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  • Nobody's goals

    Long time player, being playing up and down for a few years and I'm yet again back on the game. Seen this Time Vault thingy and I thought would be a good motivational.

    Yearly Goals 2013

    As I have a history of quitting the game after a while for a reason or another, my main goal is consistency, I will get to the end of the year playing poker.

    I am starting again from .01/.02 and by the end of the year I will have gone up to the .05/.10 limit, got my Silver Star and prepared to jump another limit.

    Got a little side project as well on Tilt, got the 20$ ticket off Stars to play on Tilt for linking my accounts and got until January next year to clear it, playing .02/.05 only using the ticket itself.

    Then, to motivate myself in the short run, some monthly goals to update as I go.

    January 2013

    Get to the end of the month.
    Play at least 6 hours a week.
    Keep up this thread and start the blog.
    Close positive over 10 bb/100. -ish
    Do regular hands review.
    Get familiar with this site's forum.

    February 2013

    Get to the end of the month.
    Play at least 6 hours a week.
    Keep up this thread and the blog.
    Close positive over 9 bb/100.
    Do regular hands review.
    Focus on reducing my main leaks.
    Watch some Poker Basics video.
    Learn to heart outs and odds.
    Take at least 2 days off.
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    why did u get a tcket for pairing accounts? I paired mine and never got no ticket


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      Was a recent offer valid for accounts that already had a deposit prior to the 24th of December 2012 and paired their account in between that date and the 6th of January 2013.

      Luckily for me I've got back into playing around the end of December and was able to use the offer.

      CLICK ME to see the thread on the topic.


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        Good luck with the goal, Keep us up to date here in this thread.

        Grade b
        I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

        13 Time Bracelet Winner


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          Hi powerdegre, Welcome to PokerSchoolOnline! Here is a link to help familiarize you with the features and services that are available at PSO. Setting goals is an excellent way to increase your motivation and potential to succeed. PSO is currently offering a promotion that fits nicely with your plans. This is where you can find all the information you need to enter the Time Vault Promotion. Good luck in all your endeavours, umbup: Joss
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            First update

            I've started the blog and at the moment I haven't written anything about the challenge, just put down a history of my poker years, will write my challenge goal and seal the Time Vault entry in the next days.

            My game at the moment is on 5 tables, 4 Stars NL2 and 1 Tilt NL5 where I'm using my ticket, the funniest thing is that I've earned more tonight on that NL5 table then in all my NL2 since I've started for Xmas... doubled first with pocket Aces against a fish and an optimist, then again with AQo which hit the straight on the turn, pushed, he called with KJ for two pair, kkthxbye.

            No illusion of grandeur though, I'm not jumping limits for that, I'm well aware that I'm on a hot streak and coolers will come, proof:

            These are my hands played since I've restarted after Xmas, don't mind the session on NL10, first session played with my ticket, before I decided that maybe playing NL5 was safer as I wasn't burning the ticket in one go, and NL5 says I'm hot.

            Roll from 15$ to 44$ in 15 days, not a bad start this year. Maybe March would see me already on NL5.

            This are the highlights of the night, if anyone fancy giving an opinion, as I feel that something went horribly wrong, but I would love to hear it from someone else to confirm.

            No reads on both, I've been seated for maybe 10 minutes when both happened one after the other.

            Hand 1
            NL5 full ring 9 seated
            UTG1 limp
            MID1 (5$) limp
            Hero (4$) limp on CO with 2d3d
            BB check
            Flop is 5c4dAd
            Pot is 0.22
            UTG1 check
            MID1 raise 0.15

            Hand 2
            NL2 full ring 9 seated
            4 limpers
            Hero (4$) on CO with AKs raises to .10
            Button (1.40$) raises to .30
            everyone folds
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              I've got some time earlier and, while I'm still far away from going up the limits, I thought that might have been worth to invest a few minutes in crunching some number and deciding how to move, so here we are.
              Limit   Move Down   Move Up   bb/100
              NL5       $50        $100       10
              NL10      $120       $220       9
              NL25      $375       $650       8
              NL50      $900      $1,400      7
              NL100    $2,000     $3,000      6
              I know I've talked about barely getting to NL10 and this and that, but while I was at it I thought I might as well plan it all, well, up to a point. I could also review this progression as I've seen there are now some NL8, NL16 and NL20, I might shove in some, especially curious about the 16 as might give me a stepping stone from 10 to 25. The numbers are a bit funny as for the first limit up I want to stay on a traditional 20x, but when I move up I want to play it safer, the 2013 goal is to get to the end of the year, if I get there I might decide to push more, and since I believe that safe is better than sorry, the bankroll is going up to 30x, gradually. As you can see is a 20/22/25/28/30 progression, while moving down is always at 10BI lost from the entry level. You might also notice that I have written a bb/100 requirement by the end, that is because even if I reach the required bankroll, I don't want to move up if I don't have at least that win rate, means that I have too many leaks, and I'd rather stay behind and work on my flaws then move forward to get trashed, frustration doesn't help a good game. As such, upon reaching the limit I will carry on playing to the end of the month on the same limit and, after review, move up only if all requirements are satisfied. Now, hands! Nothing really weird happened tonight, done a stupid call, but overall went pretty nifty. After re-reading some beginner stuff and hitting a nice hand tonight, I have given myself the reply to one hand posted yesterday, the flopped straight, but first thing first, today's hand. What can I say? Thanks man Which bring us to yesterday, what should I do upon villain's raise on the flop while holding the nuts straight? Bet, you flippin' ninja. Lesson learned.


