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My Time Vault Goals for 2013

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  • My Time Vault Goals for 2013

    I'm a very new player to online poker, played live and home games for awhile and did pretty well. So i thought i would transfer my skills to online poker and win a fortune. But soon found out my skills were very limited, wasn't as good as i thought, and soon had profits that were very big...... in the red!

    Since playing for a while on online since 2012, learnt a lot that i never knew, especially from pokerstars online school, you could say i'm still an ungraduated student, but my skills are improving and i would like to continue this trend into 2013. So im going to set myself some goals, and post alot of things i've been doing.

    I would love people to comment and help so i can improve my game and soon start making a profit.

    My career highlights so far would be final tabling in pokerstars most hardest tournament..............

    the $100k privilege freeroll for a whopping 40 or so dollars

    This year i need to start to utilize the things i have learnt more often, often i find myself in bad situations making bad plays... when after the hands done and i take the time and reavuluate the hand i can see clearly what a huge mistake it was. So i need to see these before it happens, there are a number of ways i could do this but mainly taking my time would be of a great benifit

    So my goals for 2013 are as follows;

    1. To improve my game and learn as much as i can

    doing this by learning more from the pros and doing
    more live trainig

    2. To become a Gold star

    currently a silverstar, which i want to at least
    maintain, but would like to at least be goldstar in
    the second half of the year

    3. To make profitable plays and cut errors out of my game

    playing 3.50 hyper hu sng, want to master these by
    2014, then wanting to rise in stakes and improve on
    my bankroll, maintaining a bankroll strategy. Also
    playing other variances of SNG's around 3.50 buy in

    4. To final table one of The big, bigger, hot or hotter

    any will do even the .55c one, primarily going to
    concentrate on the $3.30 and lower ones

    5. Start learning PLO

    i play alot of other poker games but mainly want to
    improve more at PLO, for some reason they seem to
    have bigger pots, bigger pots bigger profits, so to
    master this game would be of a good benefit. Plus i
    have noticed that people make big mistakes as they do
    in NL hold em, instead of playing two rubbish cards
    they are playing four of em, so to learn to take
    advantage of this would be great to my bankroll

    6. Win heads up tournament

    7. Progress into cash games NL HU and 9max

    i'm going to avoid these until i build a bankroll
    from playing other games, so hopefully i achieve
    my other goals so i can move onto this one too.

    8. Enter The Sunday Millions

    9. To become a TEAM POKERSTARS PRO! (LOL as if)

    Yes only a dream, gotta have dreams though!

    So with all that, not all goals may be met, i'll be playing a wide range of games and will be happy if i get two goals crossed off. But by 2014 i'll know one thing for sure, what game i am most profitable at (if any) and stick with that for 2014.

    May the poker Gods be with you


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    in this hand... is it better to fold when someone shoves, and wait for a better spot when you can make a decision on the flop... especially when your fine relative to the blinds, in a cash game it would be an instant call, because in the long run u would be ahead, but in a tournament its about lasting the longest and getting involved in flips pre flop seems to be the easiest way to exit a tournament. once you see a flop, you can more than likely judge if your getting better odds than just a coin flip.... i'm far from being a tight player but i think i may fold these from now on, unless i suspect your getting out of line... or i got aces! So basically if you keep getting involved in flips pre flop, your chances would be very slim at positioning well in a tournament. anyone got any thoughts?


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      pocket pairs

      I too have gone out first hand actually with KK. 1 player called A2 another 67D. ace lead after the flop but by the river 67 had picked up a straight. As expected I was abit annoyed especially as both other hands were very mediocre, but it's how the cards play some times cant change that and in regards to your hand I would not change anything. Almost every serious player would have played it exactly the same.

      thanks for sharing.


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        Hand of the week
        Every week i'm going to put up a hand of the week. Here's the first one
        I find myself in trouble with pocket aces, and its not the first time. I'm UTG and open with a standard raise, maybe i should of raised more because i get a few more callers than i would of liked. Well pocket aces still sitting pretty.....for now... then a scary flop comes, the sort you dread to see when holding pockets. Some one could easily hold two pair, have a str8, or be drawing to a str8 or flush, not looking good for my aces.... So now i get checked to, so i open up with a c-bet.. was this a mistake on such a scary board, should i of checked and got some information instead of taking a stab in the dark? I really didn't have that many chips left. So i get 3 bet... NOOOOO, so i figure i'm most likely am beat when everyone calls the 3 bet. So i decide since i'm really short stacked now i am really committed to handing over the rest of my chips.
        Well i was lucky in the end. What should i have done different?


