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My journey to supernova

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  • My journey to supernova

    Hey fellow pokerplayers!

    __________________________________________________ ___________
    It started Juny 2012. I was bored and wanted to kill time. I belive I saw somewhere an Pokerstar Add, so I clicked on it and downloaded straight away. I plaid mainly S&G Headsup.

    It was quiet fun so I deposited 15$ usd very fast. Played myself up to 100$. Then I realised I could do a hobby while I earn a bit money on the way. Everything went the right way. And by short time I had a bankroll of 3000$.

    I had some problems outside of the tables and had to whiten drew the money, and I did not return to the tables on a long time.

    So now is a new year and new opportunities. Ive redeposited 500$ because I dont want to grind microstakes all over agian.
    __________________________________________________ ___________


    My first grinding day. I planned to play for a long time. But went longer that expected. Twelve hours to be accurate.

    Stats for that day
    +224 $
    +402 VPP


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    **moved to a more appropriate forum** Very good results so far considering such a long grind!umbup: What games/stake do you play? Best of luck to you in your 2013 pursuit of Supernova!

    Quintuple Bracelet Winner


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      I play 0.25/0.50$ and 0.50/1$ cap games. Thats what im grinding atm. A few weeks and I should be up on 1/2$

      But my problem is that I have very little knowledge about theese "addons" with graphs to show, huds, this and that. :P

      Ive seen people showing their session graph as a picture in their topics.



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        I have edited topic to make it more like a blog


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          12.01.2012 Planned to grind from 12.00 CET to 18.00 CET. Been playing for 1.5 hours. Will post a review when im done and maybe post some tricky hands umbup:
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            gl senja maybe like this supernova should be possible
            Triple Bracelet Winner


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              Thank you!

              Yes I belive if I go in this pase, then gradually get higher bankroll and addon tables I think it will be possible

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                Done with 6 hour session. Felt like I dident have the luck with me. For example. I raise, villain raise. I shuve with KK, he calls with 99. Hits 9 on flop. Been getting alot of theese hands today. Well well, had the equity with me.
                -42 $
                +203 VPP


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                  GL with the grind Senja! Hey, Cannon, if Senja's thread got moved alongside all the Time Vault Challenge threads, would he be eligible for the promotion? Then there might be that additional chance to win prizes? umbup:


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                    GL, senja
                    'Cause I have done it before and I can do it some more I got my eye on the score'


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                      I have not updated in a while.

                      Been busy with school.

                      Just hit GOLD rank and my bankroll is currently 823$

                      I changed from CAP games to HU NLHE. I feel cap games are very random and i rather prefer playing against only one person. Because that is what I am used to play and have experience with



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                        Wow, congrats!! Takes a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve those VPP's ... I'm going in the other direction this month myself You must have *just* gotten your Gold star ... I still have it showing as Silver Hey, so I've been keeping a list of all the people who have signed up for the Time Vault promotion, and one of the things you have to do to qualify for prizes is start a blog ... except it HAS to be in the 'Challenges & Battleground' thread. I just thought I'd drop you a note in case you hadn't seen the promotion and didn't realize you could win prizes just for doing what you're already doing ... if you do it in a different section of the forum? Royal Raiser was saying he'd move peoples' threads if anybody in the blog section contacts him before Jan 30 to ask him to, so I just thought I'd let you know about that in case you'd missed his post here: Big congrats on the Gold star, and GL with the switch back to your comfort zone - sounds like it's going really well!! umbup:



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