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Time Vault Poker Goals

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  • Time Vault Poker Goals

    My Goals For 2013 are:

    To use the free tools on Poker School Online to become a better poker player, read, watch videos and Live commentary sessions. I will also complete the bankroll builder courses and Sit & Go Quiz promotion to help me get started with a bankroll and tickets so that I can start from $0 and work my way up. I will also be playing the freeroll tournaments so that i can hopefully cash on the Weekly Round 2's.

    Off to make a blog, will keep you posted on my months progress.

    Good Luck all at the tables

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    All the best.


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      Thank you. I played my first Freeroll last night (HORSE) and bagged a weekly round 2 ticket for the weekend . I will be putting some hand histories in my blog when i receive them from pokerstars if you would like to take a look and post any advice for me, which would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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        Unfortunately I busted out very early in tonights PSO Freeroll. These are the only 2 hands I played. Hand 1: As Qc
        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
        I was dealt As Qc in the big blind. There was 1 limper and the small blind completed also. I like to raise 3x in all positions plus 1 for every limp, although I generally don't count the small blind as I assume they will have to fold to a raise after only completing. So I make it 240 and suprisingly I got 2 callers! The flop came Jc Js 5h. I decided to check this flop although I likely have the best hand I am still out of position to one caller and have no informtion about his hand other than he limped and called my raise. Pot is 720 - Everyone checks and we see the turn which is 8c. The small blind now leads out for 180. This is a quite a small bet and with the turn bringing flush and straight draws it was possible he wanted to see the river for cheap. As I still had 1 other player behind I decided to call as I may still have the best hand. Unfortunately the player behind me called also. At this point I have totally given up on the hand unless I hit an Ace or Queen on the river and the bet is small enough for me to call. Pot - 1260, the river brings 10c at which point I am check folding regardless. The small blind leads out for an ultra thin 120 bet ( i'm guessing a hand like 89 suited ), I fold and the original limper smooth calls. Turned out the original limper had 8s Ks and turned 2 pair ( I imagine he was looking to flop a flush and not get paid, or give me his chips if I had AK and we both flop top pair), and the small blind had 9h 9c. Credit to him for winning the hand but I cannot help but feel he played it incredibly deceptiive pre-flop and very weak and obvious post-flop. The player was silverstar level and im guessing he knows what he's doing, so maybe I should just be set mining with 9's and try and see a flop as cheap as possible im not sure? Hand 2: 9h Qh
        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
        The very next hand I am dealt 9h Qh in the small blind. After 3 limpers I decided to limp also as I am getting 9/1 on a call, providing the big blind checks, and I may hit a decent flop. Stack 980, Pot - 300, The flop comes Qd 2s 10h. Not a bad flop although there is a straight draw so I decided to bet 120 to protect my hand, at which time I got 1 caller. I could be dominated but unlikely with the pre-flop limp from my oponent. Pot - 540, The turn brings 2h. I felt this was a good card for me and bought me a flush draw so I decided to bet again - 360, my oponent calls. Now I am a bit cautious as i've been called on 2 streets and I only have 500 chips left, the pot is now 1260 (same size as last hand on the turn coincidently). The river brings Jh, I am relieved and more than likely now have the best hand. I shove my remaining 500 for value as if my oponent made 2pair on the river I may get called. I get snapped and my oponent turned over Quads! From the way the hand was played this also made sense and i'm guessing he would play a made full house the same, although I didnt think about those 2 possibilities during the hand. I would appreciate any help and any comments.


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          I played last nights PSO Freeroll and bust out again. There was around 3000 runners left out of a starting 10,000. Heres the hand below:
          Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
          The blinds were 60/120 and I pick up AQ UTG. My stack was 1740. I probably should of gone all-in but decided to min-raise to try and see a flop because the majority of the table were hyper agressive lose players, and example of this is calling all in's prefolp with King-rag hands (suited) for the majority of their stack and shoving flops with backdoor gutshots and flush draws. Anyway the flop came Ts Qs Jd. The pot was 1160 and I opted to bet 780. At this point with top pair top kicker and the fishy table I decided to try and commit on the flop as I was sure I would definetly get called by worse. 1 player then goes all in for another 725 and another player also calls the total 1505 bet. As i said these 2 players are very bad and I felt I likely have the best hand, but I am commited regardless. So I call for my remaining 710 chips. player 1 turns over KJ for 2nd pair and a straight draw, and the 2nd flopped 2pair J10. After the hand I regretted not going all-in preflop although based on my oponents calling all-in PF range I am 100% sure I was getting called by those same 2 players and the outcome of the hand would of been the same regardless. The only difference being I would of got my stack in good instead of behind which says it all really. I would appreciate any help with this hand on how I could of played it better. Thanks