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                Here is my first proper update, and since I haven't made one previously I'm going to include the whole month up to now. First some figures, then I'm going to delve into details. And yeah, I really need to get HM2, graphs with tons of info are way clearer... Click the image to see it full sized. PokerStars NL2 Full Ring BR: 29.86$ (+11.61$) bb/100: 11.85 hands: 4897 FullTilt NL5 Ticket Challenge BR: one 20$ Ticket (now 19.66$) Winnings: 27.55$ bb/100: 56.87 FTP: 61.36 out of 500 required, 12% completed I'm positive about how I fared so far, in between both accounts in 13 days I've raised my roll from 18 to 47$, that is running hot on NL5 where I've doubled a couple of times and even considering a bad beat, some cold deck and a couple of tilted sessions. Not bad I'd say. On the NL2 graph you can see where I started my bad beat, I've started running into all sort of things, Kings into Aces, set into higher set and the such, I endured a while but it did rock my boat, that is when I started playing all sort of AJ/AQ suited or not in any position and messing the post flop play, badly, I've done abysmal play and I've paid for it. This was on Friday night, done a long session, tilted, recovered and closed 2BI in the red, but overall I was pleased I've seen my tilt and recovered. I'll probably go more into details in a blog post about how I deal with my tilts. On Saturday didn't really got better, after being beat-up badly on Friday with monster hands I realised that I was still off my A-game, I was scared of playing, over-thinking my hands and thinking of the worse instead of reading the play, so I've done what any sane man wouldn't do, fired up 10 tables. It did help me, I was getting scared of playing and with multi-tabling that hard I've forced myself to tighten up and do some pure instinct response, I've obviously lost a bit in post-flop reasoning, but without much thinking I also didn't have much time to fear my cards, and I started playing decently again, which shows in the end of the the graphs, especially when today I went back to my regular 5 tables. What a month so far! Now, in my tradition started ages ago I'm going to post my best and worst earning hand of the period, the best partly as a bit of healthy gloating, but mostly because I've noticed that the biggest hands are the one that whether you win or lose, is where you most likely mess up, big pot won could well mean you played bad and sucked out. Best 2: Nothing to say, I did 4bet poorly pre-flop, but then I flopped the nuts and checked to fish for aces or get any bluffer, it paid. Not pleased here. First mistake is not raising more on the flop, villain was a fish but with TQ on the table I should protect and go at least pot sized. Second mistake is not shoving the river after the 3bet, at this point he's either bluffing with Ax/Kx/Jx or he's hit the Queens or the Straight, in which case he'll call anything, by 4betting like that I've only risked being called and not earning full value. The only hand that could beat me there was AQ but was out of the picture, he was raising any AQ/AJ. Worst 2: Lorenzo stick this hard into your head, you don't play short stack any more. In this case you fold and you avoid calling that shove with a hand that starts behind on a pocket deuces. Flip coins are bad. Sheer stupidity. I haven't been hitting a flush in ages and when I finally did I didn't pay attention to the paired board, I should have just called the first raise and folded to any raise as the chance of having any Ax where high.


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                  Nice graphs, and some great self correct on the hands, making a mistake is one thing but not learning from it is a whole worse thing (cough cough who me!! (but not in 2013))

                  Grade b
                  I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                  13 Time Bracelet Winner


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                    Cheers Grade!

                    Yesterday I took a day off playing to play some WoW with a friend and was refreshing being off the tables, some Sherlock Holmes closed the day, I did however play a freeroll in the day as I was having a slow day at work and cashed 0.22$, might not be much, but for a tournament retard like me did offer some satisfaction. Tempted to pin this as my highest tournament winning ^_^

                    Was even more surprising because I didn't even notice being ITM and I found out I won something when I got the notification in the mail.


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                      Todays' session is offered to you by Bad Beat Inc.

                      I kid you not, I should have not even mentioned that I was on a hot streak, I've been paying it all back.

                      Today's session has been so depressing that I I refused to do hand review because I didn't want to see them one more time.

                      It's a shame because I was all happy, I came home, shipped a 500th place in the 100k Privilege Freeroll for 96 cents on a 22k field, and I was fully charged after yesterday's break.

                      Within the first 15 minutes I was 3BI down. JJ lost me twice, first into nines and then into tens, both times I did shove and commit and both time I've got called behind and saw the set hit. The third was AKs vs nines, we flopped AK9, I bet, he was all happy to call, I kept betting, he kept calling.

                      At that point I took a breath, decided I was still good to go.

