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Croyds goals for 2013.

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  • Croyds goals for 2013.

    Seeing the success Sandtrap had in 2012 has inspired me to set goals; I truly believe that I can progress in poker, however success won’t come over night. Sandtrap showed us all in 2012 that it takes motivation and a drive to succeed to do so. I want to make 2013 the year I begin to make leaps and bounds with my game and move up the stakes. It will take a lot of hard work, dedication as well as good time management and organisation, as I have a lot of university work, but I intend to seize 2013 and really improve my game. I’ve decided that 14 hours is the maximum amount of time I can dedicate to poker per week. I've laid out my goals below and will update them when I feel necassary. I am going to include a yearly monetary goal regarding pokerstars rakeback but momentarily I am unsure on the specifics. I’ve finally got a twitter account which I feel will help me follow my goals; if you’re interested I’ll be updating my progress regularly @oliversimpson_. I've yet to make a tweet but come the new year I'm going to stay active. Yearly goals
    • Total profit of $500 for 2013 (excluding rakeback)
    • Build the bankroll and confidence in my game to move up to 25nl in 2014
    Monthly goals
    • Achieve Silverstar status every month in 2013, using the pokerstars VIP calculator my 4000 hands per week will be sufficient.
    Weekly goals
    • Total of 14 hours per week
    • 8 hours table time, playing 2 tables of zoom. Totalling 4000 hands per week.
    • 2 hours of live training/ archived videos
    • 2 hours of hand reviewing
    • 1 hour of reading
    • 1 hour of making player notes
    I will be starting out at 5nl but here’s hoping I’m not there long. Good luck to you all in 2013. Oliver umbup:
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    GL Oliver! I'm sure with passion and discipline you'll hit it!


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      Yes GL Oliver Stick to your plan and I know you'll succeed umbup:


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        This looks like a solid plan Oliver. GL!

        Roland GTX


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          If anyone read my mid month blog then they’ll know that this month has been somewhat ‘bumpy’. I began the year with high hopes, that despite my exams, my schedule would be unwavering, the amount of time I had set aside for poker could easily fit in with revision as long as I worked hard and used my hours fruitfully.

          Unfortunately I had forgotten about all the procrastination I like to do when revising, also I didn’t account for the fact that with all the stress going on I might not want to review hands or watch videos. My play deteriorated and my profit slumped. You can see clearly in the below graph that the exam period really affected my game, exam period is between the two arrows.

          Forever the optimist I decided I would try and use this slump in form as a positive and thoroughly reviewed my hands, I saw that some of my old leaks had crept back into my game however I also spotted a few new ones. They need addressing, therefore this week I’m watching the appropriate videos to fix and improve my game. I’ve also posted a few tough spots from the last few days in the hand analysis forum, if anyone would care to leave a comment I’ve linked them below.

          Since the end of exams I’ve dived straight back into my regular schedule, although I am thinking of altering it slightly in February. As of yet I’m undecided but I’m feeling really good about my game and if February starts well I may take a shot at 10nl. We shall see, I’m not getting ahead of myself just yet.

          Also I’ve added ‘The mental game of poker’ by Jared Tendler to my reading list. I’m probably going to be adding another strategy book as I’m coming to the end of Easy Game Vol 2 for a second time, although I think I can still take a lot from it something fresh would be nice. Anyone have any suggestions, an Ebook would be preferable?

          Although I didn’t stick thoroughly to my schedule to exams I met other goals and I should make silverstar by tomorrow. My key lesson of the month is that I should be reassessing and when necessary readjust my goals. I should have cut back my hours during the 10 day exam period but decided to push for silverstar, it cost me but I have learnt from it. In future if I need to readjust I’ll do so.

          Monthly graph

          Hand analysis posts

          AA - river decision
          QTs - double barrel spot

          I’ll be updating this thread a bit more regularly next month but probably not with a full report till the end of the month. Good luck everyone.

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            If you're in the black is always good umbup: Nice plan, keep it up!


