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My Challenege Through The 45 Man STTs

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  • My Challenege Through The 45 Man STTs

    Edit 2 on 06/01/13, to comply with the Time Vault promotion I've added my goals here:

    Edit on 19/12/12
    To avoid confusion, these are 45 Man SNGs found under the Sit and Go Tab. I may call them by another name but these are the games I am referencing.

    This started off in the Brags forum but I typed so much I thought it better to keep a regular record of how I'm playing in these for my own benefit. I'll put up some strategy (not too much!) and also a few spots where I have trouble with.

    I'll use this blog for short term results and 45 man STTs only. I'll update my main blog for longer term results and other games.

    This is filtered for 50 cents 45 Man STTs only. I have a 49% ROI in 378 games. I have played other games including the $22 Micro Millions Main Event and several other games which takes away from this graph, nevertheless I'm still 20%+ ROI for the past month which I'm really happy with.

    I came to these from 6 max Limit STTs where I had an overall ROI of 13% in 6,000 but I was restricted in moving up as there's a few decent players at higher stakes and the player pools were to small to avoid them. Why play against good players when there are so many bad ones?

    I know variance can be a killer so I thought I'd start these from the bottom up. Initially I played these 1 table at a time to get a feel for them but moved to 10 tables as I found I was cashing regularly. Mentioning variance, there are spells of 20+ games where I failed to cash in these. If I were playing 1 at a time and seen I lost 20 in a row, I'd think I was the problem and probably move away from these games. I'm not suggesting you should 10 table these at a time but that you realise that poker is a short term game of luck and a long term game of skill.

    I analyse after each batch of 10. I find I'm studying my game about 30% of the time. I'm always asking myself if I could play a hand differently. I've also found I'm a lot more aggressive and in position which has taken my game to a new level. I'm also aware of my opponents play.

    Finally a little bit of strategy.

    [replay hand_id=383062 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=90257E5DF2]

    I'm not one for making hero calls but this hand stuck in my head. We are all similar stacks and this is 3 handed on a final table. I had a read on this hand, my opponent was shoving every button and I guessed correct that I was ahead. I'm only a marginal favourite in this hand but my line of thinking is if I win the hand I'll win the tournament.

    If I were 1 tabling these I'd probably make the fold but by volume playing these I can make the hero calls as I know that long term results will improve in spots like these. I lost in this case but I'll make this call over and over again, it's +ev in the long run.

    I really think my game has changed in the past month and really happy with my play. I want to move up but my laptop is doing my head in. It's costing me chips and money.
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    10 games just played with 2 final tables 5th and 7th. Slightly annoyed with my play but I wasn't concentrating as I was listening to the footy. Annoyed about my 7th placed exit:

    [replay hand_id=383091 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=A856E58B23]

    My opponent was a shovetard and he's ultra short stacked. This play screams of a monster but I only seen my own hand. I was also chip leader when this final table started so to finish 7th is disappointing. I called 1 short stack all in with 44 but it was a marginal call and probably a fold in retrospect. The best I could have hoped for was a coinflip.

    I'm also annoyed about my play in my other games. I didn't give them my full concentration and I made some silly mistakes. I'll play a MTT or later but that's me for tonight where multi tabling is concerned.

    -$2.48 over the session.
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      stt = mtt?

      Hey dude you know STT stands for Single Table Tourney?

      and your playing 45 mans, those are MTT ( Multi Table Tourney )


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        The games are under the Sit & Go tab.

        I agree it's a MTT and points are awarded for a MTT finish. It's a bit pernickety but I'll keep calling these STTs as there's a game starting every minute.
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          Hey Ovalman,
          Good call with your read but Unlucky with your K4 hand.
          You know they say once your 3 handed you should play to win.
          Good Luck with it.


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            My point with the K4o hand was I'd never before think about calling in spots like this. I'm only a 55% favourite but making calls like this in the long run will make me money. If I were 1 tabling or if it were a major tournament final I'd probably fold but making decisions like this will be +ev in the long run.

            Gonna start my Sunday grind.
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              9 games played, 4 final tables with an 8th, 7th, 6th and 4th. Made a small loss (-6 cents). Slightly unlucky and card dead, I could have limped to the cash in my bubble play but I don't think I'll get many better spots than this:

              [replay hand_id=383366 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=5B31C28B2C]

              Next batch on the way.
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                Another 11 games under my belt with 3 final tables, 7th, 4th and 3rd.

