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$0 to $100

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  • $0 to $100

    Started this the other day. Got $2 from the bankroll builder promotion and plan on never looking back. I got up to 6 dollars in two days then tilted after losing a big hand. hit a set of Kings on the flop and got called by someone holding two pair. He hit running cards for a flush which put me back to 3.

    Refocussed and starting fresh

    Is anyone else doing anything similar to this?

    I plan on playing MTT and cash games to keep me afloat.

    Will post results and hands that tilt me or big wins.

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    I have done it on other sites and I'm still proud of the very first time I achieved it. Ed is doing it here.

    It's a lot harder on Pokerstars because the numbers in certain games are so huge but strict bankroll and game selection should succeed.

    How do you plan on achieving it?

    Good luck, I'll keep an eye on your progress.
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      Good Luck! I started with $1.00 a couple of years ago. Built it up to almost $50 and spent all but $2 on Aussie millions sats last Dec. Back up to $15 now. Mainly play 5/10c cash or $1.50 SnG's.


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        Thanks for the support.

        I need some tips for what tools to use to help track my stats.

        Anyways today ended up with $2.27. Would have been a lot more but lost $2 my last hand. board showed 26667. I had KK opponent had AA of course.

        Profit: +0.27

        I plan on grinding cash games, playing in the weekly saturday and MTT's shortly. Also, continuing with the promo.


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          lost $2 my last hand. board showed 26667. I had KK opponent had AA of
          shortstack till you have decent bankroll avoid mtt use your fpp in sattelite like saturday splash(unregister get tournamnet $ play sng ) gl umbup:


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            yeah MTT's will come later. T$ is something I don't totally understand. Can it be used to play real money games.? Any examples. thanks for the advice btw


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              You don't need any tools, just solid play.
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                Good luck in your quest, I did it a few years back..Started with freerolls and built it to $600.00

                Here is a free bankroll tracker for you, it's a great tool to help track your progress/


                "A weak player may be a nit but a nit is not necessarily a weak player"


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                  Thanks for the site Ron. Just need to enter in one more session before I can display my graphs.

                  Anyways, just finished a 2 hour grind. I don't know if that's long enough to qualify for a grind.

                  Time: 2 hours
                  Profit: $1.35 + $2 from promo

                  Total: $5.62


                  • #10
                    Was having a really good session and then got this: Quit before I could tilt Time:1 hour Profit: +0.09


                    • #11
                      Good Luck, doing something similar to this myself.

                      Stopped playing poker for a few months and logged into my account around 10 days ago to find $0.10. Started with $0.02 STT and gradually moved up the stakes to playing $0.05 turbo 45/90 STT now.

                      My bankroll is currently at $31.87 after 91 games with a ROI of 140% and ITM 24%


                      • #12
                        GZ, It can be done. When I first started playing online, I started at zero in the freerolls and built it up to a few hundred dollars that I then had to cash out due to black friday (I'm in the US). With patience, proper bankroll management and good play, it CAN happen. Good luck!umbup: John (JWK24)

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