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              Been doing a bit of reviewing and posted some hands in the hand analysis forum if anyone would care to take a look JJ - Thin river value? KQo - 4bet pre? River value bet? A8s - Against reg BvB. River bluff? Ako - Optimal line? Thanks for any feedback Oliver umbup:
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                As I mentioned in my last post I found it tough to stick to my goals in January due to exams, however February is the month of freedom and I'm siezing the day by getting on with my goals. It has been an interesting start to the month in which I've folded a full house as well as doing the unheard of checking two streets with a fopped boat! This might sound like absolute madness but I really do feel I'm playing some of my best poker at the minute. I'm continuing to study the game hard and review my hands regularly. I've also added 'Owen Gains - Poker math that matter' to my reading list and I am going to start it tonight. One of my sub goals for the month is to actively try and improve my post flop game. This includes working on assigning better ranges and thinking about how they intereact with the board. I'm hoping this will help me with my bet sizing as I will be able to target ranges better for value and when appropriate attempt some bluffs. So now for the aforementioned hands... Lets see what everyone thinks. Folding a full house In my opinion the hand plays out pretty standardly, call preflop to set mine. Hit my set and raise for value on a flop were I can be called by a tonne of worse hands. The turn I make my boat and the FD comes in which I think is good for me as hands that pick up the draw now are certainly calling a bet; I make a 3/4 pot bet as this sets up a river shove nicely. The villain calls and the worst card in the deck comes on the river. He leads for half pot and I think that this is a pretty easy fold, however folding a full house isn't something I do every day so I thought I'd post it. Slowplaying Slowplaying isn't something I really have in my arsenal, I've had it drummed into me to never slowplay so I actually find it hard to do, the temptation to bet sometimes overwhelms me and I bet anyway but here I kept my cool. I flop the second nuts and I'm pretty tempted to bet for value right away, however I paused for thought and decided to check for a few reasons: 1. The flop is very dry 2. I raised UTG so if I bet now I'm repping an overpair giving broadways a chance to fold. 3. PP's might call one bet but most won't call two streets. If I check I might get 2 streets of value from them. 4. I have the second nuts and am very unlikely to be outdraws. The K comes on the turn and I felt I shot myself in the foot checking the flop as firing this card gets rid of a lot of pairs I was trying to get value from. I decided that if either of them had a K they would bet it after the flop checked round and if they didn't they were unlikely to call anyway so checking is a good option. The BTN checks behind and now I feel I've lost value. Lucky for me the BB flopped trips and also slowplayed so I managed to get his stack. However I'm unsure if I just got lucky on this one or whether my reasoning was okay. All thoughts are welcome and appreciated. Oliver
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                  Good luck
                  When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one that has opened for us.


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                    Hi Oliver, I enjoyed reading your thread & blog. Good luck with your challenge As for the hands, your full house with the 44 was definitely beat so good fold. I'd usually just C-bet the flop with the 99 just because that's what you're expected to do whether you hit the hand or not. If I were not the pre-flop raiser then I'd slow-play it. In that situation it didn't really matter as the guy with the 4 is likely to pay you off whatever you do.


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                      A nice thread . Good luck with your challenge umbup:


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                        Nice hands! umbup:


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                          lol about what you said about slowplaying feeling unnatural ... I have the same problem with it, I guess because we've been learning from the same training materials here at PSO Both those hands look great Croyd - it's awesome that you're still finding the time to fit some poker in, and it's great to seeing you do so well. Glad all that hard work is paying off for you!!! umbup:


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                            Cheers for all the comments guys, I think I'll be taking a shot at 10nl next week but it depends how I'm feeling. I'm going to try keep this thread updated regularly so keep your eyes peeled! The last few days I've been playing pretty well, I had a few interesting spots. Some of which I think I played bad but know where I went wrong; other I'm still unsure on... they'll be in the hand analysis forum soon The BTN in this hand is a TAG reg. He plays pretty tight in general but steals from the BTN a lot, also he folds to 3bets 60% of the time. I think my mistake in this hand was not betting the turn, my check tells him how scared of the 4th diamond I am and leaves me playing the guessing game. A bet fold OTT would be much better imo. I don't think I can call on the river, his bet looks very valuey considering how much he could have bet. Let me no what you think. The second hand was also against a reg, albeit not a very good one. He plays 19/14 with a 3b% of 2.5. I'll be interested what everyones thoughts are on the hand. He is never bluffing here so his range is the standard premium value QQ+ AK+. Agaisnt this range we have 40% equity but need around 48% to make the call breakeven. If he does this with AK more often than with pairs then the call will probably be profitable. I'm going to post this in the HA forum later but I'm interested for peoples opinions. Would you call here? (Well reshove for the last 40c but you get what I mean) Thanks for reading and good luck Oliver umbup:
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                              Uploaded one hand in the HA forum but I need sleep so the rest will have to wait till tomorrow...

                              A9s - Flopped 2 pair. Facing turn raise and river bet!

                              Night Guys
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