                [replay hand_id=383395 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=4E9FF37021]

                I had this muppet all in several times, every time my chips were ahead. KK v A6o etc. He hit as usual. I got frustrated and said a word or two at the table, I never swore or abused but I shouldn't have said anything. I need more discipline and stay quiet and focused. I also made a major mistake in this game AQo v KK. The min raise tell that screams "I have a monster" but I tried to play him off a flop, stupid and costing me chips.

                I'm in the green after this spell but not making much in the way of profit.

                Another set coming up.
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                  Pretty poor session with no luck whatsoever. 2 final tables, 8th and 6th. Had KK, QQ (v KJo twice all in pre flop), JJ cracked along with running JJ into QQ etc. Don't think I played particularly bad.

                  Thoughts on this call? This was my bubble play.

                  [replay hand_id=383423 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=F945894F0B]

                  This was the against the table maniac, 40% VPiP, 30% PFR and he'd raised every hand by this amount on the final table.

                  J7o would be towards the very bottom of my calling range but I think it's still ahead of his range?

                  -$3.49 over the course of the day.
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                    No luck/ bad play and failed to cash in any of my last set. A few final table bubbles but just couldn't win a flip. 66 v A8o etc. blah blah blah.

                    That's me finished for tonight except for the Pokercast game. I know I'll have days like this but I also know I'll have more profitable days so I'm not too worried.

                    My overall ROI is now 38% and has taken a dent but I said when I started I thought my ROI was unrealistic. I think my play was too aggressive today and I called too many coinflips. Winning coinflips can mean profit and loss but it's the play without seeing one that wins the most money.

                    I'm not going to move to $1.50 games until I've made my losses back + $15 profit.

                    I'm going to cut back these updates to daily as I don't like spamming the forum with my inane ramblings.

                    Think I'll do a bit of studying for the rest of the night.
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                      LIttle Help.

                      Hey dude that hand with j7o, thats a snap fold. This is push or fold stage of the tourney and you are certainly on a fold. Your range for calling a shove ( i know he didnt shove but your all-in to call) should be even tighter then your shoving range because when your the one who shoves you can get the blinds.

                      You need to know that when you have less then 10-13 blinds left, the game is mostly math, not so much read based.

                      You have enuf blinds left to hope for any ace, pocket pair, even a suited j/q/k with higher kicker would be alot better.

                      The term for Sit n Gos is SNG there are a number of tabs under the SNG tab, there is "1-table" (STT) and "Multi table", these are referred to as MTT SNGs or just SNGs, NEVER STTs. Just trying to help you out dude.


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                        Yes, in hindsight it was a poor call although I still think it was ahead of his range considering he'd raised every hand.

                        It's easier on the tongue for me calling these STTs so I'll keep with it I think everyone knows what games these are

                        What a difference a day makes. I just played 2 sets of 10 winning 2 games along with 1 5ths, 4 6ths and 2 7ths. Just reviewing my exit hands tonight in descending order:

                        KK v QQ called all in pre flop
                        AQo v A8s called all in pre flop for 8BBs
                        A7o v 88 v A9s, shoved all in button shove for 7 BBs
                        AJo v KQo v KQo shoved all in pre flop for 5.5 BBs
                        KTo v AKo shoved all in pre flop for 1 BB
                        ATo v 44 called all in for 5 BBs
                        K8o v AKo blind steal shove for 5 BBs v's a rock
                        TT v KQs v ATo all in shove for 2 BBs

                        I could go on. I'm happy with my play, just not getting the luck at times but I know it comes and goes. The only hand I remember getting really lucky was Q5o v QQ shove versus a rock over 5 BBs. Everything else I usually got my chips in ahead or close to even money.

                        Last night's losses are nearly wiped out, 63% ROI today and 25% in the money. Overall ROI since I started is 39.7%. Overall graph, filtered for 50 cents games only:

                        2 days of my Table Ninja trial left, I really must purchase this software although XMas comes first. I might wipe my PC and reinstall everything and see if that helps my disconnect problems. I might get another trial of TN It's unfair though on the developers of TN so I will purchase this as soon as I can.
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                          Originally posted by Ovalman View Post
                          It's easier on the tongue for me calling these STTs so I'll keep with it I think everyone knows what games these are
                          Some of us may know what you mean, but it's confusing to newcomers. STT is short for Single Table Tournament, what you're playing are SNG
                          tourneys, short for Sit aNd Go.