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          Do people overplay flush draws Got two hands from recent that asks the question do people overplay flush draws, i don't know if its just me or what, but i'm just not willing to risk all my stack on a draw, especially one where i am way behind and would be lucky to win 1 in 4... whats everyone elses opinion? heres the two hands anyway


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            don't know why the first hand did'nt show in full, in short we got it all in 3 ways, one had something like a 9c 2c... the other pocket 10's i think..... well a club came on the turn


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              Take my reply with a pinch of salt, I'm a beginner myself, is more to see if my theory is sound while we wait for a big boy to have a look.

              On the first hand to be fair I wouldn't have got in at all with A3o, it's a hand where I click check/fold without even blinking; other than a check on the BB I might use it on the button to steal the blinds, otherwise I tend to steer away as it's either you flop a ready made hand like a straight or tris, or you can't play it, as even the two pair you hit is drawy, and you don't want to play Aces with a 3 kicker, nothing good comes out of it.

              The second mistake I believe was on the flop, you've hit two pairs and you don't want to check a heavy drawy board, raise first and put them in the position to decide if they want to pay to draw, there are too many outs that could give you a hard life, I would have probably raised pot-size.

              The betting I see there makes no sense to me...

              On the second hand I say nothing, tournament play is a mystery to me.


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                unlucky or just bad play? i think a bit of bot! at the moment havn't been able to start my bankroll for 2013, because of other commitments, such as TCOOP and ANZOPS..but will begin in a few weeks. however i have still been playing at various table... for fun (no bankroll strategy).. i found out i defanitly need a bankroll, i can keep sustaining hits to my account especially when i get my chips in ahead and end up behind, so i realize how much of an importance a bankroll is.. i did play some very good poker though and some very bad i hate micro stakes poker, can't stand it.. most of the time its not poker, i really look forward to a good game so much prefer to be playing 50nl or higher at least, but don't have a bankroll to sustain this... (as my graph will soon show).. i was playing 5nl, and on the graph you'll see a steady decline.... and that wasn't from bad play i was getting in ahead, just so many bad players play to gamble even if the odds are not in their favour! as soon as i switched to 50nl my graph was going up, and up, bought in for around $30 and got it up to 120 something, the mistake i always make is greedyness.. and i have learnt this a few times, i start a shallow stack relative to the others, grind my way up, and in an instant catch a bad hand and there goes all the hard work, i win 13 or so hands to get up there but it only takes one to bust me.... and its not from bad play just one of those situations kk vs aa or something similar... except for this week, i overplayed my top pair top kicker, which u never want to get into big pots with, well my mistake... i read somewhere i think it was from sandtrap himself saying how when his 30% in front he exits and reloads... which i am going to start doing so when i take that bad hit i only loose a smaller fraction... always good advice from the trap! [IMG][/IMG] bit embarrassing, but hope to see a vast improvement didn't save any hand histories which i better start doing with losing hands so i can get some feedback on what i did wrong and how to improve... before i go quick question, fold or not to fold is the question? found myself in a spot early in a tournament, pot was only 200 or so and some one shove for near 3000 on the turn, i usually do a lot of limping early on in a tournament as to see more pots, and navigate from there and then change my play a few times through out.. il stop the video up to where i had to make my decision... too fold or not to fold
                Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


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                  Hey mate, sorry if I'll sound a bit harsh but... you need a wake up call.

                  That graph is exactly WHY you set rules in place for your bankroll.

                  You sat at a big table, won some, you didn't stand up to deposit your wins and sit somewhere else with a smaller stack, someone called you in with your whole roll and cleaned you up.

                  Whether you played good and got sucked out or you did make a mistake, doesn't matter, what matters is that you believed you were doing good until you've been slapped hard, and you're blaming bad luck for the risk YOU took.

                  Of all the communities I believe the poker one is the one that believes the less in luck, we offer each other good luck wishes, but the only one luck we believe in is the one that you make for yourself by working hard and playing good.

                  What I see here is a common mistake which we've done in many, you don't cope well with donk calls and you believe yourself better than the rest, well, let me tell you, if you can't beat the 5NL fishes I seriously doubt you can beat better players.