                      Within 5 minutes I am served Aces, I grin, I earn the blinds. In 5 minutes I get more Aces, I bet, get called, get a K9x flop, bet big, get called, K... I knew I was beaten, I knew I should've just let go... but was the fourth big flop I was getting involved and the fourth big flop going south in a bad way; he was a short stacker, he had maybe 15bb left, so I've decided to spend it and see it with my own eyes, he had indeed called with KJo.

                      I don't usually do these things, if I know I'm beaten, I'm beaten, I give up, but I was just so depressed... after that hand I just told myself that I was going to quit with any 25bb pot win or 15bb loss, the deck went so cold it took 35 minutes, I've got served once more Aces and twice Kings, all won the blinds.

                      At least I close with a smile as the very last 2 hands won me back half a buy-in, but what a day...

                      In Italy we have a say: You can go against the wind, but not against luck.

                      And with this, no hands today, I'm finishing my scotch and I'm off to drop dead.


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                        Seems like I won't be able to release that FT ticket on it's own, today on FT I've hit cold decks and I've been slowly bled dry, we'll see.

                        On PS with my usual 5 tabling wasn't bad at all, I did start poorly, right on my first round I've got served Queens, 3bet, got a caller, Ace on the flop... after the beating I've got in these days I was already tilted right there and then, couldn't let go and bye bye stack.

                        After that I've pulled myself together with a sidenote, one more more mistake and I was going to shut the table and take some time off. I didn't make it.

                        Closed the evening 2BI up and I'm pleased with my game, I haven't really hit any big hand, aside the aforementioned Queens I've got served once Kings which won some and more Queens when I was closing the tables at the end of the session, some chap raised 5x, one caller, I 3bet, both calls, Ace on the flop, check/fold. These are those days when I'm relieved that I don't own a baseball bat any more.

                        Nothing much to add, I've reviewed my hands and the only mess I've done has been with those starting Queens; there was a hand that caught my curiosity but I didn't have time to write it down and now I can't find it in my DB, hence no hands to post today.

                        Just came to mind what hand it was that I wanted to post yesterday, was pocket Kings and I wanted to have a second opinion on the read, I'll post it later when I get home.

                        For the record, I might not have much to say, but I'll try to make an habit out of posting something every day, while it could not be juicy, it ensures that I do make some review of my play.
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                          I guess my NK5 ticket project on Tilt is probably off.

                          Done a quick session now, 25 minutes, been stacked 3 times.

                          AAvsQQ, I raise, villain 3bet, call, Thigh board, I raise, he shoves, I call, Q on the river.

                          77vsAT, he raises, I call, x7T board, he raises, I 3bet, he shoves, I call, T on the river.

                          TJvsKK, he raises, I call, JJx board, he shoves, I call, K on the river.

                          Ticket down to 1.1$, I think is safer if I take a break

                          Not sure if I want to play that ticket any more, not much for the bad luck, mostly because before making any value out of it I'd have to fill it again, why would I want to earn 19$ that I can't touch until the ticket is unlocked, to earn 20$ from the ticket itself? Would have been worth the trouble is I was playing full time on full tilt, but I guess now I'm just going to gamble the remaining dollar on NL2 and when is gone I'll move the profit on Stars. Still almost 30$, nice bankroll boost.


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                            Bad News FT's ticket is officially out. I've decided to play it a bit in my evening session just to see how it could go, and after going up a bit I ran into a luckbox that hit me twice with A7 and cleaned me up. First I was 88vsA7 on a 765 board, he raised, I shoved, he halved my stack with a 7 on the river, then JJvsA7s, I shoved pre-flop and he flopped the flush. GG Good News I transferred the wins I've done with the ticket to Stars and my roll is now 27$ richer. I've done a splendid session on Stars, 6 tabling and playing really good, aside the first Queens I've got served, I think that hand scarred me... got served Queens, panicked, shoved, got called A6s and of course there was an Ace. Funny enough I've got Queens some hands later, was against a short stacker, he raised, I 3bet, flop is 2JT, I shove, he calls, turn is A and he's got A6o. I hate Queens. Now, yesterday's KK hand. It's nothing special, but is remarkable as following the bad beat I've had with monsters I've actually tanked on his raise... didn't have many reads but he was playing your average broadway/suited connectors play, so when I saw him raise high I placed him on a straight/flush draw, maybe even TP, and I've got it right, then he shoved, and I've almost had a heart attack. Then there's this one where I was a bit unsure at first, but the more I look into it, the more I feel I've done well, I had overpair with a gutshot for the straight flush, if there's a moment for going in even if you're afraid of being behind, I guess is this one. And for once feels good to be the one behind that hits his out on the river.


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                              Just updated the blog, nothing you haven't read already, just wanted to make a blog entry out of how I've fixed my stepping up limits.

                              A nice quote for you that came back to mind yesterday, when I've received some critics for playing NL2 and I've been told to make a deposit and step up at least to NL5 to make better winnings:

                              The money's just a way of keeping score. It's the game that's important.



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