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Time Vault Challenge

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  • Time Vault Challenge

    I have played house games with friends on and off for the past few years. Occasionally I watch WSOP highlights and cash games on TV. I realized I enjoyed poker, the challenges, and of course I wanted to improve my game and start making profit. I started playing online a little while ago and have liked it a lot. This has led me to create my goals for 2013: #1 Improve my overall game.. all aspects, especially playing more aggressive in certain situations. #2 Start a bankroll. I will freeroll until I build up a bankroll I can work with. #3 Find a good poker friend that I can work with, learn off of, share hands, and tournament results. #4 Continue to enjoy playing and not lose my motivation during tough times, which will come I'm sure. #5 Learn how to win at Limit Hold em These are my most important goals and I will talk about how I will achieve these goals in my updates. Good luck to everyone in accomplishing your goals and have fun at the tables umbup:

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    Yesterday I spent about an hour reading limit strategies and how to play post flop, after the turn and on the river. I learned a little bit about how to get max value. Anyways it was all to help me with my goals. I busted out of a freeroll then went to play some limit in hopes to grow my meager bankroll. After a short session I have a new favorite hand.
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    My bankroll went from $0.63 to $1.37 after this. It's not much, but it's a start.


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      Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:
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        GL built by tilt,

        How much of a bankroll do you hope to start with?

        what poker books are you reading? (super system II has a good Limit section in it)

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        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

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          I want to get to a bankroll of $100, starting from freerolling.

          I'm not reading any limit books right now, I'm more focused on NL hold em. However, I'm reading articles and forums that discuss limit strategy and am putting some of it into practice at the micro stakes. I try not to do this very much because one bad run and my money's gone.

          I'm going to try and play more and hopefully get a stake or hopefully run good in one of the weekly round 2 tourneys.

          Thanks for the support and gl to you with your goals


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            Watched one hour of videos today and also played sessions of NL hold em. Starting bankroll: $2.56 After sessions: $3.66 Went on a fairly big downswing, lost $1.00. Took a break to avoid tilting and came up with some nice hands that got me back to even. Then I played one the most easy hands of my life. The villain and I had been going to war for quite awhile. Lots of 3 betting and post flop play. He was very aggressive, always c-betting and quite often firing second and third barrels.
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            I decided to smooth call in hopes to hit and have him barrel off his stack. How do you think I played this hand because I know I could have played it much differently.


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              Currently playing in the WR2. Will be posting updates along the way. My current position is 1362 out of 4625 left
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              After the flop should I check fold this early in a tourney, or what?


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                Um.... thanks bud
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                Anyways, first break and I'm 868 out of 3446 left. Keep going


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                  And a disappointing bust. 1659/7501 Nothing I could do.. playing against a very aggressive opponent. If I won this hand I was set to make a very nice run.. poker gods weren't on my side. Better luck next week.
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                    Been busy with SnG's the last few days and haven't found time to update lately. Anways, for about a week I was grinding but going absolutely nowhere. Remembered to be patient and one good day and I'm back in the black. Most important thing in poker I think is patience.

                    One thing I'm not happy about is my PSO rank has been slipping because I haven't been able to play in one of the tourneys for a week and a half. I plan on playing soon to keep my rank in the top 2000 and then in February go for top 500.

                    New years goals are looking very good so far! Good luck to everyone on your goals!


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                      Would anyone play this a different way? This is from a SnG, which have been keeping me very busy lately. My bankroll has slowly, ever so slowly, grown to $6.34. I'm hoping to grow this above ten, which will give me a shot at getting 20 vpp and then hopefully I can finish in the top 500 in the Open league. I want to be playing in the Premier League in March. Alot of grinding ahead! I'm getting closer to my New Year's goals and I hope everyone else is too! GL


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                        Playing in the WR2 today. Hoping to hit it big and boost my bankroll. Hope to see some of u there. I will be posting updates throughout the night (for me), during the breaks.


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                          And i'm done. Couldn't even make it to the first break. Was around my starting stack with the blinds at level 3. Picked up KK and raised 3x, got 1 caller. Flop came Q high with 3 spades. I bet the pot get called. Turn comes a blank. I go all-in, he calls with AQo no spade. And the river comes an Ace.

                          Better luck next time


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                            3 weeks in to the new year and it's time to reflect on my goals.

                            #1 Improving my game - I have been putting in the hours this month and because of this, my game has developed quite a lot in a short time. Playing SnG's really helped me identify areas where people are weak or strong, and who to attack. I tweaked my playing style and it has paid dividends so far.

                            #2 Starting a bankroll - My bankroll has grown to ~$10 in 3 weeks from $0. This is good. It was extremely hard starting from scratch. Now I have a little to work with.

                            #3 Find a poker friend - Check. I want to find even more, more friends I have, the more my game will grow.

                            #4 DON'T TILT!! - Went through a tough spot where I wasn't cashing and making mistakes. Felt like tilting, but just walked away for a bit, cleared my head and came back later and had success. Check

                            #5 Win at limit hold em - I played limit hold em when my bank roll was less than $2. What a mistake this was. I was very fortunate to make a profit. I have read a lot of forums and articles that give out pointers and strategies for limit hold em and also the required bankroll. I'm not there yet. I will work on this goal later on when my bankroll is big enough.

                            Loving my start to the year, still lots of room for improvement though. Have fun at the tables and GL to everybody else.


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                              Brilliant mate - anyone that has the desire and dedication to build a roll from ZERO can achieve anything they wont to.



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