this week, haven't played much, so far (work, work, work).
                      Started today playing my freerolls and waiting a few more days till reload.

                      Still haven't forgot the challenge and as soon as I pick up about 5$, will start the challenge.

                      Currently well positioned on a freeroll, let's hope I make some $$$ out of this one.

                      Cheers and good luck at tables.

                      Ricardo Sousa


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                        Hey, hey...
                        Here I am again, happy to tell you all that I will now start my grinding towards my 2013 goal.
                        Just won a 4500+ man freeroll winning a total of 4.65$ (Yeay... I'm rich) :P

                        Well, it's just the enough for the beginning at least.

                        So now I'll start my grind of 45 man 0.25$ games. Will let you all know about my results with a full list of games.

                        Thx and wish me luck.
                        Ricardo Sousa


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                          Just upset... Dude... I'm so freakin' upset right now... Started today my 0.25$ challenge and so far with 10 games played... 0.00$ profit... Maybe it's just a bad day. The first 5 games, I was guetting used to way of play of these tables, after a while I started to pick up the pace, although not finishing ITM, but were nice scores 14th, 17th... around that, I played so many freerolls, that I was just too loose. Still need to thighten up a bit, but almost there. Now... this freakin' hand drove me just plain mad. Please tell what have I done wrong here. How is it possible that a guy/girl (just don't know) can call such raises with 87o... maybe it's just me that don't know how to play. Nevermind... Better games will come. Cheers, Ricardo Sousa P.S. Luckily, I've been checking the villain's game and found that he just plays bad and got lucky... At least that to make me happy. Cheers
                          Last edited by RicJSSousa; Wed Jan 30, 2013, 03:48 PM. Reason: update


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                            After an intense session of .25$ 45man SnG and after busting in about 15 of them, I finally got the hang of it and finished 1 in 8th (bubble boy) and 1 in 3rd. Not bad. But that was yesterday.
                            Today's a different story. Play only 3 of them. Busted early in the 1st one, got about 14th in the 2nd one and finished 5th in the last one.
                            Not bad also.

                            Let's keep up the pace...

                            Ricardo Sousa


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                              Way up...

                              Hey guys...

                              Here comes this week's update on my journey!

                              It's not been very nice to watch, as my bankroll started descending early this week, with ITM for me, been bubble about 5 times, two days ago... Not nice indeed.

                              But today, I came up with a new approach to the game and it worked, guess the last days I was maybe overflowed with work and still tried to play, maybe I chose the wrong days to play, I sensed that I was a bit on the loose side. (For sure I was) as with today's games were completely diferent, played only 9, busting the bubble in 1 and reaching ITM in other 2, so it was not bad at all.

                              my graph was descending and currently is going up, so... I guess not all is bad, lets hope I can keep up with this attitude.

                              So basically, so far I played 63 - 0.25$ - games and reached ITM in 8 of them...

                              Let's keep up with it and hope for better days.

                              Cheers to you all and good luck @ the felts.

                              Ricardo Sousa



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