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Daily Hand Challenge | Pocket Queens

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  • Daily Hand Challenge | Pocket Queens

    Daily Hand Challenge - Pocket Queens

    Here's a short You-tube video for you where Chris 'ChewMe1' was in early position with pocket Queens

    Your challenge is to let us know how you would play this hand. There's two ways of doing this.

    1) If you use a HUD and are good at reviewing your hand histories then filter your results to see how pocket Queens performed for you in the past. Post some feedback and hands here in this thread.


    2) If you don't use a HUD but are playing some tables today keep an eye out for when you might be dealt pocket Queens in early position. Post some feedback and hands here in this thread.

    Daily Hand Challenge - Pocket Queens

    What's the challenge? - Just let us know how pocket Queens has worked out for you from early position.

    Quintuple Bracelet Winner

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    They worked out pretty well for me in this hand, but I had a very favorable flop.

    Bracelet Winner


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      Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
      They worked out pretty well for me in this hand, but I had a very favorable flop.
      Hi Joy, Nice double up umbup: What I really liked about this hand was your preflop bet sizing. I thought it was a pretty loose call by the button but I guess he was playing big stack bully though. Nearly worked for him too with him flopping an open-ended straight draw. Large pocket pairs can be tricky to play especially multi way so I thought you did a great job narrowing down the field. I wonder too what the cut-off was holding to call your preflop raise, Ace X maybe? Raiser umbup:


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        No Boomed hands to share + I haven't had my HUD long enough to really have much useful info yet.

        However I did have QQ quite a few times today (I actually noticed they were coming up more than usual in a 25c 45man I was playing today) - so it was amusing to read the thread about Q's.

        Once I made trips on the flop and managed to get it all in vs AQ so that was easy enough. And when I flopped as an overpair it is simple enough to play like any other top pair hand only obviously there is more chance for action if someone else has what they think is top pair.

        However there were 2 hands were I had raised QQ in early position and there was an A on the flop:

        - The first time I check called 2 streets and had to fold to a large river bet.(probably 1 street too late)

        -The second time I c-bet (even with the ace) fired the second barrel on the turn and got re-raised so I had to give it up.

        (I don't know if it really counts but I also had QQ in heads up tournament and 3-bet my opponents raise - flop was KJ5 - I c-bet got a call turn came a 10 - I bet my pair and draw - call. River was a brick. I check and called my opponents small value bet - he had 2 pair 10's and 5's (his cards were not even suited) - I probably should have folded the river but somehow convinced myself I might be ahead.)



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