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Gone fishing

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  • Gone fishing

    Today I returned to the cash game tables after almost a week away. I've played some $3.50 SnGs this week, with some nice results. But, I liked the cash games too. And so I sat down.

    Things started off slowly, until after about 30 hands I was already down to half a stack. Which was a fortunate thing: I was dealt pocket Jacks and before I knew it I was all-in against Queens. So I only lost 2 bucks instead of 4. Oh well, rebuy and fight back.
    Lucky for me, this was around the time a friendly face sat down to my right. It didn't take long for me to peg him as a calling station. He was limping almost every hand, and checking it down showing very little aggressive action. I even saw him check down a flopped top two pair on a dry board while in position. Even when his opponents checked the river, he checked behind.... And he had a hard time letting go of an Ace, or any pair until showdown, he'd just keep calling your bets. Too bad he caught a flush against my flopped set. But, I knew I had to be able to beat this guy and so I kept playing. After a few orbits, I felt confident enough to really play him. If I was in early position, I'd raise 5.x with just about any two instead of my usual just-under-3.x. The raise was big enough to make everyone else fold, and he'd call. Every single time. So I just made a hefty almost pot-sized bet on the flop, and he'd either fold or call. If he'd call, I'd check it down unless I hit a good flop/turn/river. Just about every time, I had the best hand. My bottom pair was better than his Ace rag, My Ace King beat his Ace rag, my top pair beat his bottom pair. Well, you get my drift: a very profitable situation.

    So when the time came for me to leave, I wasn't too thrilled. I'd been at the table for an hour now, and I usually limit my sessions to an hour to avoid outplaying myself and getting too tricky. But with position on this guy, this was too good a spot to leave. So I decided to stick around. By this time he'd already lost two complete buyins at this table. I'd just stay around until such time it would no longer be profitable against him because he finally started waking up, or until he'd leave, or until I really had to go. In the end, I walked off with a nice profit, even covering my loss of a whole buyin earlier that session.

    The moral of the story is: if you find a big fish at your table, especially when you have the advantage of position on him, consider how you play. You could win a lot!
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