                  They can be unpredictable in their play, but you can trust them to do one thing, play bad. You should be happy of sitting with poor players, they make you money with their mistakes, because in the long run if you go in with the right odds you do win over them.

                  Also, what I see in that graph confuses me, around 160 hands you have a drop of 25$, if you were playing NL5 that's 5BI, how much did you have at the table? Even factoring the previous 10$ win looks like you started on 15$ to begin with.
                  Again, around 640 hands, what looks like a 13$ loss, 2 and a half BI? How much do you buy in for? Seems like you play deep on habit, 3BI seems on par with the earlier drop.

                  Why? A 100bb buy in limits your wins, limits your losses too.

                  If I can offer some suggestions, don't delay sorting a proper bankroll management, see how much you have on your account decide if you fancy topping it up a bit, whatever comes out of it you should make your own rules and you should respect them.
                  If it works out that you've got only 50$ left and you can't play more than NL2, play NL2; and if you can't win there do NOT blame the fishes, wonder what mistakes you are making, because if you can't spot the fish, you are the fish.


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                    lol, thx for your reply but i did state it was bad play not unlucky, (i may not of explained myself properly, should re read what i type lol) i overplayed my top pair top kicker out of position, so i never said for that loss on the graph to be bad luck, but bad play....and i don't consider myself a fish but to be honest make donkey calls sometimes, aren't fish new to poker, dunno, but yeah make mistakes, that drop in the graph, i don't know what that is i think that mite be HU table? and yeah i do need bankroll strategies badly, and do notice the difference at different stakes and i think i slapped myself on that bad play i did lol, i was only buying in for 5.00 on the 5nl, and i havnt started my bankroll yet for this year, was just having a bit of fun before i get stuck into setting the guidelines for the year, don't worry it was only spare change for fun havnt gone bankrupt, which is after TCOOP, appreciate the critisim, have to remember to save the hands that i make bad decisions on so to get feedback with what im actually doing wrong, the help is appreciated, thats why we are here to improve, and i'll be trying my hardest thats for sure!



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                      forgot to also mention that the reason i posted this was to show that mistakes can turn you on a down trend real quick, simple things like bankroll strategy, and sticking to the one game, the bit of fun i was having wasnt in vane, was a bit of a learning curve which i think i posted in my blog, next week i'l post some bad plays and would like your comments for improvement


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                        Sorry mate, came down a bit harsh as I've seen all in one goal all the traditional mistakes, like the missing BR management which you announced, but what ticked me was especially when you said:
                        i hate micro stakes poker, can't stand it.. most of the time its not poker
                        I think I might have misunderstood it, but seeing this, the losing trend and the jump to a way higher limit, gave me the feelings that you valued yourself way over them while losing to them and you fixed it by going to play with even better players.

                        Makes no sense, doesn't it?

                        Weird though that you were buying in for 5$, I'm badly mistaken reading the graph or those drops look way bigger... yeah, maybe you had another table with a different game open.

                        As for saving hands, personally I scribble in my notepad if I fee that any particular play should be reviewed, writing the hole cards is usually sufficient to me to find the hand later in my DB, I also always review on habit the top winning/losing hands of a day, no definite number, depends on how much time I have for post-session review.


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                          powerdegre i did leave myself open to interpretation posting such a comment this is what i meant
                          Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner
                          someone shoving 50bb to win 1bb... well you are probably right and should stay and learn to take advantage of this anyway this week didn't start my goals yet, however played in my first tcoop, was doing good till this how unlucky! sums up my week really.. in a week and a half i start my goals and am banning myself for the short term from the cash tables.. didn't play much as i've been running bad, been playing small buy in tournaments to reavaluate my game and fix my errors... anyway hand of the week... i thought was a funny one i did make a few mistakes in that hand but got lucky in the end.. anyway good luck at the tables and can't wait to start my goals!


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                            So on monday I start to knock off some of my goals, I'm going to start by banning myself from the cash tables, and lately have found some success on the 3.50 27 man tables, 5 games and i got a 3rd and a first, its not many games but i was playing a few different types to decide what to concentrate o, so i load my bankroll on monday and start to knuckle down on these tables. my play is getting better, so thats a good sign that i'm taking in advice. So i'll share on my successess or failures next week.. heres a funny hand of late, it was a freeroll and i wanted to go to bed so i just shoved usually a fold for me but not this time...


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                              Change of plan is good if it works out you're better at sng, have fun and good luck ^_^



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