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Taunto's First Challenge

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  • Taunto's First Challenge

    Well Hey everyone hows it going? Hope everyone is having a great 2013 thus far and working hard at there new years resoultions. Im a regular 6 max SNG player and 6 max Mtt's now and then with some HU experience. Recently ive been having some bad luck at the 6 max SNG tables. going from 7 dollars down to the 3.50's and its still up and down with the 3.50's. Monday I start as a college student. Finishing my 4th year power engineering schooling. I've decided that I'am going to give 6 max cash games a try. I have tried 2nl and 5NL in the past and made some profit. Earlir today I played some 10NL 6 max Cash Games and was pleased at how i was doing. tripled my starting roll in 1 game and doubled in another. Been doing some watching and reviews on videos from Dave and Felix, seeing that I can now open my range compared to being so tight in the MTT and SNG's. My challenge is to build up a Bank roll and move up in stakes from 10NL - 100NL. My starting roll is 200 dollars. I do realize that the 6 max cash games do offer alot of variance in my Bankroll. I hope that a $200 starting Bank roll will be suffice for 10NL. My Goal is to make 100 dollars before moving up to the next stake. Still I dont know if this the correct path..To small of an amount or to High? Anyway Hopefully All goes well on my start tomorrow. Will post up some Hand reviews that come up that I could use some suggestions or insight on. So here goes. 10NL - 100NL. umbup:

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    Hey Everyone. Well today I went at my first session towards my challenege today. Put in a 4 hour session of 2 tables of 6 max cash games at 10NL. Felix was right about the swings thats for sure. in the first couple hours i was up almost 20 bucks and was feeling good. Then i droped down a little bit to just over par. And the last 2 hands of the night BACK to BACK I lost my stack twice haha. Floped the nuts. Opened with AQ flop came TJK. Villian donked into me for about half pot so I 4 bet him and he shoved. So i called. He turned over KJ and turn came J8. giving him the boat.

    Same thing happened again back to back haha. Oh well laugh it off and worry about it on Wednesday when I do my next session. Im down about 15 bucks today but im sure it will all come back on the next session.


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      Good luck on your challenge for the year. Don't forget that if you want to qualify for the >>Time Vault<< you will also need to write a blog about your challenge in the >>Blog<< section. All the instructions on how to qualify for this years Time Vault promotion can be found >>HERE<< Best of luck with your poker goals for 2013! Raiser umbup:

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        Thanxs raiser Will do. So today put in another 3 hour session. I also did one on wednesday but it started out so bad I quit right away and figured I would go back at it today. Lost fair bit of money but worked my way back up today. Was in a good mood and feeling good with my poker today. Guess i was just in the zone. I've played just over 2000 hands as I only 2 table since that is my limit to handle. I did come across a situation that would love some input on. Dont know if i just came un-lucky or if i should of checked back the river? So here is my hand situation that came up today. The villan was very LAG/ weak player. Calling station and would call a 3 bet with any 2 broadway cards or any ace. his stats were 37/18 over 200+ hands. And for the record here is my graph thus far. As you can tell im still down but im working my way back up. Took a big dive but hopefully I can work my way back up. not giving up yet. Will be adding to the time vault here when I have some time. sorry for the link, photo wouldnt upload just from the normal attachment button for some reason.
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          Hi Taunto! Good luck on your 2013 goals.

          As for the video that you posted above. It really is difficult not to lose some or all of your money once you have Kings while on the button. The first red flag that I noticed was when the villain limped from UTG and just called your 5x raise. He must have put you on a wider range of hands considering that you were raising from the button. However, once you placed that pot-sized bet on the flop and he simply called, I placed him on having an overpair like 10-10. but seeing at the end of the video that he made trip 4's on the turn, I can hardly see him folding his hand unless you put him all in on the river and try to represent that 7. But again, that is still not a guarantee that he will fold.


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            Thanxs turatski. This villan was constantly limping from any position so i was trying to isolarte hime. The turn and river cards were a lil scary. once the river hit i had think cause any 7 would of made the straight. Im thinking checking back the river would of been the best bet now i re-watched the replay but oh well. live and learn I guess


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              Hi J, With , I'd pop it up to around 80 or 90c (maybe $1.10 but that is kind of overboard)This raise sizing will accomplish the same objective as 50c vs. V3 imo, we want to get them heads up or rather isolate V3. A limping range is perceived as a weak range and when we have V3 playing with those stats limping in ahead of us, let's get some value from them. We do not want to play a multi-way pot with KK, as it'll make our decision so much more easier post flop. The flop doesn't present any major threats to our hand as there are not to many turn cards that kill our action. On the flop and turn our bet sizing is a little bit to big maybe vs. other player dynamics, but as for V3 our sizing might be perfect for taking them to value town on 3rd street. The river is a scare card "if" they have a range of 7x, but what range of hands that call 2 streets of pot sized bets contain a 7? I do not think this is in the villains calling range/flop and turn call) A7 K7 Q7 J7 T7 maybe this range 97 87 67 is. On this river we can bet for thin value (half pot) as more times than not V3 can easily have a wide range of 9x A9 K9 Q9 J9 T9 or 8x A8 K8 Q8 J8 T8 or A5(suited and off suit)we can discount that they have an over pair as they would've raised that pre-flop There are more hands that we are ahead of than we are behind vs. this villain, if it just so happens that they limped 66 99 55 44 or 88.... reload.. very good juicy villain to be at the table with I'm surprised the villain didn't raise their set of 4's when they spike the 2outer trying to bluff catch AK or AQ No worries, still have a whole new year ahead and 300K+ more hands to go. :P Best of luck to you at the tables bud!
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