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My 2013 poker goals - bankroll building (time vault)

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  • My 2013 poker goals - bankroll building (time vault)

    Hi all & welcome to my entry for the Time Vault promotion. You can find more info about me & the challenge on my BLOG (sorry, if you can't see it yet, it's awaiting approval). Here I'm going to set out my goals for 2013 & keep you all updated on my progress throughout the year. So, here goes:


    This is my main goal and most of my other goals are there to help me acheive this. To start with I will be playing the following games:

    LEVEL 1
    2NL/5NL zoom (mainly 5NL)
    9/18/27man $1.50 & $3.50 S&G's (mainly $1.50, with an eye of the leaderboards/Battle of the Planets)
    $2.50 Turbo 180man S&G's
    MTT's up to $3.30
    Satellites up to $2.50 (Sunday Storm/Sunday Million/TCOOP/SCOOP etc.)
    PSO Premier Skill League (or $1.10 Prem Lg Qualifiers if not in the Premier League)
    100K Privilege Freerolls
    FPP Freerolls/Satellites

    FIRST TARGET - $500 - at this point I'll adjust the games I'm playing (see BLOG)

    2) Spend at least 2 hours per week training to improve my game. This may be live training, training videos & poker books.

    3) Look for leaks in my own game. I'll be using Hold'em Manager 2 & posting hands on the forum that I think I may have played badly.

    4) Take regular breaks from poker, make sure I'm spending enough time with my partner & continue with my other interests (football & hiking) to keep myself fit.

    5) Earn 5000VPP's. I'll earn a minimum of 150VPPs a month (for full PSO Premier League prizes & access to all videos on PSO), with a goal of earning at least 5000VPP's by the end of the year which will earn me a total of $100 in VIP Stellar Rewards.

    6) Improve my live game

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    Looks good Paul7036,

    Don't forget you don't have to only post hands you playbadly you can post a varity of hands and intresting spots to get poeple taking about various differant aspects of play.

    Look forward to reading more Gl on the felt

    Grade b
    I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

    13 Time Bracelet Winner


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      Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:


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        Thanks a lot I'll try & keep this updated as often as I can. I've had some terrible luck in tournaments over the last couple of days but better news in the cash games. So far I've played 3735 hands on 5NL Zoom for a profit of $46.73. Here's my graph: Start bankroll - $250.00 Bankroll 12/1/13 - $292.19 I found myself in a tough spot today with AQs in position vs. 2 limpers... So, he's called my raise pre-flop & then called bets on the flop & turn. On the river he bets into me putting me all-in if I make the call. What do you guys think he has? Should I make the call?
        Last edited by Paul7036; Sat Jan 12, 2013, 06:47 AM.


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          I have quite a few hands on him & his stats are 22/15.


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            Well, although I knew there was a good chance he had QJ I decided I was getting a good enough price to call as he may also do the same thing with a missed flush draw & there was a chance of him having a weaker Q.

            Slightly surprised to see QT but I won the big pot anyway.

            I didn't like this as calling off chips when I think there's a good chance I'm behind is the biggest leak in my game. I really need to work on being able to lay down strong hands in certain situations.


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              Quick update on how things are going. Profits on Zoom have slowed down... I've lost in 3 of my last 4 sessions although the one winning session covered the losing ones Here's my graph for the whole of 2013 so far:

              I haven't played many MTTs or S&Gs as I've been spending a lot of time playing the PSO Premier Skill League in which I've cashed 6 times & made 3 final tables (1st, 2nd & 6th). I'm currently sitting in 12th place so as long as things don't go horribly wrong I should be getting a nice boost to my bankroll at the end of the month, along with another shot in February.

              I've only played 4 $1.50 S&G's this week & cashed in 3 of them. I'll be playing a few more to have a crack at the low orbit leaderboard. Here's my tournament graph for 2013 so far:

              So, I started with a bankroll of $162.11. I wanted to make this $250 but deposited $100 using the code TCOOP to get a free $27 tourney ticket which means I need to withdraw $12.11 at some point to round it down to $250.

              At the moment I have $326.88 which for my challenge gives me (-12.11):

              $314.77 = $64.77 profit so far


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                Had a seriously bad run of luck the last couple of days which has given the bankroll quite a hit. Lost $15 (3 buy-ins) at 5NL zoom in the space of about 25 hands, each time losing with monster hands (KK once, AA twice). I flopped trips with the Kings & lost to JT suited making a straight on the river... Here's one of the AA hands, Maybe I should have been a little scared of him having KK when he raised me post-flop but I'd put him on AK as I thought he'd have 4-bet pre-flop if he had KK: It's been happening to me quite a bit recently... This one is truly shocking. After hitting the Q on the flop there's only a 1/1000 chance of losing the hand against the pocket 5's. Here's what happened: Bankroll now stands at $288.63, down $26.15 in the last couple of days Time for a break - for the next couple of days I'll be watching some training videos & playing a couple of PSO Premier League tourneys, won't be losing any more.
                Last edited by Paul7036; Thu Jan 17, 2013, 09:49 AM.


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                  Shit happens Paul, keep it up!


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                    Hey! The graphs look awesome!! Very nice!! umbup: umbup: Especially considering some of your luck there ... wow with that QQ < 55 ... yikes! Here's hoping your luck turns around soon, if it hasn't already!! GL GL GL!!! umbup:


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                      Thanks a lot I'm back on the Zoom tables now after taking a couple of days off following the run of back luck I had just before my last post. The graph doesn't look so good now but at least it's moving back in the right direction

                      The huge drop at around 5600 hands looks pretty tilty but it represents 4 hands (in the space of about 50) in which I got my chips in good (big favourite 3 times, 50/50 once) & got sucked out on every time.

                      So, 22 days into the challenge & my bankroll currently stands at $292.39, up $42.39. Breaking it down:

                      CASH - +39.59
                      S&G - + 0.52
                      MTT - + 2.28

                      It looks like there'll be $20 bonus from the PSO Premier League at the end of the month too Maybe more if I can get a few good results in the final week.


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                        Still a neat 10bb/100, I wouldn't mind in all honesty ^_^


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                          Lost full house against quads. After the flop you were 99.2% favorite to win and you did not. that's online poker.

                          But in fact, before the flop, you should win only 2 from 3 cases against two opponents so this was probably the case. I would rather follow the pre-flop statistic rather than the post-flop since you all went all-in before the flop.


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                            Originally posted by Rogger1999 View Post
                            Lost full house against quads. After the flop you were 99.2% favorite to win and you did not. that's online poker.
                            I beg to differ, that's poker.

                            In online poker it's more noticeable for two reasons, the first being that there's a bigger sample, so there are more of these hands to be observed.
                            The second is visibility, which hands are you more likely to post? The one where everything went according to plan, or the one where your opponent was lucky enough to hit runner/runner the only two outs?


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                              Yes, that's any form of poker. In online poker you're playing more hands so luck is going to even itself out quicker. I was actually running really well in December, shame that wasn't part of this challange

                              Yes, the money went in pre-flop so that's what matters, I just thought it would be interesting to post a hand like that - it doesn't happen often.

                              Also, where do you get the percentages from? Did you use some online programme? I worked it out manually as 99.89% (1.1 in 1000 of losing) since the only way I can lose the hand after the flop is when both the 5's come out from the 43 unknown cards:

                              (2/43) * (1/42) = 0.0011



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