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            Dear AliBanjali

            First hand AQo in the BB,

            For me its too early in the torniment to be playing this hand. I would just check here and then reevaluate on the Flop. having raised and picked up two callers, Now you have a few questions on your hands
            what will you do if you miss the flop and someone bets?
            What will you do if the flop is QKT rainbow
            can you bluff these oppenents
            are they solid players
            what will i do if I'm reraised
            Having the plan (something i have to remind my self still (often at the point when thinking oh poodles why did i do that)will help with the future spots as the come up in the hand.

            second hand 9Q s in the sb

            again too early to be playing this hand, if you have to play it here then I might put in a raise (if the players have shown they will fold to aggression) If the flop is not full of heart but has one 9 do you know where you stand? Are you ahead if a Queen hits or are you behind. Yes you have 9:1 odds but with that many players in the pot what cards can you hit to KNOW you are actually in the lead?

            will look and the third hand in a minute,

            hope this helps

            Grade b
            I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

            13 Time Bracelet Winner


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              yes very helpful thank you very much


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                no problem,

                The third Hand AQ I have to say personally i don't mind the min raise preflop but would Jam it all in on the flop and at least ask the question of the villians.

                Can i ask are you playing the PSO open league games from tournament practice or to win a prize at the end of the month and a move to the Premier league?
                I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                13 Time Bracelet Winner


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                  To be honest I haven't read all your comments in all the hands, so I'll post based on what I've seen and based on the few lines I read.

                  1st hand I like the raise for value and you shouldn't be amazed that they called. They have almost zero reason to fold (from their PoV). They didn't pay to play this game and they just want to have some fun. They aren't money nor time commited to this tournament, so they will call.

                  I like the way you think the hand, but I just hate the flat in the turn. IMO you should think what do you expect from this hand when you call. You're probably losing the hand and they will probably bet again in the river.

                  2nd hand I love the way you played. Don't feel bad about it.

                  3rd hand I think the all in preflop is waay better because: people tend to call lighter in freerolls and you don't want to be against 2 or more hands here and because the big blind is so short, which will make him call quite light.

                  I don't agree they call 240 as much they call your all-in pre-flop there.

                  I think you have what you need to be a great player

                  Let's learn together!


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                    message for grade b - thanks yes from now on in that spot i will either jam, or check fold. Yes I was playing the Pokerschool Open skill league freeroll with cash prizes, and leaderboard points also.


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                      message for markusvik - Cheers thank you for the support and advice, I understand what you mean, I seemed to be giving people a bit too much respect in regards to calling ranges in freeroll tournaments. I realize there is no buy-in but most players don't realize the ROI is pretty sweet and I play for what you can win, not what I've invested. I will be posting hands regular if you are happy to help me out also, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.


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                        Im currently on break in the Pokerschool Online freeroll, 1872 runners left out of 10,000. This hand i won earlier but not sure if i played it correctly. The hand is below and I will explain my line of thinking underneath:
                        Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                        Blinds were 50/100 and im sitting with 1850 in chips. I post the big blind and am dealt As 9d. The table has alot of players limping but they are raising with premium hands only. There are 3 limpers and the button min-raises to 200. He started the hand with 690 in chips. He also lost the last hand because he bluffed the river out of position with bottom pair, got raised and folded, whilst showing his hand. Due to his min-raise I felt that he didnt have a strong hand, the feeling was he had a ok hand and wanted to inflate the pot incase he hit big and then he could go all in as continuation bet and probably get paid. I also felt that if i just 3-bet here to isolate I may get called by the bigger stacks wanting to see the flop and then I would have to play A9 out out position which i wouldnt be confortable with. I decided to shove all in to isolate the button shortstack, the other limpers folded, which i had hoped, and the button thought about it for a while - im guessing he new he was behind and his plan had been ruined, but he called anyway, i flop an ace and win the hand. Although i didnt need to hit to win, he did. Would anyone of played this hand differently like folding pre-flop and waiting for something better?


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                          nice one you went with your read and were 100% correct. Always nice when that happens oh and the best hand still held up, bonus!

                          Nice play and eve better good observations of your table.

                          GL in this one

                          Grade b
                          I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught. ~Winston Churchill

                          13 Time Bracelet Winner


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                            cheers thank you very much. The tourney still running btw 169 runners left blinds 1500/300, got 106,100 chips going for the win


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                              Busto PSO Freeroll 112/10,000 82,243 in chips, blinds 3000/6000 - 600 ante.. UTG shortstack shoves 23970 with J2 suited, player 2 with just under 1/4 million chips flat calls, i was putting him on some sort of Ax hand, I decided to go all in with 99 to isolate the UTG shorstack but player 2 had QQ and happily called. Hand below:
                              Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                              Kind of dissapointed, should of jus folded but already lost 1/5 of my stack folding blinds with antes for last few orbits pus with 12BB thought I had to go with it, maybe / maybe not. And just moved tables so didnt know player 2 was likely to flat with big pair type hands. 12 places off winning $0.01, not much but would of been that 1 step closer to making a playable bankroll. Probs got some decent league points though so thats a plus Anyways chin up for tomorows round 2 NL Hold-Em freeroll, bring it on!



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