                          STT's are never more than 10 players, while SNG's can be for almost any number. This is a school, we should try to use the correct terminology (especially since your tongue isn't involved, just your fingers, and SNG is just as easy to type as STT).

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                            Originally posted by joy7108 View Post
                            Some of us may know what you mean, but it's confusing to newcomers. STT is short for Single Table Tournament, what you're playing are SNG
                            tourneys, short for Sit aNd Go.

                            STT's are never more than 10 players, while SNG's can be for almost any number. This is a school, we should try to use the correct terminology (especially since your tongue isn't involved, just your fingers, and SNG is just as easy to type as STT).

                            Thanks for the feedback. I have updated my opening post to avoid confusion.


                            I didn't play yesterday as I was pretty busy but I cashed in 4 stellar rewards to add $40 to my balance. I'd forgot about these but tonight I dived straight into $1.50 because of this.

                            I expect a slightly higher standard in these and I did run across one player who has a challenge thread on 2P2. I can't say he's a shark yet but I know he's a 24 tabler and has played 300 in the past 2 days at a $200 profit. There's nothing that I've seen about him to worry me but I'll keep an eye on him and his thread and see how he's getting on.

                            In a way I'd like to emulate him but play with more knowledge. I know he's played at very high stakes and has a Sharkscope graph with $50k+ profit but I do think his play reflected high stakes which is not always effective at this level.

                            I played a total of 10 games at $1.50 level tonight, I might play more later. I won 1 and came 4th in another. I made a costly mistake in the game I came 4th:

                            [replay hand_id=384806 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=295B685F18]

                            In hindsight I think this should be a fold. I was raising to bully and each previous raise I'd always shown strong but this is a bubble spot and my opponent will have a far tighter range. I think I'm coinflipping at best (as in this case) but usually far behind. Opponent wasn't a maniac which should have set the alarm bells ringing.

                            Other than those 2 games I didn't really come close to any other final tables. Standard shoves like AQo ran into AKo so I can't really complain. I did crack AA with AKo but it was all in on a KK flop so while I hit lucky, ultimately it wasn't my mistake.

                            My trial of Table Ninja runs out today. I can't really afford to purchase it with XMas so close so I'll try and reformat my PC and see if that fixes my disconnects and also gets me a new trial

                            Since 15th November I've played 20 $1.50 STTs so I'll include that in these stats.

                            $4.23 net profit, 14% ROI but these stats won't become a true reflection until around 100 games.

                            I'm a little unsure how to filter out all other games from these 45 Man STTs so I'll stick with filtering by stakes at each level.
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                              Done my reinstall and my network connection seems to be OK (up to so far). My laptop is still overheating, the DVD has broke and I have a charger issue. This is the last Acer I will ever buy, I've had problems with every machine I've ever bought from this company. I know they don't sell bad PCs on purpose but they must use shoddy materials so I won't be buying from them again.

                              I'm also having an issue with HEM so I've contacted support. HEM has me in negative ROI but Sharkscope and OPR can confirm that the problem is with HEM and not me

                              Speaking of the latter, I'm close to the top 1,000 in OPR and top 99.79% when you filter my username for the past 120 days. This is pretty good considering I've only been playing 40 of those 120 days. Incidentally, the decent player I mentioned is top of the leaderboard. I know his game, I can adjust to him but as I've now moved up a level I won't have to worry about him again.

                              I was out on the lash yesterday with friends and I single tabled when I got home. I'd 1 win, a 5th, a bad beat and then this happened:

                              I tried to outplay a decent player made a silly mistake and as this was close to a final table I didn't need to take the risk

                              [replay hand_id=385821 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=0A0B3C6299]

                              I know I wouldn't have made this mistake if I were sober but come on, no need to rub it in

                              I'm going to grind today. I may loosen up my bankroll requirements and move up a level quicker. I'm inspired by this thread on 2P2


                              I played this guy on several tables and didn't find anything special. If he can do it then so can I. I think I'll learn a thing or two about higher levels when he makes it.

                              We'll see after today's results.
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