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$5 to $100+ in a month challenge

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  • $5 to $100+ in a month challenge

    So ive been challenged and ive added a little to the challenge myself the challenge is to play only 25c 45/90 mans for 12 hours a day for a month trying to turn $5 in to $100+ is it possible im not sure but il bust my butt trying if the br goes back to $0 challenge is over this is make up to marvinsytan who has changed alot of things about me in the last couple of weeks reassuring me and sorting my ill discipline so let the challenge commence

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    good luck stedd this is so easy for you

    you can easily crush these games


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      thanks marv will try my best


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        GL mate.. sure u can win a few of these :-) n hope u run hot from the start


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          cheers mate we will soon see and anyone wanting to rail or watch me you can watch here and you can get me on skype at daniel wilkinson or its stedds1
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            GAME 1... = $5-25c+0= 4.75 45 man nasty river he caught a 2 outer if not 1 then the end
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              He'd 5 outs on that flop although that doesn't make it any better. He only seen his own cards and didn't give your hand a second thought. Bottom line is it's no foldem in these games but it's precisely calls like this that win us money in the long run.
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                GAME 2... = $4.75-25c+0= $4.50 90man 20th card dead shoved with ace high 6bb guy hit a flush on the river and yea get you oval man im happy with my play but the run ive been on it didnt surprise me its river after river for me at the min but hopefully will turn round...

                GAME 3... =$4.50-25C+0= $4.25 idiot on the table raising every hand had 8bb he raised button i shoved A9 he snap called turned over K9 hits the flush got my money in good again based on reads but the donks keep getting paid

                GAME 4... =$4.25-25c+ $1.70= $5.70 had ace 10 suited 3 handed 10bb shoved run into JJs
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                  QQ - someone raised you should put in a hard 3bet like 3x the size of his raise 270 with your QQ to prevent the blinds from coming in

                  still unlucky though but you could have prevented it

                  TT - good play


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                    GAME 5... $5.70-25C+0= $5.45 got donked by a russian also found out about a reg whos ranked number 1 in micros badbet 13 thanks for the info dumb dumb and thought id show this pretty happy with my rankings to say ive hardly been playing these last 120 Days 300 games played itm 17% rank 7,940 of 455,355.. Year 2012 345 games played itm 16% rank 24,544 of 986,923 not mint but good to say i hardly play GAME 6... $5.45-25c+0= $5.20 finished 9th got called by 6,3 off ahh well GAME 7... $5.20-25c+93c= $5.88
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                      AK - good shove but unlucky

                      TT - you can't blame the bb for calling because the pot odds is irresistible for him and he have chips to gamble

                      KJ - once again your too short to even have fold equity but KJ is nice hand to gamble with

                      try to look for open spots when your down to 10bb or less don't wait till you got 5 bb's to gamble because you will not have fold equity anymore


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                        i tried mate just to much action infront of me was lucky to get that far was from stealing blinds i got that far but its getting there slowly


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                          GAME 8... $5.88-25c+0= $5.63 88s into AK and AK 8bb perfect spot to triple up just got unlucky both hittin a 2 outer on the turn was happy with my play and i got it in good thats all that matters rest is down to the cards GAME 9... $5.63-25c+0=$5.38 got unlucky running into 2 monsters reason for shoving the guy was doing them raises with nothing then ended up getting rewarded GAME 10... $5.38-25C+0= $5.13 got unlucky again ran set into set probs could of got away maybe i thought he had 2 pair or summet GAME 11... $5.13-25c+0= $4.88 shoved 8bb blind vs blind with K4 suited run into A3off he hit a 3 on the flop and that was that bad little spell at the minute GAME 12... $4.88-25C+0= $4.63 1010 into AA couple from bubble just my luck is dead
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                            JJ -it's a good reshove all in

                            55 - if you hit the set, bet immediately even if your first to act bec it's early levels and the board is wet, you want your opp to pay for every draw they got - ul opp have a better set

                            good luck in your games


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                              cheers marv GAME 13... $4.63-25c+0=$4.38 flopped 2 pair turned a flush draw got rivered by 23 for him to hit a straight did nothing wrong just rivers arnt going my way GAME 14... $4.38-25c+0= $4.13 deffo running really bad AK into QQ got my money in in a good spot but couldnt hit GAME 15... $4.13-25c+0= $3.88 blind on blind 7bb couldnt hit what a swing :/ GAME 16... $3.88-25c+0= $3.63 back to the usual donks get rewarded he had just shoved 34 off suit and other garbage hands before so i wasnt folding to an idiot
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